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Training Log Archive: Vector

In the 7 days ending Oct 18, 2021:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Radio Orienteering4 5:29:29 17.4(18:56) 28.0(11:46) 3005c
  Total4 5:29:29 17.4(18:56) 28.0(11:46) 3005c

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Saturday Oct 16, 2021 #

Radio Orienteering race 2:18:58 [3] *** 10.0 km (13:54 / km)
shoes: X-Talon 212

US ARDF Champs - Foxoring day. I hauled in a great groove for the 1st two TXs. Then the 3rd one I couldn't pick up the signal at all, and that my friends was the end!

The frequencies of the transmitters were not the same as what was posted in the bulletins and what was modeled in the model event. After scouring the area for many minutes I visually found the transmitter (#125). I stood less than 10 feet from it and still couldn't hear the signal... just a low hum/buzz. So I figured, oh well, must just be a bad TX, so I went off navigating to the next one. Once again I got to the control circle and absolutely no signal at all received! Then I started doubting my navigation. So I went off on a safety bearing to double check, re-attack the control circle, and bam, wound up in the exact same spot. Still nothing. Went in a different direction and re-attacked again... still nothing. No signal at all!! I tried changing frequencies a little above and below about 5 off both directions, still nothing. Just like #125 I was trying everything... changing attenuation, changing the fox power setting, changing frequency a little, etc... nothing. So then I went way out to the big trail and reattacked again.... still no signal and scoured the area again and finally found the transmitter, only because I *saw* it, but still no signal. Again as I got closer I picked up a low hum and that was it. No beeps. Triple checked all the receiver settings but still nothing... until I cranked the frequency all the way up to 3580+ and then I finally heard the signal beeps and could pick it up from a reasonable Fox-O-type distance. So the 1st 2 TXs that I found so quickly were transmitting as advertised on 3579.0, but others were on 3580+ ... and *that* is what ended what should have been a great day of Fox-O for me.

So obviously very disappointed and frustrated with this result. I ended up deciding to take advantage of the training value of just more casually completing the rest of the course despite having just spent an hour or so looking for 3580 TXs on 3579 and really enjoyed the orienteering aspect, another superb course from David Waller. Really enjoyed seeing some of the cool boulder features out there. Pretty deflated knowing how good I could have done today if only the TXs were on the advertised frequency.. but also took away a lesson learned I will never forget that I shouldn't be afraid to crank tuning up or down quite a ways from the advertised frequency if I ever get to a circle again and still don't hear the signal. Was happy to know I wasn't the only one that had this issue and that after checking it was confirmed some of the TXs were not on 3579, but seems like everyone else somehow figured it out and readjusted pretty quickly while I was troubleshooting other reasons like my navigation.

Ending on a positive note it was wonderful to see everyone at the pizza and awards get together. I was just elated to finally see US ARDF Champs back in action and that we were all able to have an enjoyable week out on the woods. A much needed break from the grind and kick in the rear for fitness! So many thanks to BOK and everyone who helped make it happen. Very much looking forward to the 2022 US ARDF Champs which looks to be only 6 months away!

(have no idea how far I ran/walked, so 10k is a guess)

Friday Oct 15, 2021 #

Radio Orienteering race 1:57:05 [5] ***** 10.0 km (11:43 / km) +300m 10:11 / km
5c shoes: Inov8 X-Talon 212 CL

US ARDF Champs - 144 MHz Classic. Bounced back from yesterday's debacle with a win for the gold today. 2nd consecutive M40 gold in US Champs 144 MHz Classic. Started out terrible, lots of chaos for me...spent too much time in the soup bowl of reflections down low. Was extremely frustrated and had all kinds of problems deciphering what was going on. But after I finally hit #1 I stayed higher on the terrain and clawed back. At least had the wisdom to save #3 for last since it was one of the few things I could figure out early on. So went to 2 then 4. Coming out of 4 I utilized the far west trail to transit to the other side of the map and to get to #3 vicinity which worked great and ran hard. Kept fast pace rest of the run through #3 and finish. It was a grueling, physical, challenging and technical run, definitely the toughest 144 MHz Classic I've had so far. Was just happy to have found all the TXs!

Thursday Oct 14, 2021 #

Radio Orienteering race 28:26 [3] **** 4.0 km (7:07 / km)
shoes: X-Talon 212

US ARDF Champs Sprint. Screwed up a couple times. Didn't pay enough attn to map thus bad sequence that involved backtracking on the slow loop. Then in the 2nd loop I lost track which ones I had already punched, so doubled up on 5, but somehow forgot 4...epic fail. Gravy was losing my car key fob somewhere out there...colossal problem. On plus side weather was nice and so great to see people haven't seen for far too long.

Tuesday Oct 12, 2021 #

Radio Orienteering 45:00 [3] **** 4.0 km (11:15 / km)
shoes: North Face Ultra

ARDF Champs training day 2. Sprint practice. First group of 5 TXs was a total disaster, I just struggled to make sense of it all, chalking it up to not having done it for 2 years. Second loop of 5 TXs I got in a groove and even had a good maybe I just needed to knock the rust off. Sprint has always been chaos to me, but felt much better on second loop. Nice weather...wish it would stay this way rest of week but forecast says another heat spell.

In other news our ARDF Team USA uniforms are here and they look great. Only problem is they don't fit great lol.

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