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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Jan 30, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 4:37:14 9.01(30:46) 14.5(19:07) 315
  Running3 2:06:04 15.32(8:14) 24.66(5:07) 100
  Bicycling3 1:31:00
  Total7 8:14:18 24.33 39.16 415
averages - sleep:5.9 weight:177.7lbs

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Monday Jan 30, 2012 #

12 PM

Running (Street & Trail) 31:28 intensity: (14:00 @3) + (17:28 @4) 4.32 mi (7:17 / mi)
slept:5.5 weight:177lbs

Washington, D.C. I ran yet another variation of the loop I call the Memorial Tour. From 14th & Independence Ave., SW, to Lincoln Memorial Circle via the Reflecting Pool, across Memorial Bridge to the Mt. Vernon Trail, to the 14th St. Bridge,. to Main Ave. to D St., SW, to 13th St., SW, to C. St. SW. My legs felt okay and my newer shoes felt pretty comfortable except at the toes where the toes are still a little sore from the long trail run 2 weekends back. It was in the 40's F with some headwinds going out toward Arlington Cemetery. The construction crews were still working on the Lincoln Reflecting Pool basin--the have poured concrete in some portions but this work has been going on for a year now. A sidewalk detour extended the normal route slightly. Across the river, I saw a guy ahead of me. Partly trying and partly just wanting to keep my pace, I slowly gained on him. I was working more than I wanted to on hills. I passed the guy on the 14th Street Bridge. When finished, I was fairly sweaty. I stretched for a while.

Sunday Jan 29, 2012 #

11 AM

Running warm up/down (Terrain) 6:00 [2] 0.6 km (10:00 / km)
slept:7.5 weight:177lbs

Prince William Forest, VA, at Pine Grove. Back and forth from the parking lot to the Visitor Center a few times before going out for QOC's event.

Orienteering race (Foot) 1:21:14 [4] 9.7 km (8:22 / km) +315m 7:12 / km
ahr:154 max:177

QOC: Prince William Forest, VA, Pine Grove. I anticipated a slow race but I felt pretty well most of the time. Perhaps it was my lighter shoes, two good nights of sleep and a lighter workout yesterday--probably all of it combined. Having done some mapping, vetting, and just plain racing in this park, I was pretty confident most of the time. The woods and terrain were fun and we didn't even use the best parts of the park. I still managed to do some silly things but it probably didn't affect my place on the finish list. The worst was stopping after #17 at the finish (this cost me 3:44). The course actually went through the finish almost dead center on the leg to #18 for another short loop. See the split list for descriptions. I take back some happiness that my leg speed is appearing to come back while my endurance is improving. I wasn't so strong on hills but moved well most of the time. It was fun racing people (Brian Mayer, Tom Strat, and I shifted positions a lot) but I have to get better focus on navigating in such situations.

Saturday Jan 28, 2012 #

2 PM

Orienteering (Field Checking) 3:16:00 intensity: (3:06:00 @1) + (10:00 @2) 4.8 km (40:50 / km)
slept:7.0 weight:176lbs

Cabin John Regional Park, MD. From Scotland Dr. I continued checking the west side of Cabin John Creek and completed all of it to Democracy Blvd. This will be the southern end of the map. I found a good mix of features. The west side of the creek gets narrow and steep. I'd been worried that it'd be too narrow and too steep to make use of. However, one should be able to stay on the west side heading south, and use the bridge over Democracy Blvd. to cross if desired. I walked most of the time but when I did run, I got tired on the steeper hills very quickly. I don't have much zip in my legs. My run tomorrow will probably be slow. My sleep was interrupted more than once last night with Max getting sick.

Friday Jan 27, 2012 #

6 PM

Running (Street & Trail Commute) 1:28:36 [3] 10.63 mi (8:20 / mi) +100m 8:06 / mi
slept:4.5 weight:178.5lbs

From 12th & Independence Ave., Washington, D.C. Independence Ave. to the Reflecting Pool, to the Lincoln Memorial, to The Rock Creek Trail, to the C&O Towpath, to the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) at Fletcher's Boathouse, to Woodmont Ave. to Moreland Ave. I left work late but a weather check encouraged me with a 50 F temperature reading. I guess I had trouble believing the 15-20mph wind reporting but once outside it smacked me to reality. I went straight into it. I felt stiff starting out and with the darkness, I couldn't tell what pace I was going at. I sometimes felt cold with just my long sleeve t-shirt and shorts. The towpath had puddles to step around but I got into a better steady rhythm on it. On the CCT, I seemed to be going up the long steady grade at the same speed and effort as on flatter ground. There was a steady stream of cyclists so it was good that I had my armband light that Peggy gave me for Christmas. A few miles before Bethesda I felt more tired of the grade and slowed even more. I'm not yet used to the increased mileage and if I can hold out that long, it could be months before I am. I held up okay on the pavement today so that was a positive thing to take back from the run. I did pause at one point to stretch when my right knee was not feeling right. I also had some worries with occasional blackness in the vision of my right eye--that was caused by an accidental foam Nerf dart striking it the night before.

Thursday Jan 26, 2012 #

Bicycling (Rollers) 30:00 [3]
slept:5.0 weight:178lbs

Spinning and watching a movie.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 #

Bicycling (Rollers) 31:00 [3]

Spinning and watching a movie.

Tuesday Jan 24, 2012 #

Bicycling (Rollers) 30:00 [3]

Spinning and watching a movie.

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