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Training Log Archive: RDiL

In the 7 days ending Sep 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 4:20:36 28.2(9:14) 45.39(5:44) 286
  S&C2 1:55:00
  Total7 6:15:36 28.2 45.39 286
averages - sleep:7

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Saturday Sep 26 #

7 AM

Running 1:20:28 [1] 14.95 km (5:23 / km) +71m 5:15 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Saloman Sense Ride 3

Slept really well. No pain from groin/knee when turning in bed. Right knee felt a bit tight when extending first thing but quickly eased off. Not aware of any niggles when getting dressed. Its much cooler outside now which means leggings and a long sleever.

Had a black coffee and then headed out for an easy run. Decided to stick to towpath towards Richmond and then come home through the park so nothing to undulating or challenging underfoot.

Right groin felt a bit tight to start with so continued to take shorter strides - felt like I was taking shorter strides anyway. No pain or tightness behind the right knee. Aware of right groin throughout the run but was only 1-2/10 and didnt get any worst. No niggles anywhere else.

Ran to feel and didnt look at watch.

Friday Sep 25 #

6 AM

Running 1:03:01 [1] 10.9 km (5:47 / km) +34m 5:42 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Saloman Sense Ride 3

Slept well. Didnt wake up because of leg pain. Right hip and knee a little tight when stretching out in bed. set alarm for 0530 and was awake before it...

No pain getting dressed. Had a coffee and then headed out for an easy run. Stayed close to home on easy trails/paths incase I needed to bail and cut the run short. Initially aimed for for 30' but felt okay so kept extending it.

Deliberately ran with a shorter stride to not stretch the groin/knee too much. Aware that my right groin is still not perfect but the niggle was only mild (2/10) and think it came and went. It certainly didnt get any worst as the run went on and it wasnt a sharp pain like on the Tuesday. Barely noticed any pain in the back of the right knee.

Left hamstring felt a bit tight towards the end of the run but probably because I am not running 'normally'. I also cant do the doorframe stretch properly at the moment as I cant lay my right leg flat on the floor without overstretching my right groin. I am not concerned about it and it doesnt feel like my old injury.

Felt like i could have kept running for longer. Dont think it is ready for a hilly run tomorrow though but could do a fairly long one on flatter terrain...

Seeing Duncan online on Tuesday - hoping the injury will be sorted by then but will be good to see what exercises he suggests so I can try and prevent it from returning.
2 PM

S&C 1:00:00 [1]

S&C session:
1) Jane Fonda - 30 L & R x 2 sets
2) Press ups off knees- 20 x 2 sets
3) SB leg curls - 20 x 2 set
4) SB mountain climbers - 15 L & R x 2 sets
5) Runners touch - 30 L & R x 2 sets
7) Side plank with mix of top leg lifts and rotation - 25 L & R x 2 sets KNEE TO CHEST AGG'D THE GROIN A BIT
8) Reverse plank - 60sec static hold x 2 set
9) Calf raises off step edge - 20 L & R x 2 sets (straight knee then bent knee)
10) RDL with 5kg medicine ball - 15 L & R x 2 sets NO MEDICINE BALL ON RIGHT LEG
11) Tricep dips - 20 L & R x 2 sets
12) Banded side walks - 30 L & R x 2 sets
13) Single leg squats - 30 L & R x 2 sets

Barely noticed any discomfort during the above session.

Also, didnt have any groin pain during the day and only a very light ache at the back of my knee.

Thursday Sep 24 #

1 PM

Running 23:19 [1] 3.77 km (6:11 / km) +17m 6:03 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Saloman S/Lab Ultra 2

Slept much better again. Woke up a few times but think that was more to do with the heavy rain than right knee pain.

Slight pain behind right knee when straightening and walking around at home. No groin pain though.

Spent a bit of time stretching my knee out and gently walking with my heel to the ground - eventually no pain behind knee and felt normal again.

Also did very gentle adductor stretch (lying on back, both knees bent and slowly lowered right knee to the ground) and used hand to bring knee back to the centre. Range of movement improved with each rep. At mid range, also did 10sec isometric holds. No pain.

Cycled to local coffee shop for breakfast (2miles) - no pain there or on way back home.

Walking much easier and with heel strike and no pain behind knee. Still no groin pain. Without evening thinking about it, I ran up and the down the stairs at home. Decided then that I would go for a short run and trial it out.

Ran 20' min loop over Barnes and Chiswick bridges. Deliberaty ran with a shorter stride to not over stretch hip or knee. Aware of pain in knee and groin but only 2/10 and didnt get any worst as the run went on.

After run at home, no pain, walking normally and still able to run up and down stairs. I know its not 100% fixed and still need to be careful, but it is going in the right direction...will continue with stretches, isometric exercises and eccentric loading. Waiting to hear off Duncan about a virtual appointment as no way I can get time off work to go up and see him and think a virtual appointment will be sufficient. Failing that, will contact one of the other physios suggested.

Wednesday Sep 23 #

6 AM

S&C 55:00 [1]

Slept better than I have the past few days. Still pain in the back of the right knee when turning over in bed.

S&C session:
1) Jane Fonda - 30 L & R x 2 sets.
2) Press ups off knees - 20 x 2 sets
3) SB leg curls - 10 x 2 set WAS MAINLY USING LEFT LEG
5) Side plank - 60sec hold L & R x 2 sets NO LEG MOVEMENTS DUE TO RIGHT KNEE PAIN
6) Reverse plank - 60sec static hold x 2 set
7) Calf raises off step edge - 20 L & R x 2 sets (straight knee then bent knee)
8) RDL with 5kg medicine ball - 15 L & R x 2 sets NO MEDICINE BALL ON RIGHT LEG
9) Tricep dips - 20 L & R x 2 sets
10) Bridging with single leg lifts (knee bent) - 20reps x 2 sets
11) Banded side walking - 30 L&R x 2 sets

Avoided any exercises that could provoke right knee/groin pain.

Had a fairly busy clinic - lots of getting up and moving about. Continued to walk on toes to not aggravate knee pain. Barely noticed groin pain.

Ended up working late and still wasnt convinced running was the right thing to do just yet so rested up. Will try tomorrow....

Tuesday Sep 22 #

6 AM

Running 33:23 [1] 5.74 km (5:49 / km) +52m 5:34 / km
slept:7.0 (injured) shoes: Saloman Sense Ride 3

Rubbish night sleep. Moving in bed still provoking pain behind medial aspect of right knee - mainly when straightening the knee.

Set alarm early for run before work. No issues getting up early. Pain in right knee present. Everywhere else feels okay though.

Had a coffee and then headed out for an easy run. Was expecting right knee to hurt but it actually felt alright. After approx 8' felt acute pain in right side of groin and right knee pain flared up. Tried to carry on running but pain got worst - 5/10 so stopped and walked home. Knee extension and hip extension made pain worst. Settled a little (2-3/10) but didnt disappear completely.

Annoyed and frustrated. i just want to run...

Went to work - spent most of day in the car so wasnt very active. Pain in both groin and knee present on movement throughout day. Walking on toes of the right leg reduce pain to 1/10.

Not convinced its a problem with the hamstring anymore. More likely gracillis due to location of pain. Never had problems there before and not sure why now either...

Will skip run tomorrow morning and do some S&C instead. Will then see how the leg feels after work and may go for a little pootle.

Monday Sep 21 #

(rest day)

Had another rubbish night sleep as every time I moved in bed, my hamstrings, quads and toes hurt.

Struggled with stiffness to begin with but this became less and less as the day progressed.

Have had a fairly active day. Cycled to and from work (only 1mile) and then to and from a coffee shop (another mile). Also made sure I moved frequently at work so wouldnt get too stiff.

Toes are fine now. Have barely noticed my left hamstring. The right hamstring behind the knee has been the most painful. About 3-4/10 when walking. Feels really tight but not in a way that stretching will help.

Energy levels feel good.

Sunday Sep 20 #

9 AM

Running 1:00:25 [1] 10.03 km (6:01 / km) +112m 5:42 / km
slept:6.5 shoes: Saloman Sense Ride 3

Rubbish night sleep. Woke up frequently. Tossing and turning kept provoking hamstring, quad and toe pain. Fell back asleep each time though. Had to get up way earlier than i would have liked as Alessio was racing.

Hamstrings/quads very stiff which made walking very difficult and awkward. Left and right sides felt equal. Tips of toes on both feet also really hurt. Managed to get down stairs eventually....

Had bowl of porridge then headed to Alessio's race in Henley. Had a coffee on the way. Had a bit of a headache - dont think I drank enough after yesterdays race as was asleep most of the time.

Walking around helped legs to loosen up a bit. Drank a litre of water.

Whilst Alessio was on the bike leg, i went for an easy run along the river and then onto some of the bike course. Took a wrong turn which extended the run and added a hill. Oh well... Aware that my left hamstring was more achey than the right. Easy run lasted 60' in total.

Came home, ate lunch and then slept for an hour. Drank more water and ate more food...

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