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Training Log Archive: RunarS

In the 7 days ending May 22:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Long/specific run2 6:10:00 39.64(9:20) 63.8(5:48) 2525
  Easy run3 3:49:00 24.36(9:24) 39.2(5:51) 547
  Uphill Tempo1 1:40:00 10.44(9:35) 16.8(5:57) 877
  Moderate run1 1:22:00 11.74(6:59) 18.9(4:20) 48
  Strength - upper body1 30:00
  Strength - legs and core1 20:00
  Total9 13:51:00 86.18 138.7 3997
  [1-5]7 13:01:00
averages - sleep:7.9

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Saturday May 22 #

10 AM

Uphill Tempo 1:40:00 [4] 16.8 km (5:57 / km) +877m 4:43 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: Inov8 Roclite 290 - pair 2

A really good night sleep followed by a good breakfast at the B&B.

The little stiffness in my right calf was gone and both hamstring, calf and quads felt fine during the drills and throughout the run. No other pains or niggles - lower back also normal again. Felt rested and looking forward to another push up to Skiddaw.

Ran very easy from Keswick u to the bottom of Jenkins Hill - took about 24mins. Then similar push to the trig point as last time - more than a minute quicker today but still more to go on. Ran a more even tempo - not going as hard from the start and keeping effort going on the "flatter" section in the middle whilst still focusing on running relaxed - but focused. A very good session and the good thing about the Skiddaw climb is that (almost) no matter the weather it is doable, and despite being really wet underfoot elsewhere, the path up there is always runable. Enjoyed the pain again and think I nailed the RPE 8 effort - could maybe have gone slighly faster but not by much unless I was going flat out race effort.

Friday May 21 #

7 PM

Easy run 1:24:00 [2] 12.0 km (7:00 / km) +338m 6:08 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Peregrine 10 - Grey

Slept well and had decided to get up early, get work done and head for the Lakes. Unfortunately I got a late meeting, meaning I could not leave home until 14:30. 1-2 hours later than I had planned for. On top of that it was an accident on the way, adding an extra 1,5-2 hours to my journey, arriving in Keswick closer to 7pm.... So - my afternoon run turned into an evening run. Windy, wet and not the greatest weather, but still enjoyed getting - especially after being sat in the car for hours.

Drills 12mins, easy run 62mins, hillsprints 10mins.

A little bit of stiffness in my right calf - not sure why. Has been fine the past couple of days. Probably nothing and while writing this (saturday morning) it feels fine again. Not used to doing strength work the same day as harder/moderate training - maybe it was that? Don't know. Anyway - hopefully fine and I'll find out soon. It didn't reallly bother me on the run but I could feel it. Hamstrings and quads were fine.

As for the hillsprints - a bit like last weekend. Feels weird to do it in trail shoes, but apart from that they were ok. Not amazing, but ok.

Thursday May 20 #

8 AM

Moderate run 1:22:00 [3] 18.9 km (4:20 / km) +48m 4:17 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Endorphine Pro

10min prehab before the session.

12mins drills, 60mins moderate (15,6km), 10mins/5 x Strides.

Felt great this morning - good night sleep and legs felt fresh again. No stiffness, no pains or niggles apart from the lower back - still a tiny bit of stiffnes from the weekend, but better than yesterday and it loosened quickly during the drills. Expect it to be completely fine by tomorrow or saturday.

Got into a good rhythm early on in the run - ran "blind" and only checked the pace halfway. Slightly faster than expected (average for the whole 60mins was 3:51min/km) but still feel I kept it moderate, comfortable and within 7 RPE. Focused on running relaxed and felt good. Again - I really enjoy these sort of sessions.

Strides completely different to yesterday as well - felt light, fast and comfortable.

All in all a really good session.
7 PM

Strength - legs and core 20:00 [0]

2 sets of 10 reps boxjumps w/squats
2 sets of 10 stepups w/”foot raise” (stand on toes) (10 reps L/R)
2 sets of 10 single leg good mornings (10 reps L/R)
2 sets of 10 walking planks (straight arm to elbow and back)
2 sets of 10 heel touches (10 reps L/R)

Wednesday May 19 #

8 AM

Easy run 1:20:00 [1] 15.1 km (5:18 / km) +150m 5:03 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Salming Greyhound

Slept like a baby - 8hours good sleep, no cat around.

10min prehab before run.

Tot. time, 120mins, includes the drills and strides. Main run 61mins/12,4km.

Legs were still sluggish and lower back a bit stiff when I got out, but everything loosened up during the drills. Great weather and ended up being a very nice and easy run on the local trails. A couple of small hills, but not much in terms of vert. Kept it very easy and focused on running relaxed.

No injuries, pains or niggles apart from the expected stiffness. Body felt better/less stiff than yesterday.

First stride felt slow and sluggish, but it gradually got better and faster, until the last one when I felt both fast and comfortable. All ran with the focus of not "overspeeding" and complete all strides within 90-95% of max.
4 PM

Strength - upper body 30:00 [0]

Added a bit more weight this time, but still focused on teqnique and not maxing weight for 6-8 reps.

All the following exercises - 2 sets, 8 reps.

Benchpress, 2x10kg
Renegade Row, 2x8kg
Biceps curl, 2x8kg
Front Raise, 2x6kg
Angels and devils, 2x2kg

Cobra Pushups and dips, 2sets, 10 reps.

Tuesday May 18 #

7 PM

Easy run 1:05:00 [1] 12.1 km (5:22 / km) +59m 5:15 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Adidas Boston 8 - yellow

Had a really bad nights sleep due to a very noisy cat....our cat. He is usually out all night but sometimes he is in and out, up and down the bed, and generally making a lot of noise. Last night was that sort of night. Does not happen often though and apart from that he is a good one - allthough a bit on the heavy side.... Big Norwegian forrestcat.

Anyway - felt tired and sluggish before the run and legs a bit stiff in general. But no pains or niggles, just tiredness. Also a bit of soreness/stiffness in my lower back, which is probably caused by either running long with the heavier backpack, me almost falling and twisiting my back a bit on the sunday run, or a combination. Both the stiffness in my legs and the back loosened during the first part of the run though, and overall it felt a lot better than expected. Kept it easy, 70% trail and without any hills.

10min Prehab + drills before run

Monday May 17 #

11 AM

Long/specific run 3:56:00 [3] 39.5 km (5:58 / km) +1694m 4:55 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Saucony Peregrine 10 - Grey

From Pooley Bridge to Troutbeck. Had a full backpack w/3 bottles of tailwind, gels, some extra food and clothing. Heavier than it would normally be for a race.

Really good night sleep - 8 hours, woke up 6am by myself, no alarm.

Was a bit worried before yesterday evening - that the run from Ambleside to Coniston might have been sligthly faster/harder than ideal, and if that + the other sessions in the Lakes, would make my legs stiff and sore from the start. But it was thge oposite. I felt really good. All the stiffnes in my calfs that I felt beofre the start yesterday was gone, and I felt positive and happy to get going. A bit later than I wanted really, but the first bus from Troutbeck to Pooley Bridge wasn't until 9:50.
First 20-25km went well, with the first 8km very easy runable - with a small climb, and then the longest climb of the course. Which I always quite enjoy. The run on top of the fells down to the reservoir the same - enjoyable and calm, nice weather. Had forgotten how much I dislike the run alongside the reservoir and into Mardale head though. It is long, boring and I never seem to get into a good rhythm here. The trail start off being really nice, runable single track, but then it just turns into this trail that seem runable when you look at a map, but that changes continously and breaks your stride and rhythm- No real climb but steep annoying little hills. And Mardale head never seems to get any closer.... Very happy when that was over and I could start the climb up to the pass. Was starting to feel it though, and I guess that preivous day(s) were catching up with me and allthough I thought I started of a very comfortable pace in the morning, I had probably gone of slightly too fast. This is the longest I've run in training for quite some time, and with the full packpack added to that, I started to feel a bit sluggish. Kept a decent pace down to the bootom of the valley and across to Kentmere, but the last climb between Kentmere and Troutbeck was hard going. At this point I was quite happy that it was only a few km left. Finished the downhill section and got to the car at about the time I had predicted. So all in all - decent pace and a good day out, but I am definitely not in peak trail shape yet...hahaha. No surprise. But good to be back out for a long run with decent climb again.

I upped my intake of carbs on this run, emptying all three bottles of tailwind (600kcals) and taking a gel every 25mins (Total of 8 - 650kcal), roughly 315kcal pr hour average. So that is approx 75kcal more pr hour than I've done previously on similar training runs and in races. No stomach issues but would this be sustainable for another 10 or even 15 hours? Not sure about that. Also - I was really fed up with the flavour of both the tailwind and the gels (lime and coca cola w/caffein - the last 4) in the end. Need to try different options. Might also opt for the non-flavoured tailwind to see if that feels better. Salt tablet did not arrive before the weeken (got them now) so did not have the chance to try them either.

Even though I felt tired for the last 10-15km, I still enjoyed (most) of the run. And on average for the two days, the pace overall was similar to a 7h30ish min finish, allthuogh the effort was definitely not sustainable for 80km yesterday.

Also tried the Peregrine 10 for this one - to see if they could be an option for longer races. No - definitely not. They are good for shorter trainings but they do rub my acchiles and the side of my ankle a bit, and over time it get quite annoying. Might be better over time - when worn in. But my initial thought is that these will be for shorter 60-90mins training runs.

Sunday May 16 #

8 AM

Long/specific run 2:14:00 [3] 24.3 km (5:31 / km) +831m 4:43 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: Hooka Mafate EVO

Another good night sleep, and despite the shitty weather I was looking forward to this one. Like this leg - first 10ish km super runable, followed by the pretty section over Little Langdale and the final climb across to Coniston.

Prehab exercises before start as usual. Wasn't sure wether to include drills beofre this one or not (being a longer run), but did - just in case. 12mins as usual but not included in the total time above.

Calfs were a bit stiff from the start - prob accumulated from yesterdays session and the hill tempo the day before. Hamstrings were ok though and calfs loosened after a while. Felt quite light and fast and enjoyed going at a reasonable pace - still focusing on not overding the effort and to run comfortably within my comfortzone/RPE 6. Really enjoyed the session and completing the run slightly quicker than planned/thought. Hopefully calfs etc. will feel ok tomorrow. Spent the rest of the day resting and not doing much.

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