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Training Log Archive: robrown

In the 7 days ending Jan 30:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail Run5 5:39:06 29.24 47.05 810
  S & C3 2:45:00
  Cycling1 2:12:00
  Total9 10:36:06 29.24 47.05 810
averages - sleep:7.9

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Saturday Jan 30 #

8 AM

Trail Run 1:22:43 [3] 13.41 km (6:10 / km) +383m 5:24 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: La Sportiva Helios 2.0

Rubbish night sleep, got up early to go running with a friend.

Ran the first 40mins with a friend doing the ullswater way, then turned back. Nice to be back running in the Ullswater valley. Legs feel good. Tempting to speed up a bit but sticking to easy pace.

Really enjoying getting back to some sort of regular running, loving it.

With Chrissy, took the dog for a nice walk up on e of the little fells after running, nice to see the views.

Afternoon zoom lesson, less nice...
8 PM

S & C 1:00:00 [3]

Single leg glute bridge - 10 each leg
wall ball calf raises - 12
box jumps - 10
push ups - 10
step up to pose - 10 each leg
bulgarian split squat - 10 each leg
Goblet adductor lunge - 10 each leg
offset lunges - 10 each leg

2 sets of each

Spend a while just going through them, watching the videos and making sure I'm doing them properly.

Everything seemed good. Did everything body weight except for offset lunges with a light dumbell just to practice the movements.

Friday Jan 29 #

10 AM

Trail Run 56:23 [3] 9.32 km (6:03 / km) +143m 5:37 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: La Sportiva Mutants

Decent sleep, feeling pretty good.

Gentle trail run, nice pretty flat trails. Drills at the start and 5 strides at the end. Strides feeling better, bit more confident to run properlly.

Rest of the day doing woodwork and decorating, joy.

Thursday Jan 28 #

1 PM

Cycling 2:12:00 [3]

Bit of a disturbed night sleep again but not too bad.
Spend the morning doing jobs and studying.

After lunch nice leisurely ride on the road, legs felt a bit tired but didn’t push it so was fine.

Still a bit of soresness in the groin, hard to say if it’s worse after s&c or running, but it’s ok.

Wednesday Jan 27 #

12 PM

Trail Run 1:00:00 [3] 10.07 km (5:57 / km) +19m 5:54 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Jazz

Groin a little bit achy again this morning but otherwise feeling good. A morning of doing chores and then cycled down to the sports fields.

I did 2 sets of drills to warm up and ten very easy running with 5 strides at the end. Enjoying doing the drills, especially the grapevines, feels good getting the groin/hips loosened up.
7 PM

S & C 45:00 [3]

2 point superman - 10 on each side
side plank knee to chest - 10 each side
Adductor side plank - 10 each side
swiss ball hamstrings - 10
reverse plank leg raises - 10 (5 each side)
Mountain climbers - holding the plank for 30 secs
bent knee calf raises - 10
clamshells - 10 each side
sit ups - 10
jane fonda - 10 each side

2 sets...

Definitely found the swiss ball hamstrings and the reverse plank the hardest - work to do on the hamstrings as we know...

Mountain climbers felt really strenous on the front of the hip which still feels weak so just holding the plank pose on the ball for now.

Tuesday Jan 26 #

5 PM

Trail Run 1:20:00 [3] 14.25 km (5:37 / km) +265m 5:08 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: La Sportiva Mutants

Slept well, feeling ok today. Spent the dat decorating/studying/dog walk. Waiting until 5 to run with a friend.

Run was good, 10 minutes of the drills to warm up. Felt great for an hour and then just starting feeling a slight achiness in the groin. A little sore this evening.

Monday Jan 25 #

11 AM

Trail Run 1:00:00 [3]
slept:9.0 shoes: La Sportiva Helios 2.0

Good sleep, feel good this morning.
A little bit niggly in the groin still, not too bad.
Some online study this morning and excited to get out running at 11.

Nice flat trails, bit icy, lovely day. Felt good running, did 4 strides at the end which felt good.

Sunday Jan 24 #

8 PM

S & C 1:00:00 [3]

Little bit sore in the groin today so taking a rest day from running.

Had a nice walk with the dog instead.

Evening S&C as discusses, each excercise done to fatigue.

2 sets of:
Lying adduction - 30 each leg
Lying abduction - 30 each leg
Single leg bridges (on a step) - 30 each leg
Standing resistance band adduction - 40 each leg
Standing resistance band abduction - 40 each leg
sit ups - 30
standing cross-country ski - 30 each leg
side lunges - 40 (20 each way)
supermans - 30

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