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Training Log Archive: Torino

In the 7 days ending Feb 16:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Classic x-c skiing5 8:10:33 34.89(14:04) 56.14(8:44) 734
  Skateskiing1 1:16:48 3.93(19:32) 6.33(12:08) 49
  Running1 54:13 3.07(17:38) 4.95(10:58) 129
  Total7 10:21:34 41.89(14:50) 67.42(9:13) 913

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Sunday Feb 16 #

5 PM

Running 54:13 [3] 4.95 km (10:58 / km) +129m 9:42 / km

Saturday Feb 15 #

11 AM

Classic x-c skiing 1:20:14 [3] 8.17 km (9:49 / km) +172m 8:53 / km

Packing-up and classic skiing before we had lunch and left mid-afternoon. First, I skied a loop with Urs. Then he brought me over to the trailhead at the InterContinental (where Trump stayed in, bleugh) and skied up to the Wolfgang Pass where Sandra, Lena, Matti and Urs waited. So glad I could ski this latter section again, with my new classic skis it is so much easier, they hold on the uphill and feel safe on the downhills. What difference a good ski can make.
Wondering whether this was the cross-country skiing for this winter as the Jura has not had much snow and now, all is green :'-/(. It's been a terrible winter, too warm, too stormy with definitely barely any really cold days. But here's still March............?

Friday Feb 14 #

10 AM

Skateskiing 1:16:48 [3] 6.33 km (12:08 / km) +49m 11:41 / km

Bringing Lena to her last ski school lesson and final ski race this morning. Doing a minor loop on skate skis. It had snowed 20-30 cm overnight and it was beautiful but hard to skate as groomed early in the morning, but not much after. After her race did a little loop and went home earlier (skipping the awards) to get lunch ready as we were sure everyone was ravenous.
2 PM

Classic x-c skiing 1:42:57 [3] 12.38 km (8:19 / km) +136m 7:53 / km

Same deal in the afternoon for Matti's last ski school lesson and final race. Watched his runs, and he raced down really well and determined. Did little loops between waiting and then stayed for the awards at 4 pm. He had won in his class (even though he was one of the smallest!). The classes are put together by ability not necessarily age, and there are many older kids with the young kids.
Went afterwards to do a little loop up on the world cup loop where I didn't see another soul, then back out and down again to the main valley where I did another loop to the ski center and back until I felt really tired. Now, my muscles finally start to feel the skiing meaning that I can finally put an effort into them. It actually really feels good how I can push off and have some decent speed (and pass people). A big change to beginning of the week.
I also skied into the sunset and it was glorious.
Vacation is over tomorrow, going back home where there is no snow whatsoever, sniff. And Sunday should be almost 20 degrees warm.

Wednesday Feb 12 #

12 PM

Classic x-c skiing 2:02:31 [3] 15.2 km (8:04 / km) +213m 7:32 / km

Having a moment to go on a longish x-c ski loop and as I felt (finally) better energy-wise (still some runny nose and coughing), I chose to go up to the end of Dischmatal which is such a beautiful valley and only has classic tracks. The snow was cold and slow, I climbed fairly well, chasing another silver-haired woman, and we finally chatted a bit. Coming down into the wind was very tough as the wind was cold and fierce. I covered my head as much as I could and hurried back down.
Added another loop down in the big, flah valley in the sunshine before heading home. I was quite tired at the end. The first long training I've had all winter. Pleased.

Tuesday Feb 11 #

11 AM

Classic x-c skiing 1:09:54 [3] 8.35 km (8:22 / km) +104m 7:53 / km

Picking up Matti and Lena from the ski school then pulling Lena home.
It was the morning after the storm and it cleared up at lunch so I went out again with the classic skis which were still visible, some places blown over. However, the valleys (I had wanted to go up to) were closed due to the storm. So I did some loops close to home.
This wasn't the best day today.

Monday Feb 10 #

3 PM

Classic x-c skiing 1:54:57 [2] 12.04 km (9:33 / km) +109m 9:08 / km

Felt better today, some energy is back. Still runny nose and coughing.
First, we went looking for Matti who had skied away from us in search of his papa (did he really think he could catch up with Marc? I was wondering....). Urs went one way, I did the other, but we all connected, after several phone calls about our status) way south in the cross-country ski center. Matti was there in good shape and laughing at us.! Silly worrying grand-parents.
We then did a loop together, and Matti was goofing off a lot on his skis showing me what all he can do in the tracks. It's fun watching a kid being so free and subtle on those skinny skis. He also showed me the "Klaebo-run" uphill which was actually really good ;-0).
Marc eventually joined us pulling Lena on her downhill skis and the three of them headed off, Marc now skating and pulling 2 of them! The kids enjoy it so much and loudly cheer on their dad that people keep stopping and gawking at this super-dad.
I then went on my own, the same as yesterday but a little further, and I felt more energy and strength in my muscles.
Today was supposed to be the stormy day, but we were spared most of it behind the mountains. However, it had warmed up and a mix of raindrops and snow fell at times.

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