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Training Log Archive: ZachJ

In the 7 days ending May 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 11:53:17 49.94(14:17) 80.38(8:52) 4272
  Cycling1 50:12 8.22(9.8/h) 13.23(15.8/h) 176
  Total6 12:43:29 58.17(13:08) 93.61(8:09) 4448

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Saturday May 25 #

10 AM

Running 7:54 [3] 1.28 km (6:11 / km)

Wup jog

Running 3:53:54 [3] 27.94 km (8:22 / km) +2238m 5:59 / km

Jura 2024

Was pretty nervous this week going into it, not for the leg though as post goatfell weekend it felt fine and no pain, but mostly for the want of not having a 4:XX Jura on the resume ;)

Took Thursday and Friday off bar the stressful 5 1/2 hour race up to the ferry at Kennacraig, and the cycle to craigy. Made it in time, just, and bagged the last car space available, had we not we'd have been fucked. Bikes were waaay overladen but at least we'd be on the right island and would be able to get to Craighouse somehow, if they were to fail. Vibes excellent at the ferry port and on arrival at Feolin, lots of racers biking in, few people I recognise (monsters) but no doubt don't know me! Easy pootle over to craigy to find a rammed campsite so took the only spot left on a beachy rocky patch, not bad.

Slept surprisingly OK, probs ~6 hours, had forgotten gas so scranned a cold porridge pot and half a bacon butty + coffee and the nerves crept in seeing some familiar carnethy faces and others, stacked field!! Brief warm up then lined up with Nic from the harriers. Set off reasonable pace hard to compare to last year, settled in behind first lady and Andy Lamont, lungs took a while to catch up, felt fairly hard but stayed with them with lots of power hiking, was a bit nervous as think he went 4:XX last year so perhaps I needed to pick it up later (not that people cant get quicker..).... off the first pip just let go and felt great descending, though stomach churning and bit not looking forward to having to take on fuel. Pulled away quite easy on the descent, though couldn't bridge to the group in front and in the mist on Pip 2 coming off took a questionable line and had I not spotted some guy from Ambleside way off left would have been in a real pickle, map wasn't helpful and didn't know which was I was facing. Ran off left to follow him and he said I'd caused 'absolute chaos' at the summit, whoops! Probs lost 1 min max, then just stayed on his tail and then pushed on up pip 3 as it was just out the mist and could see the obvious line down to the col, rough descent but felt OK and filled a flask at the burn. Got stuck in up first pap, slammed a gel which went down fine then half a crunchie to make sure, think legs felt better than last year, long old climb!! Was eyeing the watch and time was creeping over 1:40, thought uh oh maybe the pips were way slower but thankfully clocked summit at ~1:45, fine but on the edge!

Descent uneventful and easy to follow thankfully, if fairly rough! Heading up 2nd could see Max Wainwright working hard behind which was a boost, had another gel and kept sipping, felt like was moving quite well and topped out in good time, though couldn't remember the splits now for shit so was basically clueless from then on, but felt like was probs OK. Again was in no mans land on the summit in clag but just off the summit was clear and spotted the higher trod off that I missed last year, was following Rhys Finlay Robinson which was great feeling (names that were once at the business end, even if theyre not currently), compared to last year absolutely nailed that line, didn't faff about dropping way off right. Gave a great mental boost and started off up the third in pursuit of him, though mainly just wanted to keep momentum. Sadly dropped my cap somewhere here, lost to the paps, turns out if you take a cap from the paps, the paps take one right back. Had a club bar as plenty of racing left and anxious only had 2 beta gels left, dug deep to hit the summit. Clocked it in ?? And started wobbling down the scree, inner hamstrings cramping now which was bad bad news, tried to stretch them out but difficult while you're skating down vertical scree, so had a beta fuel in the hope the electrolytes might sort it. Took some interesting lines, not convinced there is a way down without hitting some big boulders, but found the traverse path and could see Colm in the distance in the bog to Corra Bhein. Caught him quite quickly to see he was fucked, must have been in a bad way as dropped relatively quickly going up the climb, thought probs likely to get caught on the descent anyway from what I've heard! Asked the Ambleside geez from earlier if he thought we could make it home in the hour we had left to get under 4, he said the rule is to hit Corra summit in 3:10-3:15, get to three arch for 3:36, then 24 mins home. Thank christ we topped out to some bagpipes around 3:06, game on. Bloody thankful to have had the extra time as legs were minced. Hobbled off the summit at medium pace and tried to revive a bit, another gel to test the stomach and get it digesting before the road, taken by Max W who was on a mission. Tried not to finish myself on the bog traverse to the bridge, but hard not to in that soul sapping bog, heard a few moans from fellow comrades, came high rather than next to the small pond and hit the bridge at 3.30 ish, spot on, a nice cushion but not to be faffed with.
Great to have Caitlin join on the bike to pace, I thought set off OK but felt tough as chuff, looked at the watch quite early which reckoned 5.30 pace, YUCK surely not, then later said 4.18s so was relieved.. dug deep but perhaps not as deep as last year as it wasn't quite so tight, but knew a PB was on so did keep pushing. Grim metal temporary roads were bouncy and required concentration which was taxing, probs slowed a bit last km but cruised it home, thank fuck.

Really pleased, conditions were good and probs took better lines, bar the pips, obvs been injured and wasn't running for a month but think the cycling (and physio strengthening stuff) paid off dividends, endurance seems to have held well, and learnt a lot which needs to inform future practice. Without injury think it could have gone quicker but feels really positive to be supposedly in better shape than last year off a 'worse' block of training. Though, perhaps came in fresher this year. Ben said despite injury, surely will just be quicker this year, think he's right, it's just another year in the mileage bank, and a big year if looking back from now, even if some minor setbacks, just building that base as the years go on, conditioning. Had some lower moments last month, if brief and not really called for since could still exercise (in hindsight a month is nothing, really nothing, and a small price in reality for the knowledge have hopefully gained through the physio teaching resilience and improved form, let's call it a net positive) but great to be able to bring it back and now can start bringing back up the mileage but with renewed respect for the sport and the joy it brings, knowledge of the importance of strength & conditioning In getting 'bulletproof', and the need for patience!!

Great stuff, fucking love the tains

Excessive write up really

Friday May 24 #

9 PM

Cycling 50:12 [3] 13.23 km (15.8 kph) +176m

Delicious pootle along from Feolin to Craighouse with Caitlin on the bikes. Good vibes with others also making the late pedal pilgrimage. Undulating, good to spin the legs following a long long afternoon travelling. Midges!!!

Wednesday May 22 #


Jura game plan

Aim for sub 4, gasping for another whiskey glass, though think PB is surely unlikely, would be nice but have had a month off the good stuff so..

Having looked at my splits last year, I don't think it's reasonable to go off those as I seemed to close really well from the summit of last pap, so if aimed to hit last pap at same time, is highly unlikely would be able to close in the same time and thus would miss the sub 4. Think this because had put in a fair block last year with lots of longer stuff (three peaks, then 65k 4000m bob support 2 weeks out, another 30k weekend before), to be honest I think came into it lil cooked and had no pep on the ascents so if I can come fresher this year then there's possibility, but last year just had that endurance which probs don't have this year.

Averaging the pap split times of everyone who went 3:45-4hrs (not including S Dixon and D Ashwood as they were way ahead but slowed after last pap to aid a fallen soldier, but still ended up in this time bracket) gives the following splits to aim for before an all out dash to corra bheinn and to the finish. Also not considering times to hit the pips as cba to get that far in my own head and start stressing that early in the race, its either on the cards or it's not, by the first pap. Calculated using minutes only and rounded down for each person's split

First pap - 1:40
Second pap - 2:12
Third pap - 2:38

Yikes, seeing as I was 1:46, 2:18, 2:46 respectively last year, though those split goals are averaged using folks times who ran ~3:46ish so are on the quick side anyway. Also did still make it after 2:46 on last one so shouldn't panic anyway but I think better chance if got more time to spare on the road

Let's see it eh
5 PM

Running 1:09:38 [3] 11.73 km (5:56 / km) +265m 5:20 / km

Pissing rain but needed this, to Malham along river then road to Janet's and back along pennine way, 5x1 min hard hill efforts just to spice the legs, still feeling the weekend miles but couple days off to freshen, hopefully. Drenched.

Good sleep so woke fresher

Tuesday May 21 #

5 PM

Running 49:33 [3] 8.56 km (5:47 / km) +112m 5:26 / km
ahr:146 max:167

Woke with sore throat, went away throughout the day mostly, think just took the fatigue time to properly set in after the weekend hence delay. Was think if to do any intensity this week should be today but best not. Settled for shorter easy loop, Haw Crags, pleasant.

Monday May 20 #

5 PM

Running 31:47 [3] 5.15 km (6:10 / km) +109m 5:35 / km

Plod to Malham to exercise dogs, then dog walk there. Legs rogered, body gone from the weekend

Sunday May 19 #

8 AM

Running 5:20:31 [3] 25.71 km (12:28 / km) +1547m 9:35 / km

Another incredible hill day

Been eyeing A'Chir ridge since the great cycle scramble tour. Arran is not an island often sought out alone so all lined up perfectly with the forecast being clear and warm, bluebird!!

We'd considered rope and harnesses for the recommended abseil but carrying these wasn't so easy so we binned them off in the cars before the ferry and hoped for the best! After another early wake (5.30, slept OK but not great) and some faff packing down the tents swamped by midges, we stashed the packs in ze woods and plodded up into Glen Rosa.

Potential golden eagle sighting though more likely just a buzzard, lifted the twitching spirits, possibly a whitethroat too? Long climb up to Ben Nuis took a while to settle in, both feeling completely cooked and legs with little to give. Ringtail Hen Harrier though most likely seen around the summit, makes sense as was a fair Heather cover so perhaps nesting up there, awesome!! Stunning views up towards A'Chir and the Sannox Horseshoe, of Goatfell as well, all in perfect connys.

Half a soggy BLT to lift spirits before A'Chir, overall was a really fun ridge, interesting on the granite, not like anything have been on before. Pretty exposed in places, but broken up with sections of walking so you could regain composure! Really cool doing the airy step, then we had a wee moment at the diving board, took the 'some meters back' and down climbed to what looked like a grassy ledge, turned out where it meant was like 15m back where there was an easier downclimb to a bigger grassy ledge that led to the gangway, Ben had traversed right along to it to look anyway and thankfully found it as I thought we were fucked. We slithered down the rock gangway and struggled down the final move to gain the col. Awesome, so cool, some proper exposure too, all the guidebooks say more so than aonach eagach, which might be true, though its brief!

Both feeling fairly wrecked but made sense to make the out and back to Caisteal Abhail and finish the Arran Corbetts so ditched the packs at the col and yomped up, coming across a lovely clear spring almost immediately which was absolutely delightful, a real treat to purse the chops into some fresh mountain agua pouring straight out the granite. Fucking delicious and muchos required as we were cooking! Fun if brief scramble to gain the summit then back down to the spring for some more sips before last climb to Cir Mhor. Were originally contemplating goatfell link in but prospect of the goatfell descent again wasn't appealing and time wise nah. Instead binned it back down Glen Rosa from the saddle in search of a swim spot. Had eyed a deep chasm earlier by the bridge but it was rammed with punters so found a nice deep pool higher up, what dreams are made of, crystal clear waters with views extending up the Glen to the Arran Corbetts. The perfect mountain experience.

Yomp back to the bags was true B n Z style, legs gone but having to run the last couple K despite walking all day. Walk back along the beach via water fountain on the 13th tee, and a fat boy pizza before the ferry home.

A perfect end to a perfect weekend, and the perfect reintroduction to the hills post injury. Weather was... perfect! Company too, and outta nowhere. Cheers

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