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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 1 days ending Feb 20, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 49:01 4.2(11:40) 6.76(7:15) 1658 /11c72%
  Running1 8:08 0.83(9:48) 1.34(6:05)
  Total2 57:09 5.03(11:22) 8.1(7:04) 1658 /11c72%
  [1-5]2 57:01
averages - sleep:6.3

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Saturday Feb 20, 2010 #

8 AM

Running warm up/down (Terrain) 8:08 intensity: (15 @1) + (30 @2) + (7:23 @3) 0.83 mi (9:48 / mi)
ahr:136 max:158 slept:5.75

William B. Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC. Warm-up following streamers from the parking area to the start.

Orienteering race (Foot) 31:16 intensity: (8 @0) + (5 @1) + (14 @2) + (37 @3) + (29:26 @4) + (46 @5) 4.27 km (7:19 / km) +105m 6:31 / km
ahr:157 max:168 spiked:8/11c

William B. Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC. BOK: Sycamore Scramble Middle Distance. After a sleepy morning and choosing to sleep more rather than eat a real breakfast, I got going a bit rushed. It was a pattern that would prove to keep-up over the weekend. At the start line after having been called-up, I had to rush back to check which of the Red courses that I was on. It followed the pattern recommended by USOF, RedY. I hadn't really looked at my compass until this point and learned then that I grabbed the one with a large bubble. Once I'd gotten going, I had to correct a few times for it pushing the needle around when I didn't hold it as flat as possible. I felt a bit tired so with the compass also being troublesome, I ran slower than I otherwise might have. I ran up to #1 but half thought it was another control--I was glad that I checked it. After crossing the road going to #2, I had some hesitation matching up the angles of reentrants with my map. The subtle 3m contrours took some getting used to. I ran better after that and soon caught Peggy who had started a few minutes before I had. I ran okay for a while, unlike many times when I pass Peggy and make errors. Approaching #7, I beat out a few runners including a Swede in M35+ (and a very friendly one at that as I found out later). I got into trouble wanting to stay ahead after getting to #8 ahead of the crowd--I had seen #9 earlier but headed off toward #10. I realized it, and fortunately, just happened to stop at an indistinct trail that lead much of the way to #9. I corrected, punching behind the Swede I'd seen earlier. I headed to the road and an intersection and got to #10 first after the Swede had overshot the intersection. I hurried heading downhill and being careful initially. When I hit a road crossing just at a bend that I'd wanted to, I became less careful, choosing instead to push and stay ahead of the footsteps that I heard coming from behind. I mistakenly ran to control #1 which was off to the side of the direct route to #11. After realizing it at control #1, I ran down but the Swede had already run by me. I never caught him. Despite my errors, I ran pretty well overall (perhaps the fastest on the course?) so I was somewhat pleased with my race.
2 PM

Orienteering (Foot) 17:45 intensity: (16 @1) + (17 @2) + (55 @3) + (15:20 @4) + (57 @5) 2.49 km (7:08 / km) +60m 6:22 / km
ahr:157 max:168 slept:0.5

William B. Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC. BOK: Sycamore Scramble Sprint. After the morning race, we'd had so much time between events that we decided to get lunch and crash at the hotel. I even napped a bit, still tired from the night before. We got out and back to the park with just enough time to make it to the starting line on time. The few people I'd seen start were all heading to one of 2 visible controls on cabins. When I got started, I did pause and fumble to orient the map and get the correct bearing. I shot off to the cabin in the right direction but the code didn't match???--I immediately reacted and ran to the other control that'd I'd seen from the start and it didn't match either??? I finally realized that there were more cabins across a small road. Hitting a 3rd cabin and still not getting a control that matched, I slunked-off to the 4th :( It was a flustering way to start. I hit #2 well and didn't lose much more time until #9. By this time I knew that Chris Gross had been trailing me not too far behind. I cracked on a longer leg by running down a clear reentrant to avoid some green when I should have gone through it. When things didn't match-up, I went on bearing and it took a while before things did match again and I got distracted by another control on the way. I made 1 or 2 bearing errors after that. After finishing the disappointing race, I was telling myself that at least I didn't lose a lot of time. After downloading and getting my printout, it took a while before I realized that I had double the controls that I should have. My finish time on the results initially showed +5 hours--In my rush, I'd forgotten to clear and check before starting. I talked with the meet director and fortunately was able to get the result corrected by using my official time, even though I started a few seconds after that. Their initial correction gave me a time of 17:10 but I went back and had them fix it again to 17:45.

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