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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Oct 15, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:47:58 8.57(26:35) 13.8(16:31) 2259 /16c56%
  Bicycling5 1:43:06 29.64(3:29) 47.7(2:10)
  Running3 1:32:54 10.43(8:54) 16.79(5:32) 165
  Total10 7:03:58 48.64(8:43) 78.29(5:25) 3909 /16c56%
averages - sleep:6 weight:181lbs

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Saturday Oct 15, 2016 #

11 AM

Running (Street & Trail) 26:24 [3] 3.1 mi (8:31 / mi)
slept:8.0 weight:182.5lbs

From Northfield Rd., to Huntington Pkwy., to Old Georgetown Rd. to Beech Ave. to Johnson Ave,. to Heampstead Ave. to McKinley St. to Garfield St., to Roosevelt St., to the trail at Jefferson St. to Northfield Rd. At first, I felt okay on this run but very quickly, my quads were worn out. I dragged myself through to the finish. At least it was a nice day. I would have liked to have done a trail run but with Samantha on a short play date, a block party and our second birthday party coming up for the weekend, there wasn't much time.

Friday Oct 14, 2016 #

8 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)
slept:5.0 weight:180lbs

From Northfield Rd., to the Bethesda Metro Station. It was 42 F and sunny. I would have liked to commute all the way to work but I stayed-up late and have too much going on.

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)

From the Bethesda Metro Station to Northfield Rd.

Thursday Oct 13, 2016 #

6 PM

Running (Street & Trail Commute) 1:01:30 [3] 6.83 mi (9:00 / mi) +165m 8:23 / mi
slept:5.0 weight:179.5lbs

From 14th & Independence Ave., SW, Washington, D.C. Independence Ave. to the Reflecting Pool, to the Lincoln Memorial, to the Rock Creek Trail, along the Georgetown Waterfront to the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT), to the Glover Archbold Trail, up to the Tenleytown Metro Station via Van Ness St. and Wisconsin Ave. It had been a long time since I'd done this variation (August 2014) and mostly that's been because I'd been injured or not strong enough. I started out better than expected with a 7:52 first mile. I didn't feel like I slowed after that, but I did. It was very comfortable out, being sunny and in the low 70s and upper 60s F, but it was getting dark as I went along. I had to keep focusing on the ground getting up Glover Archbold Park. There were a good number of other runners and as it was really getting hard to see, some deer came out. Once back on the pavement on Wisconsin Ave, I moved faster again. I had been wanting to do some longer runs. This was fun and hit the spot. I have been having some aches and pains in my lower back lately, which I hope have more to do with the weather so I'll proceed cautiously. Though I had some cramps in my right calf near the end the dirt trail felt good and my legs felt sturdy--nice even, not having to strain like I've been pushing when bicycle commuting.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 #

7 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 37:46 [4] 12.1 mi (3:07 / mi)
slept:5.0 weight:181lbs

From Northfield Rd., Bethesda, MD, to 13th & C St. SW, Washington, D.C. With it being 44 F starting out, I work extra clothing--removable sleeves, a vest, and full gloves. I got a slow start due to all of Glenwood Rd. being torn-up for repaving. After Bradley Blvd. where the traffic light changed a little before I got there, I started closing-in on a unassuming rider ahead. I didn't catch him until on the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT). I thought I'd pass but decided it better to sit on him. I noticed and confirmed he was on an electric bicycle. As the trail straightened out, he picked-up speed. I had to work to keep in his draft, as we changed speeds getting around other riders and runners. He would slow down a lot more than I normally would for this, then accelerate quickly. Once we got to the flats, it was a lot harder to do this. I was past the Lincoln Memorial in under 30 minutes like last week when I rode fast drafting on other riders. The winds were calm but I felt worn out finishing up. I also ran into some traffic near the end.
5 PM

Bicycling (Commute) 41:30 [4] 11.9 mi (3:29 / mi)

From 13th & C St. SW, Washington, D.C., to Northfield Rd., Bethesda, MD. There was a bit of wind and traffic getting to Georgetown. Some faster riders moved-up not far out on the CCT. Earlier in the summer, I would have had to let them go but I worked and tried to keep up. I did a spell pulling too, after a lead rider broke off, but a mile later the rider behind me took me up to River Rd., where I lost him on the bridge climb. It was bumpy again on Glenwood Rd., so I rode on the sidewalk.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2016 #

7 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 5:50 [3] 1.41 mi (4:08 / mi)
slept:6.0 weight:180.5lbs

From Northfield Rd., to the Bethesda Metro Station.
6 PM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:00 [3] 1.41 mi (4:15 / mi)

From the Bethesda Metro Station to Northfield Rd.

Monday Oct 10, 2016 #

1 PM

Orienteering (Course Setting) 2:30:00 intensity: (30:00 @1) + (1:30:00 @2) + (30:00 @3) *** 7.0 km (21:26 / km)
spiked:9/16c slept:6.5 weight:182.5lbs

Patuxent River Park, MD. I checked more control locations for the QOC event that's coming up in 2 weeks, which I'm course setting for. The sites were all fine and the runnability was better than anticipated in places. I was a bit tired and I didn't hit the control locations completely well. Sometimes I'd tie a streamer only to adjust it after leaving because I recognized something else. Most of these were small adjustments. In one place, I thought the contours could have been a little better though generally I've been happy with the way they are mapped. I did a lot of checking from second attack features. There should be some interesting choices for the runners.

Sunday Oct 9, 2016 #

Running warm up/down (Terrain) 5:00 [3] 0.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

Antietam Lake Orchard, PA, near or part of Mt. Penn. I did some needed warm-up for the DVOA local meet. I didn't sleep well.
11 AM

Orienteering race (Foot) 1:17:58 [4] 6.8 km (11:28 / km) +225m 9:50 / km

DVOA Anietam Lake/Mt. Penn. More later....

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