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Training Log Archive: OJ

In the 31 days ending May 31, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running29 22:21:02 156.59 252.0
  Orienteering13 11:45:27 77.67(9:05) 125.0(5:39)
  Climbing5 3:45:00
  Circuits4 1:25:00
  Weights3 1:00:00
  Running Drills2 20:00 1.24(16:06) 2.0(10:00)
  Total29 40:36:29 235.5 379.0

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Sunday May 31, 2009 #

Orienteering 35:00 [4] 5.0 km (7:00 / km)

8x short orienteering reps at Eccy woods. All a bit green and bushy, so much harder than in the winter, and difficult to really get up to speed. Bit out of control on the first couple, but improved.

Running 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Warm up, warm down and some jogging about.

Saturday May 30, 2009 #

Running 1:20:00 15.0 km (5:20 / km)

Kinder from Edale, more or less the triple crossing without the descent to Snake. Good crowd out and the pace was predictably brisk, with a decent effort up the hill and back down at the end.

Friday May 29, 2009 #

Running 58:02 13.0 km (4:28 / km)

Headed out to Greno at lunchtime to run the timetrial. Pretty good conditions, nice and warm and mostly dry underfoot. Quite a bit more undergrowth in places than last time I ran this a year or so ago, but it's still nice and runnable all the way. 28.02, almost a minute down on my best. 1st lap 13.56, 2nd lap 14.06, started a bit hard and struggled to sustain it with tired legs. The last hill was horrible, good mental toughness training.

Climbing 20:00 [1]

Spot of bouldering on Burbage S and a bit more mapping. Nice picnic laid on by the Candys with a picnic set and everything. Another gorgeous evo for it.

Thursday May 28, 2009 #

Running 25:00 [2] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)

HFW at lunchtime. Not feeling so dainty today.

Running 25:00 [2] 4.0 km (6:15 / km)

Such a gorgeous evening I got tempted out for some bouldering at Burbage Valley. Parked at Burbage bridge and ran down and back.

Climbing 25:00 [1]

Spot of bouldering in between bits of surveying amongst the boulders - it's such a great little bit of terrain! Such a nice evo and great to be out. Bit tiring though...

Wednesday May 27, 2009 #

Running 1:05:00 12.0 km (5:25 / km)

Up to Loxley common for some technical running reps up a short rocky hill, then along an undulating rocky track, where you had to run daintily to avoid stacking it. 2.?, 2.04, 2.03, 2.00. The up to the main track for 3xdownhill reps concentrating on running style and fast leg turnover. 53, 55, 55, all with jogging recovery.

Tuesday May 26, 2009 #

Circuits 20:00 [2]

Usual, early sesh at S10.

Weights 20:00 [2]

And weights, not pushing too hard. Blissfully empty in there this morning.

Running 30:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

S10 and back.

Running 49:00 9.0 km (5:27 / km)

Intervals in Hillsborough park. 10 mins of Harrungs (15xsprint shuttle runs, 22s on the ups and 20s on the downs off 40 secs), then 3xdeath intervals in 2.20, 2.21, 2.21. Pretty hard work by the end.

Monday May 25, 2009 #

Orienteering 27:46 [5] 6.0 km (4:38 / km)

York city race, with a micro/trail-o style prologue around the City Museum. You had to visit several controls and chose the correct one before marking a card - there were a few sneaky bits that were not as straightforward as they first appeared, although I've come to expect nothing less from this planner (my father-in-law).

Then a blast around the streets and a small bushy park with plenty of tricky route choice. Started badly with a poor route to no. 1, then spent a while hunting for a misplaced control at no. 13. Got soundly spanked by a speedy Mr Baker (but he did get 2 penalties in the museum). All a very enjoyable way to spend a bank holiday monday.

Running 30:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

Warm up and warm down with an achy Nails. I could almost hear his muscles and joints creaking and groaning as we jogged around.

Sunday May 24, 2009 #

Running 40:00 [2] 8.0 km (5:00 / km)

Gentle cruise with Alex along the shore of the lake at Nodebo. Feeling pretty delicate so took it nice and easy and put the world to rights.

Saturday May 23, 2009 #

Orienteering 1:00:00 [3] 10.0 km (6:00 / km)

Flew out to Denmark last night for Jamie and Helene's wedding. Headed out to the Weddings-gallopen with Alex in the morning and cruised around a very nice course in very nice forest. No brambles or anything, why can't our forests be like this?

Then spent the day eating, drinking and being merry at the wedding and party. Lots of interesting Danish traditions meant that there was never a dull moment. Tried not to drink too much, but the toasts (hndreds of them, at regular intervals through the evening) alone were more than enough to keep the thirst at bay. What a fantastic day (and night)!

Running 5:00 [2]

Ran out of time for much of a warm up or warm down.

Friday May 22, 2009 #

Running 1:00:00 10.0 km (6:00 / km)

Spirals hills x 10, including a run off at the top. I was thinking about ways to get some technique training in for Salo, so I took a map with a course from the Nordics area, tried to simplify each leg mid-rep, then drew what I could remember on a blank map during a short recovery at the top of each hill. Not a bad session I reckon, although a bit geeky I suppose.

Thursday May 21, 2009 #

Running 45:00 [3] 9.0 km (5:00 / km)

HFW via Crosspool, Mike's path, dogger's, stables, etc.

Climbing 1:00:00 [1]

At the Works with Gareth, Pete, Jen and Hilary. Worked our way around the new brown circuit and nailed most of them, but not too disappointed when they ran out at 21 since we were running out of energy by then.

Wednesday May 20, 2009 #

Orienteering 30:00 [5] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

SYO sprint at Notre Dame (the school, not the cathedral). 3 loops of 1km ish with loads of controls, butterfly loops and tricky routes around buildings. Ran each one hard with a rest in between, then ran two of them again with no punching to set a faster time. Great session of technical running training up and down banks, steps, etc.

Running 40:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:43 / km)

Some warm up then a nice cruise down to Hillsborough. Legs felt like they had been given a decent workout by the time I got home.

Tuesday May 19, 2009 #

Running 45:00 [2] 9.0 km (5:00 / km)

Nice and easy up Loxley Valley, still feeling pretty weary but better for getting out. Managed to find a miraculous sunny gap in the weather.

Sunday May 17, 2009 #

Running 1:40:00 [3] 20.0 km (5:00 / km)

Nice cruisy run with Rob setting the world to rights as usual. Out to Wharnecliffe and some looping around on the forest trails before descending down the ramp. Felt alright once I had got going, but appreciated the gentle downhill finish.

Climbing 1:00:00 [1]

Long session down at the works with Pippa, Duncan and Jen. Got pretty tired and even a coffee and chocolate bar couldn't revive me. Need a nice easy week next week.

Saturday May 16, 2009 #

Circuits 25:00 [2]

Usual stuff at S10.

Weights 20:00 [2]

And weights, not too hard session today, legs feeling tired but OK.

Running 30:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

S10 and back, had an altercation with a dogwalker in Ponderosa and spent the run home thinking of insults that I should have said.

Running Drills 10:00 [3] 1.0 km (10:00 / km)

Drills and sprints at Primrose View.

Friday May 15, 2009 #

Orienteering 55:00 [2] 8.0 km (6:53 / km)

Up to the very top of the Bukk mountains for a hilly session with some tricky slope orienteering. Took it nice and slow to go easy on my tired legs, and tried to pick all the details out on the map - not so easy since the rock and contour features were all very patchy and inconsistent. Great forest with a bit more of a mountain feel to it. Then headed for the airport via Egger and a nice, eggy thermal bath.

Running 20:00 [2] 3.0 km (6:40 / km)

Up to the top of the hill to the start and a cruise at the end.

Thursday May 14, 2009 #

Orienteering 1:05:00 [3] 11.0 km (5:55 / km)

Headed North to Slovakia for some more extreme karst near a town called Karst. Ran a classic-style course in some nice open forest, just cruising and trying to take nice (and economical) lines. (copyright OJ 2009)

Orienteering 30:10 [5] 5.0 km (6:02 / km)

Middle distance after a lunchtime nap in a meadow. Started deep in a cave with a frozen mini glacier, and the course was pretty tricky with a few bushy green areas and plenty of nice rocky detail. Ran OK, once I had got my bearings after emerging from the start hole, but Doug smashed us all with a great run. Tough day, but some good training. (copyright OJ 2009)

Running 30:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

Warm up and down for the whole day.

Wednesday May 13, 2009 #

Orienteering 50:00 [5] 8.0 km (6:15 / km)

4x trains down the side of a rocky, holey area, dropping around 500m over the whole course. Still a fair bit of uphill on the first three, but the last train was a plummet with around 300m downhill in about 1.5km. Ran pretty well in places, but generally felt very tired and had to work hard. Some nice detail and a few green areas, mostly pretty fast underfoot, but much more undergrowth than last time we were here in October.

Running 40:00 [2] 6.0 km (6:40 / km)

Warm up trying to get my body up for it, and a longer warm down from the bottom of the hill back up on a windy road with Dan and GG. Got into quite a good rhythm after a couple of kms and quite enjoyed it.

Orienteering 20:00 [5] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

2xsprint loops in the forest and park at the cave baths. A bit reluctant for another hard session today, but got moving and felt alright. Pretty useless map, couldn't get away from Jo on the first loop, as she kept arriving just as I found the controls, and soundly beaten by Sarah. Made amends and ran a bit better on the second loop.

Running 25:00 [2] 4.0 km (6:15 / km)

Some warm up, some freestyling, and some warmdown.

Tuesday May 12, 2009 #

Orienteering 1:23:00 [4] 14.0 km (5:56 / km)

Route choice course near the WOC long distance area amongst huge negative features. It's really fast to run in the beech and oak forest, so you could pick nice straight lines weaving in amongst the holes, but need to be careful not to slingshot off in the wrong direction. A few monster hills, and saw two big families of wild boar complete with a litter of boar-lets. Awww.

Running 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Warm up and warm down in the rain.

Running 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Short evening jog with GG and Dan, discussing GG's theory on the similarities between slugs and T2000s.

Circuits 15:00 [1]

Some light circuits and core strength before a sauna and spa. All very relaxing.

Monday May 11, 2009 #

Orienteering 50:00 [2] 8.0 km (6:15 / km)

Light technique session in a nice holey forest near Miskolc. Pretty tired on the hills, and hot going, but nice to get the legs moving.

Running 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

Some jogging with Speaky, GG and Dan.

Sunday May 10, 2009 #

Orienteering race 36:35 [5] 7.0 km (5:14 / km)

BEOC Middle champs on a great little rocky area near Leicester. Started with a couple of mistakes and took a few legs to get into it, ran pretty well in the second half with the exception of one biggish mistake on the control after the last road crossing. It was helpful to run with Supersaint in the bushy last section as we pushed each other along quite nicely. Not great overall, but I was impressed that anyone got away with much less time loss, it was so fiddly in places. Great run from Scott to round off a pretty dominant weekend.

Running 30:00 [2] 5.0 km (6:00 / km)

Good warm up and almost forgot to warm down. Pretty tired. Then straight out to Hungary for a training camp.

Saturday May 9, 2009 #

Orienteering race 15:35 [5] 4.0 km (3:54 / km)

BEOC sprint qualifier at Notts Uni campus, really good course through landscaped campus with never a dull moment. Ran OK and came second, some time behind a speedy Scott.

Orienteering race 16:35 [5] 4.0 km (4:09 / km)

And the final, more of the same, perhaps even trickier. Took a poor route to no. 1, got a bit flustered and never really recovered. Struggled to get up to speed and hit oxygen debt pretty early, not used to these rapid bursts of effort. Finished 8= with John R, but some way off the pace. There is still plenty of work to do to get myself up to speed.

Running 1:00:00 [2] 12.0 km (5:00 / km)

Plenty of warm up and warm down for both races.

Friday May 8, 2009 #

Running 15:00 [2] 3.0 km (5:00 / km)


Running Drills 10:00 [3] 1.0 km (10:00 / km)

...with a few drills and sprints along the way.

Thursday May 7, 2009 #

Running 50:00 [3] 11.0 km (4:33 / km)

Loxley Common, some looping around, and back down.

Climbing 1:00:00 [1]

Good session at the works with GG and Emily, and made a few new friends as well.

Wednesday May 6, 2009 #

Orienteering 20:00 [5] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)

4x1km ish on the Edge campus with John, Dave and Bryn. Ran each section as a mass start taking different routes wherever possible. Pretty tricky to spot all the uncrossable walls, and it was a bit manic with us all firing around in different directions.

Running 40:00 [2] 8.0 km (5:00 / km)

From uni to the edge via S10 and back home after the session.

Orienteering 12:58 [5] 3.0 km (4:19 / km)

SYO evening event around Weston Park. Tim did a great job and planned a tricky, twisty and turny course with loads of controls. It made it really challenging just to follow the course on the map, especially because it was all such fast running.

Running 35:00 [2] 7.0 km (5:00 / km)

From home to the park, then to Gareth's after, via S10. It's been a complicated kind of day. Also helped Camel to overcome his irrational fear of steps.

Tuesday May 5, 2009 #

Circuits 25:00 [2]

At S10, feeling pretty stiff still.

Weights 20:00 [2]

Squats, leg press, lunges, bench, etc.

Running 25:00 [2] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)

IW via S10.

Running 40:00 [3] 9.0 km (4:27 / km)

HFW via Parkwood springs after a painful research seminar on Bakhtinian philosophy in which I understood almost nothing.

Monday May 4, 2009 #

(rest day)

Pretty tired, must have been the pint of Dark Peak last night.

Sunday May 3, 2009 #

Orienteering race 1:37:48 [5] 18.0 km (5:26 / km)

BEOC long race at Speech House, won by a whisker from GG after a race where we both made a few mistakes along the way. It was a good, tough course with plenty of routechoice and technical challenge, but a map that isn't perfect, which meant that you had to be on your toes all the time. I made most of my mistakes in the first quarter, then got moving pretty well and had a strong middle section. GG started pulling some time back in the final quarter, but I had just enough margin despite my pathetic attempt at a finish sprint. It's always nice to race at a BOK event, it feels like coming home!

Running warm up/down 30:00 [2]

To the start and then a warmdown with GG and Nick, analysing the course.

Saturday May 2, 2009 #

Running 25:00 [2] 4.0 km (6:15 / km)

Nice and easy around the footpaths near my Grandparents' place in Bristol.

Friday May 1, 2009 #

Running 44:00 10.0 km (4:24 / km)

Intervals up Rivelin, 3/1x6 with jogging recovery. Pushed hard on first three, slightly uphill, and concentrated on striding out for the second three, slightly downhill.

Running 25:00 [2] 4.0 km (6:15 / km)

Steady run HFW.

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