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Training Log Archive: Aky04

In the 7 days ending Jun 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hike3 17:45:52 42.57(25:02) 68.51(15:33) 3918
  Run6 5:25:06 39.6(8:13) 63.73(5:06) 1803
  Total9 23:10:58 82.17(16:56) 132.24(10:31) 5721
averages - sleep:8.6

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Sunday Jun 9 #

1 PM

Run (Trail) 1:38:33 [4] 18.28 km (5:23 / km) +886m 4:20 / km

Bed by 12, fell asleep quickly and woke up naturally at 9ish.

Porridge with berries and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast.

Waited for the to digest then headed out for the 90 min hilly run. Bit nervous for this run before hand. I always find the first few times of a new session the hardest to judge and with coming off the weird training for the last week I didn't know where I was going to be.

Had my racevest full of the required kit for the Buttermere race. 2 snickers bars and 2 blueberry bars with 500ml of water. I have had no issues with the SIS gels and thinking of using something else for most of the training sessions to save money.

Route was up and down the moor 3 times from the Grove road. Had the prescribed effort levels in my head and tried to stick to that. 1st climb had a bit of technical terrain but able to run pretty much all of it. Heavens opened and I got soaked, with the strong wind I was starting to get cold. luckily the rain passed and I warmed back up.

Descent into the town was more technical than I thought it would be, essentially a mountain bike path most of the way, good training on the uneven ground. Back up the same way for the 2nd climb, walking the steeper ramps but probably ran 70% of it. Down that way again and then up the more road/ light trail way up to the top for the last one.

This is the climb I have been doing the LT hills on, nice to run it slightly slower and was feeling strong going up it. Happy with how my legs were feeling.

Stomach didn't like the bars as much but able to eat them all. Pleased with that session, good mixture of terrain and conditions. Definitely see why I need to recce the race so I know the effort and terrain needed for these runs.

Protein shake, 2 bananas, leftover pizza for lunch.

Chicken stir fry for tea.

Saturday Jun 8 #

4 PM

Run (Road) 52:32 [1] 10.0 km (5:15 / km) +238m 4:42 / km

Bed by 1, fell asleep quickly and slept through till 10:30. Good restful night sleep.

Porridge with berries and 2 cups of coffee for breakfast.

Chill morning unpacking from the week. Headed for a road loop round the town. Left hip was a bit stiff to start with but I kept it really easy and it loosened up throughout the run. Glad it was better today.

Protein shake, 2 bananas after.

Pasta and mixed veg for lunch.

Lazed about for the rest of the day, nice to have some downtime after last weekend and the week.

Homemade meatfeast pizza for tea.
7 PM

Run (Trail) 31:20 [1] 5.2 km (6:02 / km) +195m 5:04 / km

Easy loop halfway up the moor and back down, again keeping it really easy for the left hip. Feeling much better.

Friday Jun 7 #

7 PM

Run (Road) 1:03:23 [3] 13.24 km (4:47 / km) +248m 4:23 / km
slept:8.5 shoes: ON Cloudsurfer

Bed by 12, slept through till 8. Good night sleep.

Porridge with 3 eggs and 4 sausages for breakfast.

Packed up and left the cottage. Drove 3 1/2 hours back to my parents house. Worked from there for 2 hours and then drove 1 1/2 back to Ilkley. Finished the work day.

Sausages and rice for lunch.

Headed out on a run, felt really good and poppy to start with. Pushed the pace too much and started to feel it. My left hip got quite uncomfortable to the end. My own fault, legs felt good after the few days off and I was listening to Ennio Morricone which sped me up. Going to take it much easier tomorrow.

Chicken stir fry for tea.

Thursday Jun 6 #

10 AM

Hike (Hill Team Checking) 3:59:57 [2] 18.01 km (13:19 / km) +668m 11:14 / km

Bed by 12:30, was working on the website later than I had planned too. Made some good headway though. Fell asleep quickly, slept through till 8.

Porridge with maple syrup, 3 eggs and 4 sausages for breakfast. Got packed and headed out.

Shorter route today, easier terrain as well. Feeling good, no fatigue to speak of from these days which is nice. We were in the overnight camp valley today, amazing location for it.

Feeling sleepy on the drive back to the cottage. Worked in the afternoon.

Lamb, potatoes and veg for tea.

Wednesday Jun 5 #

10 AM

Hike (Hill Team Checking) 6:57:12 [2] 26.56 km (15:42 / km) +1587m 12:06 / km

Went to bed at 11:30, slept soundly through to 8.

Porridge with golden syrup, 3 eegs and 3 sausages with 2 cups of coffee for breakfast.

Drove 45 minutes to the area for today. Other side of the peak we were working on yesterday. Weather started off nice, but the wind picked up and the rain/ hail and snow came in. Better prepared with my layers today and was able to keep my self warm. Terrain was trickier today, slower going. Felt strong throughout and climbing well. Nailed the nav again. Saw a fox and a lot of deer. It's a great area for the OMM, alot of varied terrain and nav challenges.

Long day out on the hill, got back to the house after 6. Had 3 scones and some slices of lemon cake with a cuppa.

Legs arn't really feeling fatigued from these days, just wondering how this will affect my running

Lamb with veg and potatoes for tea. Ice cream for pudding.

Tuesday Jun 4 #

10 AM

Hike (Hill Team Checking) 6:48:43 [2] 23.94 km (17:04 / km) +1663m 12:40 / km

Went to bed at 12, fell asleep quickly and slept through to my alarm at 8. Decent night sleep.

Porridge, 3 eggs and 4 sausages with 2 cups of coffee for breakfast.

Got my stuff packed and headed out for the first day on the hill. Surprisingly cold out there.

Did the route with my dad as Dave didn't want people going solo on the hill. Was hoping to do a mixture of running/ hiking but it ended up being a hike.

Long day out with frequent bad weather rolling in. Just had enough clothing to keep me warm, not used to moving that slowly in the hills. Had plenty of food and water. Terrain was very slow going, tussocks, peat hags, craggy and rocky ground. Happy with my nav though, pretty much nailed all the checkpoints. Saw a baby deer and picked up a 11 pointer stag skull.

2 slices of lemon cake and a cup of tea when we got back.

Chicken pesto with veg for tea, taking the opportunity to load up on food. Chocolate cake with cream for pudding.

Monday Jun 3 #

12 PM

Run (Road) 33:41 [2] 7.41 km (4:33 / km) +45m 4:25 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: Puma Deviate Nitro

Bed by 12, slept well and nice to be back in a bed after the last 3 nights camping. Woke up at 9:30.

Croissants and 2 bananas with 2 cups of coffee for breakfast. WFH in the morning and tied up some work outstanding from the weekend.

Road run at lunch, nice and easy and moving well. Haven't run that loop in 2+ years, nice to see/ feel the progression I have made since then.

Sausages and eggs for lunch. Then my Dad and I set off to Scotland for the hill week. 3 1/2 drive to the place for the week.

Went out for a second run to shake out the legs.

Chilli and rice for tea, Strawberry and rhubarb crumble with custard for pudding.
6 PM

Run (Trail) 45:37 [3] 9.6 km (4:45 / km) +191m 4:19 / km
shoes: Puma Deviate Nitro

Run out on some of the trails round the house, nice undulating terrain. Felt a bit low of power on the climbs and not moving as smoothly. Did 4 strideouts, decent pace/ feeling on these. Left hip got slightly tight on the last one so called it there.

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