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Training Log Archive: wstewart88

In the 7 days ending Feb 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Fartlek 1 2:05:01 18.8(6:39) 30.26(4:08) 105
  Progression1 1:56:41 17.08(6:50) 27.48(4:15) 144
  Easy + Strideouts2 1:53:08 14.17(7:59) 22.81(4:58) 186
  Easy road run2 1:28:34 10.6(8:21) 17.06(5:11) 109
  S+C1 1:05:00
  Moderate1 1:00:27 9.24(6:33) 14.87(4:04) 68
  Total8 9:28:51 69.89 112.48 612
averages - sleep:8.4

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Saturday Feb 20 #

8 AM

Easy road run 40:52 [1] 8.04 km (5:05 / km) +36m 4:58 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Good night sleep and feeling recharged this morning. No alarm set but up at the usual time. Coffee and reading for a bit and then headed out. Nice clear morning and first gloveless run for a while. Wind died down a bit too.

Legs feeling good this morning but just keeping it super easy and turning them over. Short out and back along the cycle path. No issues or niggles and a lazy day in store ahead of tomorrow’s run.

Friday Feb 19 #

12 PM

Progression 1:56:41 [3] 27.48 km (4:15 / km) +144m 4:08 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Great nights sleep and woke up feeling energised and a bit more human. Breakfast, coffee and a day of studying but escaped the books at lunchtime. Knee wasn’t achy today and still getting on fine with the calf raises. Chucking it down with rain all morning but cleared at lunch and was quite bright. Just the 30-40mph winds to contend with and made for a challenging run.

So a lot better than last time but not quite spot on. Ended up as 18km progression and a slightly longer cool down. Planning was good. Execution wasn’t great. 15mins easy up to the canal was fine and legs felt normal again - yesterday was just one of those days I think. After that I then tried to settle into an easy pace and every 3km, drop by 10s. Ballsed up km 1 but otherwise not bad on the way out. Straight into a headwind all the way out so was probably working a bit harder to hit the paces. As soon as the wind dropped I then over ran some km’s. Turned at 14km and not exactly a tailwind but more of a crosswind on the way back. The real error came when trying to hit 4:00min/km and ended up running 3:50’s. Tried to ease off but didn’t slow enough. Then carried on and hit 3:40’s as planned and last rep down at 3:30’s. With missing the 4’s it ended up dropping some of the distance of the 20km as planned. Couldn’t have really held on for 3:30’s much longer.

Legs felt okay today and moving well. No aches or pains which is pleasing. Just hard to gauge with the pacing and wind not helping. Otherwise pretty happy with that. Some proper bellends on the path though so was proper wound up by the end of the run.

Thursday Feb 18 #

6 PM

Easy road run 47:42 [1] 9.02 km (5:17 / km) +73m 5:05 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Fuck me that was grim. Despite a good night sleep I just felt completely wiped out today with no energy. Usual routine this morning - left knee still a bit achy but stretching helped and eased. Day really dragged and barely felt like running but thought I’d give it a bash.

Never got going tonight. Slow over the first 15mins and legs didn’t feel like they had much in them. Just ran easy but it felt like a grind tonight. Refuel, early night and then progression in tomorrow morning instead. Can’t really explain that one...

Wednesday Feb 17 #

1 PM

Moderate 1:00:27 [2] 14.87 km (4:04 / km) +68m 3:58 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Good night sleep and up early. Niggle in left knee back again so stretching that this morning. Otherwise legs felt okay. Nice clear day here but super windy. Coffee and breakfast before calf raises and work but managed to engineer some time after lunch to get out. Had lunch on a call but this was way too close to the run.

Headed out at half 1 and built into a moderate+ pace. Legs didn’t feel great and stomach felt worse so spent most of the time trying not to spew. Managed to turn the legs okay and pace seemed manageable had it not been for stomach. Slight tailwind on the way out and into the wind on the way back. Latter stages of the run felt better and the legs were feeling more comfortable. Think 3:50’s may be a stretch over 50+km but will give it a bash on the weekend and see. I’ll also not have a wrap ahead of the run!

Tuesday Feb 16 #

8 AM

Easy + Strideouts 1:06:29 [1] 14.02 km (4:45 / km) +123m 4:33 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Turbo 2 - white

Good night sleep and up early to drop the wife at work. Home for a quick coffee and then out the door a little before 8am. Cracking morning - dare I say warm?! A bit gusty and a headwind coming up the hill.

Legs felt better today for the majority of the run. The only time I noticed a bit of fatigue was when I went into the first few strideouts and they didn’t respond very quickly. Just a dull feeling that passed and the last 3 reps felt stronger. No issues or niggles to report today.
6 PM

S+C 1:05:00 [1]

Front plank movements
2 sets with 10x each movement

Angels (6kg)
1. 10
2. 10

Devils (3kg)
1. 8
2. 8

Split squats (10kg)
1. L20 R20
2. L15 R15

RDL (6kg)
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

Side plank + knees
1. L25 R25
2. L25 R25

1. 25
2. 16

Adductor side plank + raises
1. L20 R20
2. L27 R20

Ball Passes
1. 20
2. 15

Hamstring Curls
1. 20
2. 16

Step ups
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

Wall Sits
1. 81s
2. 63s

Single leg glute bridge
1. L17 R16
2. L12 R12

Monday Feb 15 #

6 PM

Easy + Strideouts 46:39 [1] 8.79 km (5:18 / km) +63m 5:07 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Restless night sleep again and woke up with a splitting headache. Seemed to clear as the day went on though. Legs felt okay this morning getting up and breakfast/coffee/calf raises before a day at the desk. Pretty busy but at least it passed quick enough. Really mild today and the big thaw has completely cleared all snow and ice which is perfect.

Ran at 6 as walked the dogs after work with a brighter evening. Legs felt absolutely battered on the run but just keeping it easy. No tightness or issues which is good, just standard fatigue so an improvement there. Nice run and back in shorts and T-shirt. First couple of strideouts were steady and just aiming to get a full range of motion in the legs. Next 4 went well and moving pretty strongly. Missing some top speed vs when fresh but happy with that and here’s to getting some normal weather with no ice interruptions!

Sunday Feb 14 #

11 AM

Fartlek 2:05:01 [3] 30.26 km (4:08 / km) +105m 4:04 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: Endorphin Speed

Early night last night and went to bed in a bad mood after the rugby result. Slept well and woke up well rested and fresh. Felt a bit strange doing a session on a Sunday but it went well. Coffee, breakfast and a smoothie before heading out at 11 for a run. Temperatures back in the positives and a clear day so made for nice running.

Barely made it out the front door before slipping and nearly going down in the drive! Pavements still pretty slippy too although melting quick and plenty of slush. Headed for cycle path and the km on/off session. 15 easy was fine and just trying to stay upright with road shoes vs ice. Settled into the session quite nicely and the first 5 reps felt comfortable and controlled. Sitting around 3:40’s and then 4:10’s. Gel100 on 5th moderate rep and went down well. Next 4 reps went well again and slightly faster on the efforts and same pace for moderates. Another Gel100 on 9th moderate run again. Last 3 reps felt like I needed to work a bit harder for hitting the paces. Main area of tightness seemed to be in the hips towards the end of the run. Other than this then my legs felt good today. Getting a strange chafing on the inside of my knee after these faster sessions. The inside of my left calf is rubbing off the inside of my right knee when driving the leg through. Strange one.

Easy 15 to cool down was okay but legs feeling that now.

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