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Training Log Archive: wstewart88

In the 7 days ending Apr 10:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Specific Endurance3 12:08:37 80.79(9:01) 130.02(5:36) 3806
  Easy + Strideouts2 2:09:22 16.61(7:47) 26.73(4:50) 220
  Moderate1 1:18:25 11.43(6:52) 18.39(4:16) 117
  S+C2 1:10:00
  Hill Sprints1 1:00:02 6.7(8:57) 10.79(5:34) 187
  Total9 17:46:26 115.53 185.93 4330
averages - sleep:8.1

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Saturday Apr 10 #

10 AM

Specific Endurance 3:50:46 [2] 40.06 km (5:46 / km) +1221m 5:00 / km
slept:6.5 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Short night sleep with an early start. Up at half 5 and on the road for 6 to get up to Kinlochleven. Didn’t feel too tired this morning so a good enough sleep but legs felt a little stiff. No niggles or issues from yesterday which was good. Absolutely stunning day and although cold it was perfect conditions. Roads were gloriously quiet and through the whole of Glencoe I only saw one bus! That never happens. Was grazing in the car on the way up to get some calories in.

Wasn’t sure what to expect today after a bit of a strange one yesterday and first bigger back to back since last summer. Legs responded brilliantly and was pretty surprised how quickly I set into a good rhythm. Didn’t feel much doms or stiffness and if anything, the climbs felt stronger today than yesterday. Surprising but I’m pleased.

Started at Bridge of Orchy and ran down the hill from the station before climb number 1 of the day. Felt really comfortable and good to settle in. Got a gel in at the top before the descent and ran down the other side. Again feeling pretty good. Round the road and onto Rannoch Moor for some steady climbing and up and over to Glencoe. Was moving well at this point and cruising, if anything a little too fast but felt comfortable. Hit 3 gels and hour for the first two hours and managed to time it well to fit in with the course. After 2hrs my legs started feeling a bit of fatigue from yesterday - nothing that would slow me but just a dull tiredness that I became aware of.

Over the road from Glencoe and along the trail to the foot of the Devil’s Staircase. This section felt like a bit of a grind. Don’t think I slowed much but legs were complaining. Made sure to get gels in before the climb and had 2 along this section.

I absolutely ripped the Staircase a new one today (relatively speaking!!). I’m not sure where it came from but I wanted to put in a bit of an effort to test how my legs would respond and they did. Ran the first half and then hiked/ran the rest. Really pleased with this given that climbing yesterday felt like a struggle. No idea where this came from but good to know. Gel at the top and then about a 9k downhill section into Kinlochleven. Quads and knees were complaining a bit with the sustained descent but got down okay and along the road. Caffiene gel before the last climb.

The climb out of Kinlochleven went okay to begin with but started to feel the fatigue from the runs and turned into a bit of a trudge. Not the worst but did feel I faded a bit. Turned and ran back down to the car and a really satisfying run and a good back to back.

Nutrition Summary
500ml water
350ml Active Root (25g)
8x Gel100 (200g)
1x Caf100 (25g)
1x Spring Long Haul (15.5g)

*forgot to pack salt tabs this morning. Got away with it as it was cooler. No nausea today. Seemed more dialled in and stuck to the plan.

ALSO - biggest week ever for me and feeling good...if a little weather beaten and sunburnt!

Friday Apr 9 #

10 AM

Specific Endurance 4:10:58 [3] 43.12 km (5:49 / km) +1322m 5:03 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

Great night sleep and reckon I would have slept through a war last night. Was hoping I’d dodge the dog walking duties and get straight on the road but no joy. Mrs S gotten wise to my tactics. Absolute gem of a day. Dare I say a little hot! Certainly not long sleeve merino weather so was melting a bit. Not sure what to make of that run to be honest. Didn’t feel anywhere near as good as Sunday’s run and didn’t seem to have the legs on the climbs. Sunday I was getting stronger as the run went on whereas today I was flagging on the last two climbs.

First hour felt good, once I’d remembered how to get on the bloody WHW! Parked the car and walked up to the trail head and had a banana before the start. Once I got on the trail and got moving I was feeling good and I was up and over Conic Hill in no time before descending down into Balmaha. Legs were moving well and settled into a nice rhythm. Got on the nutrition sharp today and a gel at 15, 30, 55 and a salt tab on the hour.

The second hour was a bit odd. It’s one of my favourite sections of the course and normally like running the undulating trails. Was okay to begin with but flagged a bit and hiked the steep staircase. I’ve not looked at the pace on this section but it felt slow and arduous. Gel at 75 and 95 (missed 3rd one this hour as was up a climb) and salt tab on the hour. Stomach was sloshing a bit and think I overdrunk a bit.

Third hour was better and actually got back into a better rhythm again running the reverse section back to Balmaha. Running on the rolling hills again and the tarmac sections were downhill so a bit of a coast here. Got 3 gels in again this hour (125, 150, 170) and again a tab on the hour. Then came the reverse of Conic. What a bastard!

Got up to the fence line running well but after this it was a hike to the top and was slow going. Legs felt burst. It is quite steep and rocky but didn’t have much bounce to get up any faster. Got a gel in at the top and got some more fluids on board. Ran it in from here and the undulating firetrail went fine. Took a wrong turn and wading through gorse/bog/forest before getting on the path again.

Legs feel pretty hammered but will get plenty of fuel on board. I’ll get my wrappers out the car now and add in the nutrition break down added in.

Nutrition Summary
500ml water
350ml Maurten 160mix - approx 20g carbs
9x Gel100 - 225g carbs (25g in each)

Thursday Apr 8 #

5 PM

Moderate 1:18:25 [2] 18.39 km (4:16 / km) +117m 4:08 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Endorphin Speed

I’ve been sleeping long enough lately but doesn’t feel the deepest or best quality sleep which is a bit annoying. Woke up feeling fresh enough but not exactly jumping out the door for a run before work. Dropped the wife off for the early shift and then breakfast and work. Walked the dogs at lunch and then ran after I got finished up for the week. 4 day weeks have got to become the norm!

Brutal weather out there tonight. Blowing a gale again and the rain came on after about 25mins. A run of 2 halves with a strong headwind and then tailwind. Tried to keep it even paced for perceived exertion but a 3min negative split by the end.

Legs were moving well tonight and didn’t feel like I was working that hard to hit the pace. Not really that settled on the way out and pace really fluctuated in the gusts. Still noticing that pain in the bottom of my heel - less so with the added cushioning. The only way I can think to describe it is as though I’ve stood on a plug and it’s a sensitive, sharp pain. Never really worsened nor did it fade through the run. Not too concerned about it but a bit perplexed.

Run on the way back felt like cheating a bit with such a strong tailwind. Started to get really cold by the end as I was soaked through but aside from that it was a good run and cleared the head. Packed and all set for tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Wednesday Apr 7 #

12 PM

Hill Sprints 1:00:02 [1] 10.79 km (5:34 / km) +187m 5:07 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Felt like a bit of a shallow, restless night sleep compared to the last few nights. Usual morning routine before work before running at lunch. Clear day but still baltic!

Run was okay. Legs felt more fatigue today and probably what I was expecting on Monday. Just a bit flat. For the first 20mins I also had a stabbing pain right on the bottom of my foot at the heel. Very strange. After 20mins it went away and was fine for the rest of the run. Felt like I had stood on a drawing pin. Was coughing a bit on the run today. Not sure if it was the cold air but plenty of phlegm despite no outliers in the diet. Nothing major.

Hill sprints went well and opted to do them on a steeper bit of tarmac today and felt like I was applying more force than last week on the grass. Moving well though. Was a little tight for time in lunch break so jogged home and legs feeling a bit more revived than when I started.
5 PM

S+C 40:00 [1]

Felt like progress tonight.

Ball Pass
1. 22
2. 18

Front Plank movements
1. 15/10/10/15
2. 15/10/10/15

Reverse Plank (iso)
1. 65s
2. 53s

Single leg glute bridge (4kg)
1. L15 R15
2. L15 R15

Side plank + knees
1. L25 R25
2. L25 R25

Hamstring Curls
1. 12/5/5
2. 12/5/5

Step Ups (9kg)
1. L10 R10
2. L10 R10

Split Squats (9kg)
1. L10 R10
2. L10 R10

RDL (9kg)
1. L8 R8
2. L8 R8

Tuesday Apr 6 #

5 PM

Easy + Strideouts 1:04:06 [1] 13.29 km (4:49 / km) +151m 4:34 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Mizuno Neo

Great night sleep and up before my alarm. Coffee and book in bed for an hour or so before walking the dogs and getting to work. 7.5hrs on the phone today over just two calls so draining barely covers it. Ran after work and a sunny evening but this arctic wind is still lingering. Bloody freezing.

Run felt good. No real fatigue in my legs and turning over nicely without pushing and still keeping it easy. Shoes are growing on me which is surprising as thought Mizuno were dead as a brand. Climb up around Arthurs Seat felt comfortable as well. Stride outs felt good again and moving strongly. Happy with how the recovery from the weekend has gone.

Monday Apr 5 #

1 PM

S+C 30:00 [1]

Devils (3kg)
1. 10
2. 10

Angels (7kg)
1. 10
2. 8

Cobra push-ups
1. 15
2. 15

RR (7kg)
1. 25
2. 25

1. 15
2. 15

Bench press (10kg)
1. 12
2. 12

Front Raise (7kg)
1. 15
2. 14
5 PM

Easy + Strideouts 1:05:16 [1] 13.44 km (4:51 / km) +69m 4:44 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: Zoom Fly 3

Good night sleep and up for coffee and dog walking duties before work. Felt pretty recharged after yesterday and a quieter looking week at work too. Breakfast and a few calls this morning before S&C at lunch. Felt good for this and managed to increase some reps and weight on bench press as well without any incident.

Ran after work and a nice, sunny evening but with an ice cold, gusty wind again. Really surprised at how good my legs were feeling tonight. Moving well with no real doms, aches, pains or fatigue. Settled into the run and turning over nicely. Loosened off more after 9k and was easing off the pace. Strideouts went well as well tonight and although they were a little wind assisted I was moving strongly.

Sunday Apr 4 #

9 AM

Specific Endurance 4:06:53 [2] 46.84 km (5:16 / km) +1263m 4:39 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: EVO Speedgoat

A good night sleep before coffee and breakfast and out the door at 9am. Dressed for summer as it looked bright outside but this turned out to be a mistake. Had gloves in my pack thankfully as the wind was brutal today and 25-40mph and persistent the whole time. The rest of yesterday wasn’t exactly chill and recharge as the Mrs wanted to go for a hike up Arthurs Seat. I obliged but this ended up being another 2hrs on feet. She was chuffed with her step count. I was less enthused.

Legs felt okay this morning. No niggles and settled into a decent rhythm before it became too exposed. The next 2.5hrs were then into a headwind so it felt like hard work and quite varied in terms of pace. After that it was a bit easier but a tough one. Was feeling a bit of fatigue from yesterday too. Run definitely improved as it went on and finished strongly and felt like I could keep running.

First hour was good and up two local hills and moving well. A little late to get on the gels today but one at 35mins and one at 55mins before a salt tab on the hour. Feels like this is working well. Spring order didn’t arrive in time so was on the Maurten again. Also was sipping 160mix and water throughout today to make a more conscious effort to drink on the go. Stopped for 2 pisses so an improvement.

Second hour was into the Pentlands and the big climb was a graft today. Blown to a standstill for a lot of it so was hiking more today. Legs weren’t feeling great at this point and I was really getting cold. Dropped down the descent before stopping to put on my waterproof and a hat. Gel at 80mins and 105mins and another salt cap on the hour. Wasn’t particularly comfortable with the T-shirt and jacket combo as it was chafing a bit and the headwind continued.

Third hour was a bit better and explored some new trails round the front side of the Pentlands and the reservoirs. Was awesome running and really enjoyable so will definitely head there again. Perked up around here and was feeling a bit better although wasn’t climbing that well. Got out of the wind a bit too so took jacket off. Gels at 2hr05, 2hr30 and a caf gel at 2hr55 with another salt cap on the hour.

Fourth hour was the best today! Absolutely motored up the last climb and dropped a few bikers which is always fun. More of a crosswind so hard to run in a straight line but moving really well. Dropped down the steep descent and a fairly flat finish to the run. Nice tailwind for the last 8km or so. Last hour I subsided on sipping 160drink mix as was feeling better without eating and moving well. Also was only left with caffeine gels and a random sample gel that came with the last order.

Really happy that the run got better as it went on and thought that the last climb was going to be a struggle but proved to be the opposite. Could have ran on which was a good feeling as after a run like this I’m normally pretty wiped and no appetite.

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