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Training Log Archive: alanhilley87

In the 7 days ending Feb 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 3:55:21 35.25(6:41) 56.73(4:09) 210
  Cycling2 1:42:29 35.62(2:53) 57.32(1:47) 486
  S&C2 32
  Total7 5:38:22 70.87 114.05 696
averages - sleep:8

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Saturday Feb 18 #

8 PM

Running (Moderate work out) 51:38 [3] 12.71 km (4:04 / km) +46m 3:59 / km
ahr:144 max:159

did moderate from yesterday. Had a pretty chilled day. legs felt good and pace was easy. no injury worries. total cals for the day 3450

Friday Feb 17 #

5 PM

Running (Easy run) 1:00:39 [3] 12.43 km (4:53 / km) +39m 4:48 / km
ahr:130 max:150 slept:8.0

still not able to wake up as early as i want. i really want to get into the routine of waking at around 5 but currently only able to get up around 0700. going to bed early enough but think it's just difficult in the winter. will make a real effort from monday. energy levels felt pretty good but still a bit snotty and blocked up. no sore throat now and no cough really. quiet morning and lunch meeting. ran around 1800. had mistakenly thought i was due 60 easy but now realise it was meant to be moderate. i will do that today instead. easy felt fine, felt yesterdays strength session a little bit but legs felt recovered and springy. had tacos for dinner. total cals 3650

Thursday Feb 16 #

5 PM

Cycling (Moderate) 1:00:00 [3] 33.8 km (1:47 / km) +400m 1:41 / km

Sore throat gone but just a bit snotty today. Energy levels fine, dont feel tired or unwell. Had a day working from home. Legs feel good, lower back slight tight. Cycle felt really good, would say that i spend around 70% out of the saddle. Legs didnt seem to fatigue as much and still had plenty of energy towards the end. Total cals - 3300
6 PM

S&C (Strength) 30 [3]

Was going to go to the gym but had everything i needed at home. Calf raises - left calf is so weak, i actually cant voluntarily contract it. Get some midfoot pain which limits the calf raises but need to focus on it. Feels like it doesnt activate. Right side feels weaker on glute exercises and romanian dead lift. Squated with 20kg and it felt fine.

Wednesday Feb 15 #

4 PM

S&C (core&upper) 2 [3]

overall felt
pretty good. 3x10 reps for each exercise. cobras took a bit of body adjustments to get right difficulty. side planks knees to chest - right side down definitely feels weaker. thread the needles were fine. think i might have slightly injured left shoulder doing renegade rows, pain elevating it this morning. not too bad though. angels and devils felt fine

Running 51:10 [3] 10.43 km (4:54 / km) +52m 4:47 / km
ahr:118 max:133

Tuesday Feb 14 #

Cycling (Moderate work out) 42:29 [3] 23.52 km (1:48 / km) +86m 1:46 / km

had a busy day working from home. had quite a lot of work to do. had a bit of a later night so slept in a bit and did feel quite tired throughout the day. i had an evening shift so had to cut cycle short slightly. had a nightly sore throat as well but didn't feel generally unwell. cycle felt pretty good. slightly tight right hamstring before i started but this eased off during the cycle. woke up this morning a bit snotty and sore throat but feel ok generally.

Monday Feb 13 #

9 AM


Slept well but was organising a Launch event for a sustainable healthcare group that I lead on this evening. i was pretty stressed about it and had lots of last minute things i had to organise and i didn't have time to get out to run. very happy this event is over, been in the planning for a number of months.

Sunday Feb 12 #

10 AM

Running race (Village Bakery) 1:11:54 [5] 21.16 km (3:24 / km) +73m 3:20 / km
ahr:171 max:196 slept:8.0 shoes: Nike Vaporfly Next%

had a pretty relaxed day saturday. got run in early and travelled down and arrived in wrexham about half 5. had some tacos for dinner and then a bit bowl of pasta around 2000. felt full when i went to sleep. woke up feeling pretty fresh. legs felt pretty good, probably 8/10 freshness. had plovernight oats around 0800. could have probably got to the start a bit earlier, was feeling a bit rushed getting number and queue for toilets were big. managed to get around 10 minutes to warm up. legs were feeling ok. start of the race went well. really big group just behind the leaders. i clocked that we're going too fast but i was feeling really good and felt effortless and was being carried along by the group. obviously false sense of ease. my average pace goal was 3:24 but i wanted to go out around 3:20 to compensate for drop off later but was clocking way faster but felt it best to stick with group for as long as i could. around 8km turned uphill and into wind and i lost group and started to go backwards a bit and got overtaken by some more people. there were some really tough kms in the last quarter of the race and i thought sub 1:12 was unlikely but couple of quick last kms got me there. overall happy, probably would have preferrred to run a more even race but think i did the right thing sticking with the big group. no injury worries. probably could have done with a banana or some more energy before the race. had huel and banana when finished.

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