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Training Log Archive: wstewart88

In the 7 days ending Feb 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Easy road run2 2:38:50 19.13(8:18) 30.78(5:10) 292
  Progression1 2:00:27 17.4(6:55) 28.01(4:18) 121
  Moderate1 1:30:00 12.51(7:12) 20.13(4:28) 98
  Easy + Speed Variations1 1:20:17 10.64(7:33) 17.12(4:41) 111
  Easy + Strideouts1 1:03:50 7.25(8:48) 11.67(5:28) 270
  Easy trail flow1 1:03:28 7.33(8:39) 11.8(5:23) 132
  S+C1 1:00:00
  Total8 10:36:52 74.26 119.51 1024
averages - sleep:7.8

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Saturday Feb 13 #

10 AM

Easy + Speed Variations 1:20:17 [1] 17.12 km (4:41 / km) +111m 4:33 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Grim night sleep and not much quality sleep beyond 2am. Tired when getting up and just a bit jaded although legs feeling fine and no niggles. Coffee and a banana then out the door this morning. Highs of -1 for the day but forecast for the morning said -3 with a feel of -9 with the wind chill. Absolutely baltic!

Pavements were treacherous today. Snow has all but condensed and the hard packed ice is now glossy in the sun. Made for a tough run to get any pickups done. Some faster kms in there when conditions allowed for it but otherwise just had to make do and settle for an easy 80 trying to stay upright. Incident free run and legs moving nicely.

Friday Feb 12 #

2 PM

Easy road run 1:00:50 [1] 12.77 km (4:46 / km) +67m 4:39 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

So the Garmin lives on. Slightly milder day relative terms but a bright, crisp day. The big thaw hasn’t exactly set in and still some challenging pavement conditions but headed back to the cycle path to get some easy running in. Legs felt okay today and getting on fine with the morning calf raises too. Last few reps of last set feel a little fatigue but otherwise all good here.

Nice easy run with no niggles and not too much else to report. Glad it’s Friday though. Yet more corporate pish to deal with and sucks the soul out of you.

Thursday Feb 11 #

5 PM

Moderate 1:30:00 [2] 20.13 km (4:28 / km) +98m 4:22 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Fucking Garmin! Watch died, hoping it’s just the cold weather that killed it on the run and it will come back to life. Duration and pace an estimate but measured route on Strava to check distance so that is accurate.

Well rested and good night sleep. Freezing in the house when I got up and phone claiming -7! Really bright day, no more snow but no less and as cold as I ever remember Scotland being! Legs felt a little stiff waking up. Suspect due to running in the snow and working some other muscles last night. Busy day again at work so ran at 1730. Legs were feeling fine by the time I started the run.

Cold when setting off (-3) but apart from the first 2km on choppy rough snow on the pavements the cycle path was in pristine condition for a good 4km section so was great to get in some good running and just opted to go back and forth on the path. Purposeful but not the most interesting. Legs moving well for the most part and suspect the pace was in the sweet spot between 4:10-4:20s. Watch died after 40mins despite being charged enough and was pretty frustrating. Not the end of the world and felt I held the pace well and estimated I’d run for about 80-90mins. Looking at the distance and estimated pace then this would have been almost spot on. Taking that as a win as not very good at gauging that sort of stuff usually.

Wednesday Feb 10 #

5 PM

Easy road run 1:38:00 [2] 18.01 km (5:26 / km) +225m 5:07 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Really good night sleep and well rested. More snow overnight and pretty deep now. Too deep for the poor dogs who couldn’t walk in it anymore. Mental day at work and barely got a minute away from my desk. Legs felt good this morning but felt the s+c a bit in my glutes.

Run was tough going tonight. Deep snow and tricky underfoot conditions made for hard work. On top of that I got fucking lost on an out and back! Legs felt like they were moving well on the runnable bits but otherwise was just ticking along nice and easy. Turned after 40mins but ended up in some questionable estate on the way back and didn’t have a clue where I was. Finally got back but ended up a bit over the 80mins on the program.

Tuesday Feb 9 #

5 AM

Easy trail flow 1:03:28 [1] 11.8 km (5:23 / km) +132m 5:06 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Disrupted sleep with the dogs up early so just headed out first thing at about half 5. Winter wonderland out there with snow still coming down heavily and already about ankle deep on pavements and slightly deeper on the trails.

Really nice run - taking it easy and trudging through the snow. Could have done with goggles at a few points and eyes were stinging so just changed direction. Headtorch rendered useless but a novelty not to need it. Legs felt good and moving fine throughout.
5 PM

S+C 1:00:00 [1]

Front Plank + movements
2x sets with 10 of each movement

Angels (5kg)
1. 10
2. 10

Devils (3kg)
1. 8
2. 7

Split Squat (10kg)
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

RDL (6kg)
1. L12 R12
2. L12 R12

Side Plank + knees
1. L25 R25
2. L25 R25

1. 22
2. 20

Adductor side plank + raises
1. L20 R16
2. L23 R15

Ball Pass
1. 16
2. 15

Hamstring Curls
1. 20
2. 20

Step Ups
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

Wall Sits
1. 58s
2. 57s

Single leg glute bridge
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

Monday Feb 8 #

4 PM

Easy + Strideouts 1:03:50 [1] 11.67 km (5:28 / km) +270m 4:54 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Wildhorse

Good night sleep and woke up feeling recharged and fresh today. Lazy morning, busy day and a dog walk at lunch in the blizzard conditions. They weren’t impressed. Really bright day which kept the snow from lying but grim looking forecast for the next couple of days.

Ran at 1600 and caught a pretty cool sunset on the hills. Not sure the trails were much softer than tarmac tonight but a nice easy run and legs feeling great. No issues to report and just ticking along. Opted for the strideouts on grass as well and whilst maybe not at the same pace, they felt strong and as though I was moving well. Snow got progressively worse as the run went on so home just in time.

Sunday Feb 7 #

1 PM

Progression 2:00:27 [2] 28.01 km (4:18 / km) +121m 4:13 / km
slept:7.5 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Not the best night sleep and felt pretty tired this morning. Legs felt fine but just feeling a bit flat. Freezing cold today and light snow all morning. Walked the dogs and had breakfast and headed out around lunchtime.

Made a bit of an arse of that. A good run overall but not quite on the brief. Plan was to increase pace every 2km by 10s but got to the turn at 14km and was already at 4min km pace so was always going to run out of gears. Stuck to the plan and 20th km was 3:34 before stopping. Then did 5km at moderate pace and then 15mins easy.

First half was tough going into a gusty headwind and snow that was falling pretty hard. Legs were moving pretty well though. After the turn it became a bit easier to pace the harder intensities. Definitely something I need to work on though to be able to tap into a range of paces. Don’t think I’m particularly good at that.

5km moderate felt fine and then took the easy super easy to finish. Was feeling that by the end. No niggles. A slight tightness at the top of my right hip but don’t think it’s a big issue. Will stretch off now.

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