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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 1 days ending Jan 25, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike1 30:00 20.2(1:29) 32.51(55)
  Weight training1 10:00
  Total1 40:00 20.2 32.51

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Monday Jan 25, 2010 #


This will be occupying me for days.

It is great when data illustrates the story you know qualitatively. And the more data, the stronger the inferences.

So, the story... this will grow.

It is really the tale of two decades. 2000 I regard as j-man v1. I think it may have been one of my best years ever. And it was a continuation of the 1990s, when I tend to think I was a bit like Johnnie or Ross today (or maybe Ross yesterday)... just teeing it high and letting it fly. I would just sort of uncork it at the start of a race and things would happen. Mostly good enough. In other words, my physical abilities were good enough that I would get through the woods fairly well and do things well without real structured training. My orienteering wasn't super, but it was pretty good. This was the year when I think I got my highest score ever (a 130 or so at Pakim Pond in the summer vegetation.)

And then there was my hiatus after blowing out the butt. I wandered in the wilderness.

I did a few events in 2001, but the injury hadn't abated. 2002 was nothing. And then I started orienteering recreationally in 2003--introducing Dasha to the sport. 2004, especially toward the end, I tried to be a little more competitive and was able to do some cross training. And in 2005, I started training again.

I am glad to see that even with three throw away years, I was still competitive when everything was averaged out. z-man obviously has my number, and on average, should beat me. But, if you take out 2001, 2003, and 2004 my ranking increases by ~3.5 points, and the gap goes away. On the other hand, z-man himself was injured during parts of this decade, so my subsetting may not be applicable.

The numbers corroborate my feeling that 2000 was one of my better years, but 2007 was actually better ranking-wise.

As I was mentioning to Wyatt, since I came back, my orienteering has had a different flavor. I can no longer overpower a course. I'm old, and so is he. Never again will we be able to compete with Greg A or his ilk. Now, guile is our only asset.

Anyway, back on subject. Before looking at the map rankings, I assumed I would have owned FCE. I thought I would be pretty good at HR (but I had the feeling that Zhyk may have overtaken me there.) I also thought I would be good at Washington Crossing. Unfortunately, there are no rankings for the latter.

At FCE, Eddie actually edges me. But, with almost twice the events, my per K time of 7:26 is much better. Considering some of the crap events I've been to at FCE, I'm very happy with that. I will crown myself King of FCE, even if no one deigns to genuflect.

I did edge Zhyk out at HR, but I need to get my mojo back there.

Surprisingly, I also owned Mt. Joy. But, that is mostly the vapors of my old speed.

My best map is Pakim (no doubt owing to that big race), with a score of 123+, just ever so slightly ahead of Wyatt's own 123 at Stuckey. (In both cases, these big scores are at first blush surprising as the average of the scores earned for our individual races are not that high. But, I am guessing that the algorithm must be calibrating the top three per map to average 100 points, per map, rather than overall. That would do it.)

With respect to overall per k times: my 1,074.33 KM were run at 7:52. I guess I'm happy with that. Zhyk's 468.45 KM was slightly faster at 7:42. (Gnatiouk at 7:40 over 152.14 KM is actually the fastest.)

On a per map basis, I get the title at Fatlands, with a 6:18 (to Mihai's 6:33) over 6 events. On more "real maps" Eddie clocks in at a 6:33 at Fair Hill. Still, I think my Washington Crossing times are clearly faster than Fatlands, although there may not be enough to rank.


Maybe one of you html guys can tell me this--why when I drop a table in my AP log do I get so much space before (especially) and after?




Maybe I'll bite the bullet and get a GPS when this is available.

Bike 30:00 [3] 20.2 mi (1:29 / mi)

Berkeley and Hume.

Level 9 hills.

Weight training 10:00 [2]

Some fooling around.

Too bad I am not really training now, because I discovered another scintillating routine to add to my repertoire. [Hint: BOSU balls]

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