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Training Log Archive: OJ

In the 29 days ending Feb 29, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering17 23:40:02 149.13(9:31) 240.0(5:55)459 /518c88%
  Running24 18:05:59 118.68 191.0
  Climbing2 2:00:00
  Track session2 1:05:00 8.08(8:03) 13.0(5:00)
  Circuits1 40:00
  Swimming7 12:10
  Total28 45:43:11 275.89 444.0459 /518c88%

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Friday Feb 29, 2008 #

Orienteering 2:03:00 [3] **** 22.0 km (5:35 / km)

Made the most of the year's extra training day. Bloody tough course - 19kms straight line on Tomvaigh, Anagach and some other bits. Small mass start with Jamie and Duncan, ran together most of the way but gradually split over the last few kms. A bit of gaffling to keep us on our toes and plenty of rough heather. Now I'm tired.

Running 7:00 [2] 1.0 km (7:00 / km)

Thursday Feb 28, 2008 #

Orienteering 45:00 [4] **** 8.0 km (5:38 / km)

'Downhill' course on Creaglechie (sp.). Brutally tough heather but a great area with a bit of open moorland descending into norwegian-esque forest on a slope. Ran moderately hard and tried to stay in control on the slope. Great views from the start.

Running 30:00 [2] 4.0 km (7:30 / km)

A bit of warm up jogging then a slow jog/hike up the hill to the start. Not much warm down.

Orienteering 1:10:00 [3] **** 8.0 km (8:45 / km)

Night session on Gaich. Wanted to run as easy as possible and nail all the controls. Failed on both counts - the terrain was too tough for a really easy run and I made a stack of mistakes, which ranged from a few seconds to several minutes. We finished into an area of mid-green full of rock features, where I spent a long time hunting for mini markers without reflectors. It became a great challenge just to finish...good to have a session like this every so often I suppose. Stops you from getting too cocky.

Running 5:00 [2] 1.0 km (5:00 / km)

Short warm up with Speaky, too broken to warm down.

Wednesday Feb 27, 2008 #

Orienteering 25:00 [5] *** 5.0 km (5:00 / km)

Sprint prologue and final in a forest park in Forres. Very hilly and physical, both starting with a steep climb that plunged me straight into oxygen debt. Made some mistakes on both with the biggest being missing out a control in the final. Hmmm, better to do it in training I suppose.

Running 25:00 [2] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)

Warm up and warm down.

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3] ***** 10.0 km (6:00 / km)

Lossie control pick after a relaxing lunch break in Tescos. Ran steady and tried to nail everything - mostly successful with a brief period of incompetance in the middle. Great terrain, although tough in places especially with tired legs.

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2] 3.0 km (6:40 / km)

Some easy jogging on the trails.

Tuesday Feb 26, 2008 #

Orienteering 30:00 [5] ***** 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

Trains on Deisher at 1:15, which meant really fiddly map reading. 3 x approx 1.8km, each about 10 mins. The pace really wound up on the last one as we all streamed along in Ewan's wake on a crazy down hill train.

Running 30:00 [2] 4.0 km (7:30 / km)

Warm up and warm down plus some easy jogging between trains.

Orienteering 45:00 [3] **** 8.0 km (5:38 / km)

Loch Vaa, cruisy session trying to take nice lines and stay in good control. Pretty wet, windy and wild this arvo.

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2] 3.0 km (6:40 / km)

A bit of jogging about before and not much after.

Monday Feb 25, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3] ***** 9.0 km (6:40 / km)

Long and pretty relaxing train journey up to Aviemore, then right in at the deep end with a night session of Docharn. Ran at a steady pace but still found this technically very hard, and even made one 6min+ mistake. A tough start to the week...

Running 10:00 [2] 2.0 km (5:00 / km)

Some warming up. Legs and body still feeling fatigued from Sat.

Sunday Feb 24, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [4] **** 10.0 km (6:00 / km)

Shadowed Matt H around Brimham rocks regional event. Nice area, nice course and Matt ran pretty well with just a couple of mistakes.

Running 30:00 [2] 5.0 km (6:00 / km)

Warm up and then went to check out a couple of legs in the warm down.

Saturday Feb 23, 2008 #

Running race 37:18 [5] 11.0 km (3:23 / km) vdot: 63.4

National xc champs at Alton towers. Watched all the junior girls crying and miserably clutching their stomachs after their races as we arrived - I can empathise with them after my own race. Pretty good course with 3 laps including one very big hill, and very firm grass. I pushed a bit too hard on the middle lap and the last 15 mins was a truly miserable experience as I exploded and people came streaming past. Probably didn't put me far off my par result, but it was not a nice way to run the race! The crowning moment of shame came as I had to walk the last strides of the final hill climb, with Jubby shouting me on - he even captured the moment on film. Some good Hallamshire results with Rob in 69th and our 9 man team finishing a solid 10th. I was 177th, a few places lower than last year, but admittedly in a much bigger and stronger field this time around.

Running 35:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:50 / km)

Warm up and not such a long warm down. My stomach was twisted in knots!

Friday Feb 22, 2008 #

Running 20:00 [2] 3.0 km (6:40 / km)

Easy jog to clear my head before my viva, which went well!

Thursday Feb 21, 2008 #

Running 1:30:00 [2] 14.0 km (6:26 / km)

Around town checking out questions for ShAFF II next weekend. Out for over 2hrs but spent a lot of time standing around. I reckon it will be good - Decathlon are stumping up some decent prizes. Does anyone fancy a Sat am mass start race around like last year?

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:20:00 [2] 10.0 km (8:00 / km)

Hanging tapes for the Vasteras training weekend on Burbage. Beautiful morning for it with a dense fog in the valleys and a thick hoar frost that made everything look like it was made of glass. Emerged from the mist on top of Higger before plunging back into it off the plummet. I hope it stays nice for their arrival tomorrow...

Climbing 1:00:00 [1]

At the works, mainly with Gareth but also with Jen, Kim, Ricky, Hil and Phil and Hatty. Nailed a few more blacks but got stuck on plenty of others.

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 #

Track session 30:00 [5] 5.0 km (6:00 / km)

Hallamshire session. Short reps tonight ahead of the xc nationals. Strides x6 then 8x500 off equal recovery. Ian put me with the fast lads and I really suffered: 1.26, 1.26, 1.27, 1.26, 1.27, 1.28, 1.29, 1.30. Hung in there for most of it then exploded a bit on the final three. I'm rubbish at faster reps like these, but I guess it's good to do the odd session like this one.

Running 55:00 [2] 10.0 km (5:30 / km)

To track and back with Rob and Mike. Chilly.

Monday Feb 18, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:43 / km)

Frosty morning run up Loxley valley.

Circuits 40:00 [3]

ShUOC circuits, pretty tired still.

Running 40:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:43 / km)

To circuits and back plus warm up in the hall.

Sunday Feb 17, 2008 #

Running race 41:41 [5] 11.0 km (3:47 / km) vdot: 55.7

Chatsworth fell race. Straight up a big hill at the start then more like an xc race, running on big trails, road and grass. Very fast second half with a lot of downhill and a long run back along the river. All very scenic with the entire estate covered in an icy white frosting and stags prancing around amongst the trees. I was surprised how hard it felt at the start until I remembered that I haven't really done any real hill training recently. Finished 4th, not far behind B8ND in 2nd but miles behind Simon Bailey.

Running warm up/down 30:00 [2] 5.0 km (6:00 / km)

Jogging about.

Climbing 1:00:00 [1]

At the works with Al and Jen. So empty today after a cracking day for the grit, which meant that there was no waiting for routes. Pretty tired though.

Saturday Feb 16, 2008 #

Running 1:35:00 [3] 18.0 km (5:17 / km)

Run with Mike, Rob, Al and Ant from the Fox hse along Froggatt and White edge. Beautiful day for it, although a bit too cold for shorts (I got a bit over-excited when I saw the sun shining).

Friday Feb 15, 2008 #

Running 40:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:43 / km)

Slow and tired morning run up Loxley valley with Jen. My legs felt dead.

Thursday Feb 14, 2008 #

Running 25:00 [5] 4.0 km (6:15 / km)

Hallamshire intervals at Trickets. 3xset of 4 hills. Tougher than usual session this time with the shortest hill taken out and an extra long one added. Worked out at about 35, 45, 50, 55 with jog back recovery. Mike and I killed each other on the penultimate run and the last rep was pure lactate hell.

Running 35:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:00 / km)

To trickets and back via the clubhouse.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:10:00 [3] 10.0 km (7:00 / km)

Oing on Burbage in warm sunshine. Ran with mike and rob doing some 3-way butterfly loops. Good to be out, but feeling pretty stuffed from track.

Running warm up/down 15:00 [2] 2.0 km (7:30 / km)

From the fox hse to the start and back.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2008 #

Track session 35:00 [5] 8.0 km (4:23 / km)

Hallamshire track session. Strides and drills followed by 5x1500. I was worried I would be too tired for this extra-long session after last week, but I had an inexplicably good feeling for the whole session and ran easily my fastest times. The extra recovery helped a lot. running off 6 mins, 4.43, 4.45, 4.45, 4.45, 4.44.

Either Woodbourne Rd has shrunk in all the rain, I'm about to get ill, or the regular track sessions are starting to do some good...time will tell.

Running 55:00 [2] 10.0 km (5:30 / km)

To track and back with Mike and Rob.

Monday Feb 11, 2008 #

(rest day)

A real, no holds barred rest day!

Sunday Feb 10, 2008 #

Running 45:00 [2] 8.0 km (5:38 / km)

Spent the last night drinking, eating and seeing in Rob's 30th. The left early for the flight home. Jogged round the Rivelin loop with Rob in the afternoon, feeling pretty spaced out. Great camp, thanks guys!

Saturday Feb 9, 2008 #

Orienteering 25:00 [5] **** 6.0 km (4:10 / km)

Some more fast forest just down the road from our campsite. Ran it as hard as possible and avoided mistakes until I blew out near the end. Nice terrain but unpredictable prominent trees.

Running 40:00 [3] 9.0 km (4:27 / km)

Ran back from the training with Rob and Mike along a mostly straight, slightly uphill road in the sun. Got a good dizzy feeling going by the end.

Orienteering 1:05:00 [3] **** 10.0 km (6:30 / km)

Finished the week (and myself) off with a course from the campsite on pretty rough and bushy terrain. Ran with Rob and Nails, taking different lines and communicating mostly in French. It was going pretty well until Nails tonked his toe on a stump and had to hobble back.

Friday Feb 8, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:15:00 [3] **** 13.0 km (5:46 / km)

Reluctantly left the villa in Portugal and headed towards Seville and the less superior accommodation of a camping cabin. Ran a long course in very open sand dune forest with Mike, alternating legs and keeping a good pace up. Felt tired and needed the company to keep focused.

Running 30:00 [3] 7.0 km (4:17 / km)

Set off for a shortish run along the road to the start, but got picked up by a worried Shane after a while. Perhaps it was a bit further than I had anticipated...ran back with Mike and Rob.

Thursday Feb 7, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:55:00 [3] 20.0 km (5:45 / km)

Headed West for some coastal terrain with scrubby bushes, ruined walls and amazing sea cliffs and blow holes. Ran a long and most of a middle consecutively with a brief pit-stop. Tried to concentrate on strategy and planning ahead - the map was really good and you had to be careful to pick out the small paths and gaps in otherwise impenetrable hawthorn. Pretty tired towards the end and cut short, which allowed Rob and Mike to claim a handful of extra controls. Damn it.

Orienteering 50:00 [4] 9.0 km (5:33 / km)

Headed into Albufeira for coffee and a sprint course. Ran trains, with the added complication that the map had changed quite a bit and was never very good in the first place. Some paths were blocked, some of the promenade had been washed into the sea and some thin black lines turned out to be 50m drops. Running as a group made it a lot of fun nonetheless.

Swimming 5 [1]

With Mike's lead pretty much unassailable I reduced back to 1 swift length.

Wednesday Feb 6, 2008 #

Orienteering 1:35:00 [3] **** 14.0 km (6:47 / km)

Drove over to Spain for a session near Huelva. The forest looked amazing from the road, but was tougher and rougher up close. Ran three loops from the car, first being shadowed by Shane, then shadowing him, then soloing. The hills felt tough today.

Orienteering 20:00 [4] *** 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Another map with scale issues. Ran a sprint in some beautiful, lightning fast forest. We made a start list and everything to make it more focused. I was rubbish and made some big mistakes. Mike ran a good time and Nails may or may not have done, but had no watch to time it.

Swimming 10:00 [1]

I thought I would raise the stakes in the swimming and just about survived for 35 lengths. Mike watched me floundering then embarrassed me by ramping it up to 60. It took me about an hour to warm up and stop shivering.

Tuesday Feb 5, 2008 #

Running 15:00 [1] 3.0 km (5:00 / km)

Morning jogging from the villa.

Orienteering race 42:49 [4] **** 8.0 km (5:21 / km)

POM day 4 and a race that was full of surprises. The biggest one being that our 5.2km course was actually 7.6km and the scale was 1:15 and not 1:10. The terrain was pretty strange as well, almost entirely covered in bushes despite a map that was mainly white. Vague sand dune terrain and very tricky in places, I made a couple of bigger mistakes but it was enough for an overall win, helped by the fact that some of the Norwegians didn't race today. With a late start I knew all about the scale and map issues, but I felt sorry for Mike and Nails who were early starters and had a hard time working out what was going on.

Swimming 45 [1]

5 lengths today. But put to shame by Mike who raised the bar with 30.

Orienteering 45:00 [2] *** 7.0 km (6:26 / km)

Jogging around Castro Marim with Shane. Our route started into some of the most open white forest I have ever seen before dropping into a maze of clay pans. Shane jumped a wide ditch to land knee deep in sucky clay with his new road trainers buried deep in the mud, so we sacked off the rest of it and went to explore the castle.

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2]

For the O meet around the xc trails at the amazing sports facility in Santo Antonio.

Monday Feb 4, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:08:49 [4] **** 15.0 km (4:35 / km)

POM day 3, same area again and back into the scratchy thorns. I set off with the aim to race at 90% without mistakes. Almost managed it but got into a bit of a race with Wojciech Kowalski over the last few controls. Really good course with more adventurous planning than the day before.

Running warm up/down 25:00 [2] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)

Longish warm up jog and a shorter warm down with Rob.

Running 15:00 [1] 3.0 km (5:00 / km)

Easy jogging from the villa with Mike and Nails.

Swimming 35 [1]

Smashed out 4 lengths.

Sunday Feb 3, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:09:24 [5] **** 15.0 km (4:38 / km)

POM day 2 WRE right next to Faro airport. Very detailed area of sandy spur-gully terrain, covered in small sandy paths, not too different to some of the army training areas in the UK. It felt like hard work all the way and without much tree cover it was hot in the sun. Managed to avoid any big mistakes and finished 2nd. Very tired.

Running warm up/down 30:00 [2]

Pretty bouncy before the race but dead afterwards.

Swimming 25 [1]

It was raining and pretty cold by the afternoon but made it into the pool for 3 lengths out of sheer stubbornness.

Saturday Feb 2, 2008 #

Orienteering race 36:00 [5] *** 7.0 km (5:09 / km)

POM day 1 middle distance. Went out hard and had a pretty good run with some small mistakes when I tired towards the end. Scratchy, bushy terrain and hard to nail the controls. 3rd, but a long way down on Nordberg. Great race from Mike for a top 10 and some good scalps.

Running warm up/down 35:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:50 / km)

Not much space to warm up but a longer warm down out into the area. I was just thinking how nice it felt to be running around in the warm sun when the clouds piled in and it started to rain.

Swimming 15 [1]

Managed 2 lengths.

Friday Feb 1, 2008 #

Orienteering 45:00 [2] *** 6.0 km (7:30 / km)

Very early start to catch the flight out to Portugal. checked in to our palatial villa (nice one Rob) and took in the POM model event. Ran round with all the lads. Typical coastal spur gullies in scrubby forest. Pretty hard in places.

Swimming (ice bath) 5 [1]

One length of our super-cooled pool. Did not make such a big fuss as Nails.

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