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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Dec 12, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 4:39:04 12.8(21:48) 20.6(13:33) 265
  Bicycling1 12:25 2.82(4:24) 4.54(2:44)
  Total3 4:51:29 15.62(18:40) 25.14(11:36) 265
averages - sleep:6.5 weight:184.3lbs

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Sunday Dec 11, 2016 #

1 PM

Orienteering (Foot) 1:09:04 [4] 7.8 mi (8:51 / mi) +265m 8:01 / mi
slept:8.0 weight:184lbs

QOC: Balls Bluff, VA. Peggy, I and the kids arrived late so we rushed out. I didn't get a clue description on. I'd skimmed the course notes the night before and recalled a bit of trail-o being mentioned but I thought it was going to apply to the White course. Just before going out, Peggy and another guy did. The other guy seemed to take a while to leave the start. It turned out that I did that too; I just couldn't find #1 or the start triangle. I lost between 45 seconds and a minute. It didn't help that I went to the wrong control. I did the same for #2 and for that I had little excuse but not having control descriptions on my arm. I didn't want to unfold the map for them as I was reading it. I only went to one of the wrong controls for that.

I was a little shaky going to #3 because I was getting used to the mapping of the reentrants and kind of lost count. I wasn't sure which ones were counting. I didn't lose any time. I was solid going to #4 too.

For #5, I did pause a while looking for a good route. I ruled out going to the right along the cliffs because it was a long climb with a steep climb through green at the end. I thought going left was too far around and didn't eliminate enough of the trails. I went straightish taking some trails and bearings across open forest. I got forced by vegetation more to the right and the trail at the end, but I spiked it leaving from before the knoll at the end. I spiked #6 going straight too.

For #7, I was happy to be able to run through the low vegetation. I came off the road at a fence end and had a small animal trail leading to the reentrant. I went around on the left to the trails, including the vehicle track. I spiked that coming in off of the fight vegetation corner to the north--I could seen the control from there almost 100m out.

For #9, it was just straight on. I was not sure how high it'd be--the hill kept on going!

For #10, I went just right of straight and ignored most of the trails near the parking lot. I dropped into the big reentrants and came up the spur at the end. I went a little left at first for #11 to maximize the runnable terrain.

For #12, I got left of the reentrant and onto the dam. I took the road up and attacked from about the corner to spike it.

For #13, I went straight but at the stream, I had to pause and turn to get to another crossing. I'd hit the stream at an earth bank. I read the contrours on the other side well and didn't get fooled by the dot knoll higher up. I did however have to drop a short way to the control. I'd understood that the rootstock could have been the dot knoll because it was too small to be classified as a root stock on this map. Somewhere around here, I'd realized that I hadn't made a mistake yet--a rarity. I hoped to keep it up.

For #14, I ignored the trails, passing just north of the parking lot, and down a spur toward a steep climb. To not get slowed too much by it, I angled left. That meant I had to correct to the right once I got on the ridge. I ran around the large reentrant and dropped right into the reentrant at the control.

For #15, I moved a little to the right initially, but mostly went straight.

For #16, I hugged the property line. I made sure not to get into the open area crossing one reentrant along the way. I saw the control from across the last reentrant.

For #17, I went straight and into the stream valley. For #18, I got my feet wet crossing the first stream. It was wet and leafy enough that I decided that climbing to the right would be best. I did that and passed Amy Loudoun who was walking the hillside below me. At the end, I crossed the last reentrant and walked-up to the control.

I wasn't that strong so I went a bit to the left, partially crossing reentrants near the tops. I was able to keep running the whole way and I hit the finish right at the control (seeing the pavilion from far off made it easier but I didn't see the control until the very end).

This was a pretty good run for me. I was happy to not have made any errors. :) Having gained some weight, I did feel it climbing hills. If I can stop working late, and hit some better weather on nights that I get off closer to on-time, I really need to do more running. I thought Daniel Heimgartner set a great course for the available terrain. The terrain was also a star with really open forest most of the way. I'd seen a few areas driving-in and near the finish where someone had been doing a lot of work to pickup the deadfallen branches and put them into piles. That really helped too. I tend to make more errors in places that are green and I didn't have much of that to deal with today. On a side note, I was wowed by how close the splits were for Vido and I. He and I compared them and our routes afterward. We'd taken a lot of very different routes but got to a lot of those controls only seconds apart.

Saturday Dec 10, 2016 #

Orienteering (Field Checking) 3:30:00 intensity: (3:00:00 @1) + (30:00 @2) 5.0 mi (42:00 / mi)
slept:7.5 weight:184.5lbs

From Muncaster Mill Rd., I ran to just south of the Inter-County-Connector Hwy. (ICC) and added onto the map. Initially I went east over a ridge and into a valley for a side stream to North Branch Creek. This wasn't a particularly interesting or difficult area, being narrow but it had enough useable features. It took some time to capture them because many were linear--flood plain ditches, old rides, and a stream that I hadn't earlier gotten off of imagery. There were a few point features too. Visibility was mixed. The need to get it was that it connects to one of the 3 ICC underpasses

Afterwards, I went north of the ICC. The east side of the creek that I mapped is narrow but the woods were almost 100% wide open. There was an abundance of features low along the stream and the North Branch Creek. I found a few trails too.

Thursday Dec 8, 2016 #

8 AM

Bicycling (Commute) 6:10 [3] 1.41 mi (4:22 / mi)
slept:4.0 weight:184.5lbs

From Northfield Rd., to the Bethesda Metro Station.

Bicycling 6:15 [3] 1.41 mi (4:26 / mi)

From the Bethesda Metro Station, to Northfield Rd.

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