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Training Log Archive: maprunner

In the 7 days ending Dec 28, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  orienteer4 4:55:2012c826.0
  erg2 47:1694.5
  weights1 20:0040.0
  run/walk1 10:0020.0
  Total5 6:12:3612c980.5

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Sunday Dec 28, 2008 #

orienteer 1:28:48 [3] ***

It was not quite the Sprint-Middle-Long week that I had hoped, but I thought it would be good to try my SMP test loop today. Especially since my legs were pretty tired when I woke up. This feels like day two of a hard O meet, I thought. The weather was perfect, 30 degrees, sunny and getting warmer. There was just a dusting of snow, so I could see that I was the first human to leave footprints on the trails. I started off pretty well, moving smoothly, legs not too bad. I was overdressed, but it was easy to leave some clothes at the common control. As I was coming back up the hill to the common control (6) my left hamstring started to protest. I stopped and stretched it out, but it still felt funny. I decided to keep going as long as I could, especially to see if I could hit 9 cleanly this time. But my heart wasn't really in it, and I made a bone-head 180 on the trail towards 7. Recovered and made it through 12, when I decided to wimp out and head back to the car.


Memory #8, Speed

Whenever I had to participate in running sports in gym class, I always opted for the sprint event. I thought it was because I was basically lazy, and never played sports. But I've discovered that I must have a higher-than average percentage of fast-twitch muscles: I'm built for speed. As I got fitter, I found a finishing kick, and I actually love finish chutes now.)

In Ohio, I won an A meet by 11 seconds (9 of which I gained in the chute). Tom Carr once told me that he and I approached the GO control together, and he thought, I can out-run Mary to the finish. But when he punched and looked up, I was already gone. And at this year's NA Sprint event, I had a great finish. I ran 11 seconds; the best time for elite men was 9 seconds and the best time for elite women was 10.

Sprinting is really fun for me; my body gets totally relaxed and I feel like I'm flying. Thank you mom and dad :)

Saturday Dec 27, 2008 #

erg 27:16 [2]

orienteer 1:25:00 intensity: (1:00:00 @2) + (25:00 @3)

What a difference in weather! We had torrential thunderstorms all night, and awoke to icy conditions. Decided to go to the closest park. Mike printed off 2.5m Lidor contour-only map of Wyandotte. I carried this map, and the regular O map, and explored some areas that have some detail, and other areas I hardly ever visit in this park. The trails were complete mush, so I spent most of the time moving through the woods. I took it pretty easy most of the time, but I pushed it whenever I started to get chilled.


Memory #7, Practice Does Help: Night O Champs, Pinewood Farms, ME September 2004

When I first traveled to Sweden in 2001, I made sure to purchase a real orienteering headlamp. And I used it (and still do) regularly for winter training after work. I never thought of myself as a "good" night orienteer, until the 2004 Night O Champs in Maine. I finished the course in ~15 min/k, which was just the same pace I ran during the day. But when I saw the results, I was shocked to see that I had blown people away (Mike remembers that Erin O beat me by less than a minute, but I don't have access to the full results any more). I guess all my night O practice had paid off! And I think my ranking for that race was over 85 points, which is outrageous (but great fun :)

Friday Dec 26, 2008 #

weights 20:00 [2]

erg 20:00 [2]

Mike and I both had the day off, so we decided to find a new place to explore. When I stepped outside to check the temp, my body was struck by a wall of--warm moist air! It was 65 degrees out, and it was a real adjustment trying to decide what to wear :) We drove just a few minutes away to the Frederick Marshall conservation area, and walked around for an hour or so, just exploring the woods. Lots of neat little contour features, but the woods are typical Kansas City mixed junk, so this is not a map-worthy area.


Memory #6, Exploring New Places

I inherited my mom's wanderlust. I love to travel, to see and do something new, to explore. Mike also likes to travel, but he'd always rather be orienteering. So, we have taken a few international trips which have included O. My favorite memories are when we just went out on a map, exploring the area, instead of a competition. The first memory is of Fountainebleau, on the outskirts of Paris. Mike first visited this place as a child, and the woods left such an impression on him, that he always wanted to back there and orienteer. We borrowed some maps from Mathias and Abbey, and took the train down. The woods are filled with large rock formations, and the ground was covered with waist-high ferns. A magical area, and so much fun to explore with Mike. We also had a great time exploring the lava-field map in Iceland. This was the hardest map I've been on in a while, because the hills/contours didn't follow a regular pattern. Plus the footing was sharp! But, again, we were together, exploring a very cool area, so it was wonderful.

Thursday Dec 25, 2008 #

orienteer 1:43:00 [3]

at Rockcrusher on a course drawn by Mike. This was the site of my first "travelling" A meet, in 1989, so it brought back good memories. Great day to be out, upper 30's, light snow (lots of opossum, turkey and raccoon tracks). I started off well, moving cleanly (although still slow in and out of controls; need to get sharper). But then I hit the wall at 1 hour (my stomach was growling, and my training began to resemble one of Eric B's exercises). Slowed way down and dragged myself back to the car a few minutes later than planned.

Then off to dad and Pam's for a great dinner. Talked with Stephen and they decided to name our niece: Vivian. He sounded very tired.


Memory #5, Christmas

Christmas is a day for joy and fun. What better way to spend part of the day than orienteering? I used to go back to my parents house for Christmas in my early O years, and I started a tradition of orienteering in Harriman on Christmas day. Plus, I often received an O related gift. It was great, as a poor grad student, to receive a gift of a compass, gaiters or a SLOC O top (yes, I admit that I was/am a geek).

Now that Mike and I spend Christmas in Lawrence, we almost always orienteer at Clinton Lake. It's great fun to see the bald eagles, fight through the thorns, and then go to a warm house for great food and company. And I still get O presents from time to time :)

Wednesday Dec 24, 2008 #


Memory #4, Rocks

Early on, I remember being so confused by all the rocks on the West Point/Harriman maps. I could hardly see the contours underneath, and the rocks all looked the same to me. But after a few years, it began to get easier. And then I had a breakthrough. Can't remember the year or the map, but I distinctly recall the leg. A long leg, contouring along a huge hill, and then we had to go up a specific rock/cliff lined reentrant to the marker. For the first time, I recognized the rock-strewn reentrant that I wanted, and I was confident to climb up several lines and pass through the cliffs to my marker. No hesitation this time, or hoping I was right. I was confident.

I was also confused by the rocks, and mapping style, in Laramie. It took several visits before I actually got it. One year, when we were there for a training camp, I approached the vetting tape at my "control" and suddenly knew it was hung in the wrong spot. I had the confidence to acknowledge it and move on through the rest of my course. Later, I felt even better, when I asked Mikell to look at the tape, and he agreed that he had inadvertently hung it on the wrong feature :)

Tuesday Dec 23, 2008 #

run/walk warm up/down 10:00 [2]

orienteer 18:32 [3]

sprint training at JCCC. Mike drew me a short course. It was fun to run a course I hadn't seen before--it's been too long since I've really orienteered. Glad I had my spikes in the car, because we had freezing rain during the day, and the sidewalks were icy.

I gave myself a Christmas present tonight: I took down the "staged" kid room, and set up my sewing room again. And I'm off work for the next 5 days :)


Memory #3, Elites, 1993 and 2006

I was so excited to watch WOC93 in Harriman. But I had no idea what to expect. I was so amazed to actually watch the elites run, really run, over the wet rocky ground. I had no idea they could move that well. I especially remember standing next to the finish chute at the relay, and literally feeling the ground shake as a guy ran past. Amazing.

Then, during Oringen 2006, we went to watch a demonstration event. We found a back entrance to the spectator area, which happened to take us right through the course. This time, I stood on the road, watching the runners approach and then pass me. They appeared to just fly over the ground, mindless of the wood debris and fallen limbs. Inspiring.

Monday Dec 22, 2008 #


Memory #2, Guys, 1992

Soon after I started orienteering in 1988, a female friend asked me if I was doing it to meet guys. I laughed so hard because the available guys in SLOC at the time had an average age of about 62.

Feb 1992, SLOC B meet: another SLOCer points out Mike Eglinski, who had just returned from Sweden. I barely glanced at him.

later in spring 1992, A meet at MNOC, course review at Saturday dinner: Mike was tapped to review the blue course. I was in the back of the room, thinking about leaving. I looked up, saw Mike, and thought: Who is he ??!!??. My hormone levels went through the roof.

July 1992, Forest Park meet, SLOC: Mike won the big silver trophy. I used this as an entry to start a conversation with him. I remember this; he does not.

01 Nov 1992, US Champs day 2, French Creek: When I got on the bus from the finish to the parking lot, I noticed Mike was also on the bus. I chose to sit right behind him, but did not get a chance to talk with him. When I got off the bus, he was standing next to Dick N, who was going to give me a ride back to the hotel. Mike also came with us, and we talked at the hotel, at lunch, on the way to the airport, and at the airport. He remembers this day :)

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