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Training Log Archive: RDiL

In the 7 days ending Oct 17:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 5:08:07 32.84(9:23) 52.85(5:50) 1062
  S&C1 1:00:00
  Total4 6:08:07 32.84 52.85 1062
averages - sleep:7.3

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Wednesday Oct 14 #

6 AM

Running tempo 1:07:40 [3] 13.9 km (4:52 / km) +102m 4:42 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Saloman Sense Ride 3

Slept well. Woke up with 0530 alarm. Tired but got out of bed easily. Hips feel a bit stiff and achy. No niggles.

Had a black coffee. Didnt feel like going running so faffed for a bit. Started thinking that I would run later after work... but then thought that probably wouldnt end up happening and it wouldnt give me very long to recover before tomorrows hill reps so got changed and headed out.

Ran up to Richmond Park and ran ACW around the park doing the same route i normally do when running moderate. Wore a headtorch. Didnt start as 'fast' as I normally do when running moderate. Decided to ease myself into it instead. Didnt look at my watch - ran to feel instead which ended up being a fair bit slower than in previous weeks when doing the same session. Not concerned though as in previous weeks, I think I have actually ran beyond moderate pace and niggles in hamstrings seem to be associated. Hamstrings on both side did start to feel a bit tight with 20' to go. Nothing serious though. And havent bothered me during the rest of the day.

Tuesday Oct 13 #

6 AM

S&C 1:00:00 [1]

Slept well. Woke up with 0530 alarm. Got out of bed easily. No niggles but hips felt a bit stiff. They started to stiffen up as the day went on yesterday. Did some stretching in the evening which helped a bit.

Had a coffee with oat milk and then did a S&C session:
1) Side lying hip abduction. 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
2) Side lying hip adduction. 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
3) Side lying clams. 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
4) Single leg bridges with foot on stool. 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
5) Press ups. 20 reps. 2 sets.
6) RDL (without weight). 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
7) Hamstring curls with SB. 20 reps (both legs together). 2 sets.
8) Reverse plank. 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
9) Runners touch. 20 reps L&R. 2 sets.
10) Deadbug with SB. 60 secs. 2 sets
11) Side plank with knee to chest. 60 secs L&R. 2 sets.
12) Mountain climbs on bosu ball. 60 secs. 2 sets
13) Side plank with trunk rotation. 30 secs L&R. 2 sets.

No niggles doing the exercises.
Balance doing runners touch and RDL very poor. Did the RDL without weight so could focus on form.
Reverse plank is improving - still weaker in left glutes. This was also obvious when doing single leg bridging.

Monday Oct 12 #

6 AM

Running 1:02:25 [1] 10.69 km (5:50 / km)
slept:7.5 shoes: Saloman Sense Ride 3

Slept well. Needed alarm to wake up at 0530. No aches or pains lying in bed, getting dressed or walking downstairs.

Had a coffee and then headed out for an easy run. Ran along tow path towards Richmond. Ran for 30' and then turned around. Legs felt fine - no niggles or tightness.

Sunday Oct 11 #

9 AM

Running long 2:58:02 [3] 28.26 km (6:18 / km) +960m 5:23 / km
slept:7.5 shoes: Salomon Speed 2

Slept well. Woke up to alarm. No aches or pains lying in bed, whilst getting dressed or walking down stairs.

Had a bowl of porridge and some water. Loaded car and then drove to Wendover. Had a coffee on the drive.

Weather was dry but pretty nippy. Wore shorts, sleeveless base layer and a long sleever.

Plan was to do 3 laps of the WW course....

Set off on 1st lap and took it easy. Didnt push the downhill sections which i think I have done in the past and walked a fair amount of the hills. Legs felt good. No niggles. Remembered the route and didnt miss a turn. Stopped after 1st lap at my car to swap flasks and pick up gels. Also swapped my long sleever for a t-shirt and put on cap and sunglassses as getting very bright. 1st lap took 1hr43'.

Started 2nd lap and legs still felt okay. Putting a t-shirt on was the right decision. Wish I hadnt put a cap on - dont like how it limits upwards vision on climbs. Wont bother with that again in future. At around 22km in, I REALLY needed to go to the loo. Tried to keep running hoping the moment would pass. It didnt. Did a de-tour and ran to the loos. I will spare the details but I wasnt in a good way. Started to run back towards the course but needed to go back to the loo. I then got really cold so ran to the car and swapped my t-shirt for the long sleever again. Running was difficult though as had bad stomach cramps. Was umming and arring about whether to carry on or not. Eventually decided I would call it a day as I was in too much discomfort and there isnt really anywhere else on the course you can go to the loo if necessary.

Initially really annoyed that I wasnt able to do what was on the programme but continued to feel dreadful on the drive home so happy I had made the right decision.

Once home, had a shower and then got into bed. Stomach cramps continued until I fell asleep. Slept for an hour or so and then felt better - just a bit drained and dehydrated.

So.... I think it was the extra fuel I took on that was the issue as I woke up feeling fine and continued to do so for 2hrs of running. I had a gel at 20', 40' and then 2 medjool dates at 60' (I didnt have enough gels to last the 3 laps). I then repeated this for the 2nd hour. By 2hr20' I was feeling ropey so didnt have anything more to 'eat', I just sipped on fluid. Drink wise I drank about 500-750ml of tailwind over the 3hrs I did do and 500-750ml of water. I have had dates before with no issues and I only had 4 so not convinced it was the dates themselves. More likely the extra 30g of carbs.

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