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Training Log Archive: MarkW80

In the 7 days ending Apr 11:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Running8 7:49:58 66.78(7:02) 107.47(4:22) 1736
  Coordination & Posture1 40:00
  Strength 1 40:00
  Total10 9:09:58 66.78 107.47 1736
averages - sleep:10.3

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Sunday Apr 11 #

11 AM

Running intervals (2x5k/1x3k) 51:38 [5] 9.28 mi (5:34 / mi) +20ft 5:33 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Nike Vaporfly 4%

Ran todays session at Thirlmere for a different change of scenery, weather was fine with a nip in the air and a bit breezy.

The legs were certainly not feeling the best today and that was probably a result of manual labour at work plus strength work on Thursday night as well.

Ran an easy 20 mins to warm up this morning with a few strides before the session, started the first 5k rep running from Keswick to Grasmere and although the legs have felt fresher it didn't go bad at all. What i did notice on the second mile was that the pace altered significantly due to being under the trees and although i maintained the same pace it switched from 5:13" pace to 5:23" pace which was obviously due to GPS. I knocked the pace up to try and maintain 5:15" and at one point further along i was under 5:00" pace so that second mile was probably faster than it says.

I continued down towards the bottom on the 5 mins easy recovery before heading back on the second 5k rep.
The return was more of an headwind, not particularly a big head wind but you could certainly feel it.

The second 5k rep was a little faster than the first averaging 5:10" pace, but again the pace changed on the second mile beneath the trees so i felt i had put a little surge in to get back down to pace.
I could feel the lactate start coming on in the last mile of the second 5k and i knew the last 3k was going to be a bit tougher.

The second 5 min easy recovery wasn't quite as effective as the first obviously, so i set out at 5:00" pace on the last rep clocking 4:57" for the mile and by this time i was just running to see what i could run for the 0.86.

A tougher session than i expected to be fair, whether i underestimated it i don't know, or it may have been a case of the legs weren't as fresh as they would be. Nevertheless, i managed to hit a slightly faster pace than set so a couple of days easy recovery now!

Again, the volume of the session and paces set were absolutely perfect Martin!

Running (Warmup/cd/Drills) 41:20 [3] 5.6 mi (7:23 / mi)
slept:8.0 shoes: Nike Vaporfly 4%

Saturday Apr 10 #

10 AM

Running (Easy with hill sprints) 1:02:00 [3] 8.1 mi (7:39 / mi) +500ft 7:14 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed

Great weather and forecast the same tomorrow. Legs were feeling a little heavy from lastnigjts strength session, they improved as the run went on but certainly not fresh.

Slowly worked into the hill sprints at the end of the run and legs felt a little better, loaded cards and protein right afterwards.

Friday Apr 9 #

Strength 40:00 [3]

Single leg RDL - 3X9

Reverse crunch - 17,15,

Bulgarian split squat with 5kg DB - 2x9

Barbell hip thrusters - 2x9

Reverse lunge - 3x9

3 sets of:

Swiss ball single leg hamstring curl - 3x10

Side plank with leg raise - 3x30 secs

90/90 glute bridge - 3x9
4 PM

Running (Moderate 60') 59:00 [3] 9.5 mi (6:13 / mi) +100ft 6:09 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Endorhin Pro

Moderate 60 on the road, legs didn't feel the freshest today due to moving school furniture up and down the stairs today, but I'm sure they'll be fine after an easy run tomorrow.
Looking forward to Sundays session.

Thursday Apr 8 #

5 PM

Running (Easy 60 trails nd strides) 1:00:00 [3] 7.5 mi (8:00 / mi) +300ft 7:42 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Endorphin Speed

Easy trails, usual easy run and feeling pretty good!

Wednesday Apr 7 #

3 PM

Running intervals (400 Session) 24:00 [5] 4.2 mi (5:43 / mi)
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Endorhin Pro

Made a balls up of the session for a second week in a row now!

Added the session to Garmin Connect last night and for some reason it added the session 4 times but wouldn't allow me to delete them, so i started the session and got 300m into the first rep and had a funny feeling it wasn't on the session only to stop the watch to see it was actually on, so i fucked it up and started again.

Second time around and got 2 400s in when the watch went onto 4 mins must have only added 1 repeat instead of 8, so fucked it again and by this time i was pissed off!

In the end i had to go into intervals and manually add 14x400s off 30 secs as the watch will not allow you to add any sessions other than repeats, so by the time i got to 6 400si could feel the lactic as i had already ran 2, my plan was still to run the full session but thought it was better to run 6 so the session wasn't ruined any further,

I had to guess the recovery between the faster set as the watch will not allow you to go onto normal watch mode during the session, so my timing was out by a mile and i had around 2:10 recovery between the sets.

Ran the last 6 reps as hard as i could really, so nevertheless it turned out to be a brutal session and averaged 70s for the first 8 and around 67s for the last 6 reps. The wind was a bit breezy too but no escaping it as it was coming in off the sea. Probably really started feeling the lactic after the 11th rep!

Good news was that i never felt the glute or hamstring throughout the session.

4 PM

Running (Warmup/cd) 40:00 [3] 5.5 mi (7:16 / mi) +50ft 7:13 / mi
shoes: Saucony Endorhin Pro

6 PM

Coordination & Posture 40:00 [3]

Single leg glute bridges (16kg KB) - 9, 9, 9,
Russian twists (5kg DB) - 2 sets of 45 secs

Angels and Devils - 9, 9,

Dead bugs with scissors - 2 sets of 45secs
Dead bugs with Thera band - 3 sets of 45 secs

Side plank knee to chest - 18, 16,
Side plank with mini pulses - 3 sets of 45 secs
Side plank with one arm weighted - 3 sets of 45 secs

Reverse plank with leg lift - 2 sets of 45

Tuesday Apr 6 #

5 PM

Running (Easy 60 and strides) 1:04:00 [3] 8.5 mi (7:32 / mi) +350ft 7:15 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Endorhin Pro

Running late due to work today so opted for the roads instead, could feel slightly delayed effects from Sundays strength session in the legs today. Ran easy out and back and had a decent stretch off after the 60 mins before running 6 sets of strides. Legs felt better after the strides, didn't really feel the glute/hamstring, I messaged Duncan to see if he has any availability end of next week.

Monday Apr 5 #

10 AM

Running (Easy trails) 1:08:00 [3] 8.6 mi (7:54 / mi) +416ft 7:34 / mi
slept:8.0 shoes: Nike Pegasus Trail

Easy trails this morning and the weather was great although it was cold.
Legs actually feeling great after yesterdays long run, just kept it real easy on the trails.

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