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Training Log Archive: ZachJ

In the 7 days ending May 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 5:05:37 32.06(9:32) 51.6(5:55) 1594
  Hiking1 3:10:14 6.84(27:48) 11.01(17:17) 754
  Cycling1 1:10:20 15.18(12.9/h) 24.43(20.8/h) 442
  Strength & Conditioning2 36:00
  Total9 10:02:11 54.08 87.03 2790

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Saturday May 18 #

11 AM

Running 9:29 [3] 1.84 km (5:10 / km)


Running 1:39:40 [3] 15.56 km (6:24 / km) +865m 5:01 / km

Goat Fell Race - 13th ?

Ridiculous 4am start to head up to ardrossan for the ferry to Arran for goat fell race. Was meant to head lakewards with Adam but postponed as he was ill. However, this meant goat fell and a big hill day were in store. Decided Tuesday on this alternative, which seemed a good idea to test the leg pre Jura and cram a shorter race effort in to remind the legs of what the craic is. Also a all time race in itself.

Poor short anxious sleep aside felt surprisingly OK in the drive up, just glad the weekend had finally arrived and wa feeling OK and ready to go. Legs were alright yesterday and following registration on the 9.45 ferry (such a cool element of the race getting your number on the ferry) and some excited chat with Ben and some Carnethy lads before goatfell came out of the mist and everyone was getting heads in the game. Red hot already was not a good sign and only 10am.

Short warm up, few poos and get changed then ready to roll. Important not to set off too quickly on first 2k Road section, told myself no quicker than 3.45s which we did, but I hindsight that's a bit quick for just coming off injury and the start of the race..
Was thoroughly hot when we hit the left turn up through the woods, still with Ben at this point and felt comfortable that I could hopefully stay with him. This was not to be, after the deer fence he just kept on the button and I was cooking in the heat, a lead that kept extending and I had little to respond with, impressive dtuff. Was drenched In sweat, starting sipping on the approx 100ml electrolytes had taken within first half hour, not good sign, and took gel just before steep section. Steep section was pure torture, legs jelly and couldn't fathom having to come back down safely, passed ben probs 4 mins from the summit on his descent. Fairly busy on the whole route but all good vibes from everyone. Touched the trig and turned to have surprisingly OK legs or at least had thought, managed to take the rough chute 'shortcut' just down from the summit then got to work trying not to get passed. All fluids gone at this point and stopped sweating which is a worrying sign always, sticky all over, also stomach cramp / stitch thing. A few near tumbles through inability to lift the legs but managed to get back to the bridge in tact to dunk the hat & head, delicious. Run back to the road was pure torture, legs were giving in and looking down could see just 2 sticks carrying me. Someone shouted 13 & 14 somewhere mid descent which took worrying long to figure out they meant position, took that as a slight boost and aimed to clutch 13th. Glad to hit the road though not for long as the legs were about to cave, really not sure have had to suffer like that before, had to let up In fear of wobbling over, not an ounce left, relieved to hit the last lap of field with nobody chasing, thank fuck its over.

Pleased with performance, couldn't expect much more after a month off running, hopefully can recover well for next weekend

So so near heat stroke, definitely some other casualties! Many many drinks and cake later piss was still brown, Ben also struggling with the shits haha. Monged outside for a long while before braving the beach and a smash burger and chips with Ben, the others gone off to marshall for SIPR. Then a lovely swim looking over goat fell, reminiscing on a great weekend already.
Then got a Chinese because why not, couple of punk ipas, stroll along the beach to find a camp spot before a little skinny dip in the high tide clear waters.
Nothing beats Scottish Island summer, this is livin'.

Friday May 17 #

5 PM

Running 29:12 [3] 5.19 km (5:38 / km) +49m 5:22 / km

Little shake out because why not, just to get the dogs out round the kirk syke short loop

Thursday May 16 #

6 PM

Strength & Conditioning 16:00 [3]

Core session

Wednesday May 15 #

5 PM

Running 50:05 [3] 9.34 km (5:22 / km) +145m 4:59 / km
shoes: Salomon sense ride 5 pinks

Random little sesh, was thinking gym stepper session but couldn't be bothered to drive there and this meant could take dags

5 x 2 mins on track next to tarn, by feel, trying to remind the legs of turning over quickly (~3.35-3.25s) then 3 x hard up and down to the 4th telegraph pole on great close scar. Approx 1:50 total each

Have lost all speed! Legs still tired from past few days of return to running and phys, but if was going to get something in then had to be today with goatfell now on ze cards for Saturday. Feel pretty pooped, hopefully just from the intensity and will be good after some resting, not the start of some cold, but always get anxious about that in the days before so just being silly.. Let the late taper begin.

Buzzing, somehow bagged 2 Scottish Island weekends on the trot. Real shame adam was ill so lakes was off, but nice to have this alternative

6 PM

Strength & Conditioning 20:00 [3]

Physio exercises - 3ish sets each

Kicks and knee raises with band
Kick backs both varieties
Some body weight calf raises
Wide stance plyos

Tuesday May 14 #

5 PM

Running 1:14:16 [3] 12.06 km (6:10 / km) +373m 5:20 / km
shoes: Salomon sense ride 5 pinks

Legs minced and sore but good to get them moving, up gordale adjacent then along tarn Rd and up pikedaw, trying to open up on the descent to get some confidence back. HR quite high though was trying to go easy. In the new pink salomons!

Monday May 13 #

1 PM


Physio - final session

Pitched up expecting a wreckfest and wasn't disappointed. More getting compromised with weights and then running hard to see if strong enough to maintain good running form, he was pleased which is good, have got a lot stronger over the last month (hamstrings, glutes, stabilisers etc) so apparently was looking good.
Lots of weighted (15kg then 20kg then 25kg) plyo squat jumps which were murder, into 1 min mid-hard runs at 5% grade, then drop set band kickbacks and leg extension on the weight machine super heavy into weighted runs with ankle weights and wrist weights, then burpees and pull ups with mega weight vest into a 2 min hard run. Brutal, didn't vom but was ruined by half way through!
Felt like I was doing that latest fitness trend Hyrox, yuck, hate to say it. Anyway no doubt it was good stuff, have had mega DOMS ever since, 2 days on. Should keep this up really, conditioning the whole body and running when tired.
Really pleased with progress, asked for some ankle strengthening exercises after so going to start a resistance band exercise rotation to do to keep the weaknesses at bay and hopefully become bomb proof.
At the start of physio I was questioning the value as seemed to be getting drafted into expensive coaching, but really ought to have trusted from the start, he's made me a stronger runner for sure even if it might take a few weeks or month to get the speed back, which is great.
6 PM

Running 42:55 [3] 7.62 km (5:38 / km) +161m 5:06 / km
shoes: Salomon sense ride 5 blues

Evening plod to Malham to exercise the dogs, post physio legs wrecked.
Big run in with a farmer about his cows and calves, never been shouted out so loudly, despite me doing literally what the countryside code says and having them off the lead when there's cows so you don't get mown down, i responded fairly calmly i think with that. Silly twat just put them elsewhere not in the smallest field in the whole of the dales literally on the pennine way national trail with a water trough right by the gate so nobody can get through without upsetting them. He owns most of the hillside so dunno why they had to be in there. Went back out and took a detour path but not everyone knows about that path and obviously people walking the pennine way are literally there to walk on the PW so what are they gonna do. Try applying to the national park authority for detouring the PW so you can have 2 calves in the field and nobody allowed to go through, you'll be told to shove it.
He was clearly was a bit nervous and tetchy as he said you'll get hit and end up suing me, obvs was aware of other cases up in N Dales where people have been mown down by cows on a path, sued the farmer and won. But.. at the end of the day, what message should that give him, their right to walk on the path trumps his right to put dangerous stock there, the law clearly sees that so it's his own responsibility not to take risks. Especially calves, cows are fine they'll usually just move out the way and easy to shoo but cows with calves are completely different beasts, he knows that so why do it, your own risk

Anyway whatcha gonna do, grumpy old bastards, wasn't gonna rant but here we are lol, pleasant run anyway if HR fairly high after that

Sunday May 12 #

9 AM

Hiking 3:10:14 [3] 11.01 km (17:17 / km) +754m 12:52 / km
shoes: Salomon sense ride 5 blues

Early as we could get to the lakes after sorting horses so all we had time for, very pleasant and roasty toasty walk up to Alcock Tarn from Rydal water car park, then joining ridge over heron pike, up to great Rigg and back down stone Arthur. Grreeeaaattt to be back in the lakes, all high fells looks delicious on the horizon, yummy yes please. Good to get the legs moving as well, felt fine really, we were just yomping

Followed by lovely smokehouse afternoon tea at low wood in Ambleside
5 PM

Cycling 1:10:20 [3] 24.43 km (20.8 kph) +442m

Good spin up round the tarn, tunes on, legs felt strong, tanning, sublime

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