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Training Log Archive: Torino

In the 7 days ending Feb 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Classic x-c skiing3 4:20:11 18.2(14:18) 29.28(8:53) 451
  Skateskiing3 3:07:02 13.15(14:13) 21.17(8:50) 331
  Running1 59:24 3.84(15:29) 6.18(9:37) 117
  Total7 8:26:37 35.19(14:24) 56.63(8:57) 899

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Sunday Feb 18 #

3 PM

Running 59:24 [3] 6.18 km (9:37 / km) +117m 8:47 / km
ahr:143 max:187

Running home from Sandra's place after having a coffee for her birthday. Felt my back a lot, running is quite hard on the SI-joint (from the fall last Wednesday), especially the trail running was more painful. It was quite an effort to get home but I tried to relax into the running if I could.

Saturday Feb 17 #

11 AM

Classic x-c skiing 33:57 [3] 3.25 km (10:28 / km) +140m 8:36 / km
ahr:116 max:146

Note: yesterday, Friday, I opted to not exercise; my cold was worse and my energy low, plus it would be less stressful if I just watched Matti and Lena and played with them in the morning in the snow around the house building igloos and slides, then going to the last day of their ski school in the afternoon with their "races". It was fun to watch.
The weather was very changeable but mostly grey and rainy(!) and all that beautiful snow (2 m of powder early in the week) had turned into slush and also permeated the snow cover deep inside and crystallized it into hard and slippery snow masses.

I hadn't mentioned that I had a heavy fall on Wednesday (in a very stupid way, standing but then losing my balance and falling over backwards with skis up in the air falling hard on my coccyx. For a while, that is, 2-5 secs I lay motionless to sort out the stars and check on functioning of my legs and my pain in the back while people came running over (it was at a street crossing where one had to take off the skis). Wow, this hurt, I thought. With help somebody took off my skis and got the pole straps off my wrists. I realized that I could move to the side and slowly got up, but, boy, did my back and everything hurt. Slowly, I started skating again on the other side of the road and the movement felt like it loosened things up a bit. The hamstring down the legs must have stretched and then contracted and continue to be very sore. The same is true for the SI-joint with the muscles attached to that area. I think time will heal it.

Today, I thought that classic skiing would be good for my back but was all wrong. As the conditions had changed dramatically these last two days because of rains, I slipped a lot and each time a sharp pain shot up or down from the SI-area, it was really hard to get up the hill, and on the flats, I could slide a little but it felt pitiful. So when I finally arrived in Wolfgang at the restaurant where we all were going to meet, I called it quit.
(The whole thing was actually 15 min and at least 1 km longer as I skied and walked from our apartment, but I lost that part on my watch.)

A positive note: near the end all of a sudden there were shouts from behind: "coucou nonna" Matti's happy voice, and then also Marc who pulled him greeted me with a big smile. Incredible how Marc pulls Matti on a rope all over the cross-country ski tracks up and down at an incredible speed and little Matti on his alpine skis and with a helmet holding on with the greatest pleasure and urging his papa on to pass yet another guy in front. No fear! Can't believe the two of them.

Thursday Feb 15 #

10 AM

Skateskiing 1:28:23 [2] 10.0 km (8:50 / km) +97m 8:26 / km
ahr:126 max:148

My headcold is back, had a bad night. But I went out anyway because I could as Marc and Urs stayed home to look after the kids. Told myself to take it easy and was dressed really warmly. It was "warmer" with constant snowfall. Quite pretty. But the new snow made it slower and harder for skating especially on the uphills.
12 PM

Skateskiing 52:01 [2] 4.47 km (11:39 / km) +159m 9:53 / km
ahr:110 max:140

As there was still some time left, I decided to go check out a track that I had never done before. But from the beginning, it went awfully steep uphill (around the Intercontinental where Trump stayed a few weeks ago), then up high through the woods, and then on down and up and I decided to quit. I had no strength left neither in arms or legs for uphills. And there was at least 5-10 cm new snow which was pretty but made it harder.
I will come back here some day when I feel stronger.

Wednesday Feb 14 #

Skateskiing 46:38 [3] 6.7 km (6:58 / km) +75m 6:35 / km

Something is off on my measuring (strava and Garmin Vivoaktive), I was out longer, appr. 65 min and thought that the distance was also more.
Sunny day and a bit warmer than -10 degrees.

Tuesday Feb 13 #

1 PM

Classic x-c skiing 2:14:15 [3] 15.87 km (8:28 / km) +222m 7:54 / km
ahr:111 max:159

Beautiful but very cold day. Went out after lunch and felt good. Made the mistake to decide to go all the way up the Dischma Valley as I chased the sunshine up there but the earth turned faster than I skied (haha) and it was all in the shade and increasingly cold and colder. When I turned around, I realized that my fingers were very cold at once, then freezing and knew I had to get back down into the sun as fast as I could, at least to keep moving my shoulders and arms. It was exhausting. When I finally stopped as I saw Sandra who was at the spot where Matti finished his ski school and Marc and Lena were inside the restaurant, I was so glad to get into the warmth. But it took a long time for my body to warm-up enough to feel normal again. Takes so much energy out of a person.
It was really, really very cold.

Monday Feb 12 #

4 PM

Classic x-c skiing 1:31:59 [3] 10.17 km (9:03 / km) +89m 8:40 / km
ahr:106 max:144

The day in Davos cleared in the afternoon, but it was bitterly cold. Went out late and did classic skiing to give my knee a break. Felt quite good and had energy after yesterday's low day, but my skis did not glide much, I had probably waxed for warmer snow, and they almost were sticking in the cold snow.
Tried another way home from the tracks and went through the houses jogging. But eventually, my hands and legs were too cold for that and I just walked the last km. Too bad we live that "far" away, but other than that the place and location is great.
We mostly walk through walls of snow, right and left they are about 2 m high, for me impossible to look over or even climb up with my cross-country skiiny skis to take shortcuts over fields.

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