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Training Log Archive: ricsch

In the 7 days ending May 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running6 3:04:13 23.89(7:43) 38.45(4:47) 336
  balancing / alternative training1 2:00:00
  orienteering4 1:16:46 9.48(8:06) 15.26(5:02) 12861 /61c100%
  Total9 6:20:59 33.37 53.71 46561 /61c100%
  [1-5]9 6:20:11
averages - sleep:6.4 rhr:38

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Sunday May 26 #

2 PM

running warm up/down (Warm UP World Cup Round 1) 11:22 intensity: (30 @0) + (6:23 @1) + (50 @2) + (3:29 @3) + (10 @4) 2.18 km (5:13 / km) +21m 4:59 / km
ahr:129 max:168 shoes: Asics Metaspeed Edge+

orienteering race (World Cup Round 1 2024 Sw) 17:36 [5] **** 4.25 km (4:08 / km) +34m 3:59 / km
ahr:177 max:192 spiked:25/25c rhr:36 slept:7.0 shoes: Asics Metaspeed Edge+

To Control ...
1: little hestitant, coudn't find the start on the map until after the starting point
2: took the route to the right (was the slower option)
3: transfer controll
4: went to the south and then to the left (after the race it felt like the option heading out to the north of contoll 3 would have been faster, but they were quite the same)
5: wasn't ready for the little path before the building so went down to the big street and ran along it (slower)
6: transfer controll
7: forgot that the controll was on the inside of the wall: lost around 5-6"
8: instead of heading behind (south) the building east to the control or running past control 9: went to the north of the building and had to turn south to get behind the building (from the west side)
9: transfer control
10: went to down the streeth (north) past the building and then turned right over the playarea and the second steps
11: transfer control (nearly fell down the stairs, lol)
12: transfer control
13: transfer control
14: ran down the street the turned right and left than right again over the smaller street and than entering the controll from the south over the stairs, would have been faster to trurn around at controll 13 and over the football field
15: took the route to the south west instead of to the north (was slower)
16: took a safty route and going throught the underpass (the one to the east)
17: turn around to north after the frist building (thought there was an option to cross the street somewhere there) the turn right after the second building instead of going in to the underpass and turning to the right after the train tracks: mistake was like 10" + the time lost on the slower route choice
18: good execution
19: transfer control
20: took the route choice to the south (both route choices were equal
21: did a 30" mistakes: went to the passage in the east then the one west and than trought the underpass after that i wanted to enter where the entrance was at saturday for the knock-out sprint final, but they closed it, after that i panicked and ran around the whole section instead of just going 50m to the north for an other entrance
22: went to the east instead of going on the wester route
23: went throught the alley to the north of the control
24: lucky enought to see the gril from new zealand going up the stairs on to the roof of the building which was closed and not shown on saturday.
25: again almost tripped up down the stairs, after that transfer to the last control

Saturday May 25 #

2 PM

orienteering (Map run Olten) 23:38 [3] *** 3.47 km (6:49 / km) +22m 6:36 / km
ahr:127 max:153 rhr:38 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Novablast 4

5 PM

running (easy run) 30:34 intensity: (18 @0) + (1:15 @1) + (11:39 @2) + (17:22 @3) 6.36 km (4:49 / km) +45m 4:39 / km
ahr:147 max:163 shoes: Asics Novablast 4

Friday May 24 #

2 PM

running 10:48 [3] 2.16 km (5:00 / km) +2m 4:59 / km
ahr:113 max:134

orienteering race (World Cup Round 1 CH Qual) 12:46 [5] **** 3.42 km (3:44 / km) +20m 3:38 / km
ahr:170 max:189 spiked:21/21c rhr:38 slept:6.75 shoes: Asics Metaspeed Edge+

good race overall, after the frist run throught the labyrinth i dicided to try to not go through it, because the grass was slippery from the rain (and i thought it would slow me down to much, after the race i found out, that it was actually quite fast still, the hail started coming down at the second last control

to control ...
1: took the longest route choice around and past control 18 for an easy start + time to prepare for the long routechoice
2: went left then right over the street and straight in to the labyrinth after coming around the building i heard one danish guy slipping on the grass, which let to the decision of trying to not go trough the labyrinth
3: transfer control
4: transfer control
5: first time i decided to not go through the labyrinth instead headin out to the north an trough the entrance at control 14 the turning left on the street and running along the forbidden areas into the old town at the underpass
6: took the slower and longer route choice by leaving the old town through the same underpass instead of running trought the alley at controll 11 which was faster
7: leaving the old town through the underpass to the north
8: transfer control
9: transfer control
10: after 10 map flip, but went to the south over the big square trough the little passage in the north east corner and turning right
11: turning around and coming from the north to the control
12: heading out to the same underpass as to control 5 & 6 alomg the forbidden area through the entrance at controll 14 and past control 3 into the labyrinth
13: out of the labyrinth turning left past the building
14: transfer control
15: transfer control
16: leaving the garden area trough the exit south east of the controll runing down the street turning east right in front of the artifical barriers than turning west at the next crossing and turning north at the next crossing (would have been faster to just continue and the heading into the area at the west entrance
17: transfer control
18: heading south, running past the start:
19: transfer control
20: transfer control
21: transfer control

Thursday May 23 #

2 PM

orienteering (World Cup Training map: H) 22:46 [3] 4.11 km (5:32 / km) +52m 5:12 / km
ahr:138 max:167 spiked:15/15c rhr:37 slept:5.25 shoes: Asics Novablast 4

Wednesday May 22 #

4 PM

running (Duurlauf) 1:09:04 [3] 15.15 km (4:33 / km) +105m 4:24 / km
ahr:149 max:176 rhr:38 slept:7.75 shoes: Asics Novablast 4

Tuesday May 21 #

7 PM

running hills (Hill IV 10x20" 80&qu) 31:46 intensity: (12:00 @1) + (16:26 @3) + (3:20 @5) 6.1 km (5:12 / km) +116m 4:45 / km
ahr:127 max:171 rhr:40 slept:3.5

8 PM

balancing / alternative training (TV Zufikon) 2:00:00 [1]

Monday May 20 #

6 PM

running (easy run) 30:39 [3] 6.5 km (4:43 / km) +48m 4:33 / km
ahr:148 max:166 rhr:38 slept:6.25 shoes: Asics Novablast 4

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