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Training Log Archive: maprunner

In the 7 days ending Mar 26, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  orienteer2 2:42:59 5.84(27:54) 9.4(17:20) 652651.9
  run/walk2 40:0095.0
  run1 34:15 3.11(11:01) 5.0(6:51) 59137.0
  weights1 30:0030.0
  Total5 4:27:14 8.95 14.4 711913.9

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Tuesday Mar 26, 2019 #

12 PM

run 34:15 [4] 5.0 km (6:51 / km) +59m 6:28 / km

run/walk warm up/down 15:00 [3]

I like to take an extra day of vacation after O weekends. I slept late and then sewed the monthly challenge for our sewing group meeting tonight.

Now that O season is over, it's time to think about my annual 5K. So I did my first run of the test loop. I'm starting later than last year, but I was bit faster than last year's first run. I was able to run all the way up Daisy Hill without stopping, which was a surprise. I was tired at the end, and really couldn't wait for it to be over.

Monday Mar 25, 2019 #


Nice relaxing day. Started with more visiting with Summer and Owen, then an afternoon flight from CVG to MCI. So nice to be home in the early evening for a change.

Sunday Mar 24, 2019 #

9 AM

orienteer race 1:18:26 [4] 4.7 km (16:41 / km) +290m 12:45 / km

2018 US Masters Nationals, Carter Cave KY, day 2

I started earlier today, so I saw a lot more people. It was also colder, which was on my mind at the start but not a factor once I was moving.

I was running too hard on the way to 1 and not being as safe as I was yesterday. I started to go the wrong ditch at first.

I thought that I could follow a rough compass to 2, and I did pass fairly close to the control. But it was a bad strategy and I should definitely have planned a better attack after crossing the trail. I climbed too far and saw the rocks, so I knew I should relocate. I made myself go over to the trail (but I went slowly, still hoping I would bump into 2 along the way). Bad compass leaving the trail, so I missed again and hit the lower trail. Should have paid attention to how far up the hill I was. Knew exactly where I was, set my compass direction and headed off towards 2. And wound up at the rocks again. Looked at my map and saw that I had been off by 90 degrees. Shit!! Down to the lower trail again, carefully pay attention and this this time I found the control. I thought I lost 5 minutes, but I Actually lost 10. I was pretty pissed at myself.

I punched right behind Brooke, and we both headed up the hill towards the cliffs. I thought I would try to stay above the line of cliffs, but when I got there, I could see that the intermittent trail was quite visible and several people (including Brooke) were on it. So that was lucky accident.

I punched 3 right behind Brenda Blacklock and she was surprised to see me since she had started after me. I seemed to have finally settled down and hit my stride here and I did well on 4-5-6. I was enjoying the flatter areas and tried to run a bit on the way to 6, but I was still mostly walking.

I got lucky on 7. I was about to pass it when I saw someone punching the control out of the corner of my eye. That should have been a warning that my mind was not as sharp as yesterday, but I didn't listen.

I was carefully checking off features on the way to 8 and even told myself that the trail may be hard to see. I saw a woman leaving a control, but it wasn't mine since I hadn't passed the trail yet. But the vegetation ahead was thicker and I thought I had better go look at that control, just in case. It was my 8! Whew, that was another close call.

I had some other folks ahead me to help lead me into 9, but I left most of them behind as I went to 10. I was navigating on my own now.

Picked up another woman at 11 and we both decided to head straight up the hill on the long leg. I briefly considered staying low and going around on the trail, but I reminded myself that straight through the woods is better for me. It was a good choice, based on the splits.

Today's course was much more fun and interesting than yesterdays. I enjoyed the navigation challenge. I had fun in the beautiful woods.

I was also pleased that I had one good day, and one decent day at a race that was important to me. I wanted to win F50 and I did what I had to do to make it happen.

Stayed around to socialize and pick up medals for the PTOC/OK folks. Then drove to Lexington, showered, and went to visit Mike's sister Summer, her husband Silas and our 2-month old nephew Owen. That was a great way to end the day!

Saturday Mar 23, 2019 #

11 AM

orienteer race 1:24:33 [4] 4.7 km (17:59 / km) +362m 12:59 / km

2018 Masters Nationals, Carter Cave Park, KY, Day 1

We flew in late Friday night and stayed near the CVG airport. In the morning, we picked up Cristina from her hotel and drove to the park. It was nice to have her company to discuss visible geography, orienteering states and attracting women to O.

I had promised myself that I would take a very safe route to the first control, so I climbed the hill and headed for the open area. The steep uphill helped keep my pace in check and was very good for tiring me out on the way to the first control! I was scared in the cliffs near 2 (I hate steep narrow places) so I left 2 by going below it. I was a little hesitant going to 3 and checked out a few nearby features, when I should have been confident enough to go straight towards the edge of the cliff.

I was on track to spike 4, but I hit an un-mapped depression right before it and lost my confidence. Fortunately, I did not wander long. I figured out that I was going too far down hill and turned around.

I guess I was thinking every control meant some up hill climb on this course, so I never saw the trail or road route from 6 to 7. I just started climbing right after I punched 6. I think it was decent route. I tried to run once or twice while I was on the road, but legs had no power, so I just kept walking.

I was walking 90% of this course because it was so steep. Also, I was focused on navigation and not my pace. It helped that I saw very few others (I had the last start on the course) so I was not trying to keep up with anyone.

I did see someone coming up the stairs near 7 as I was going down them, so I knew it was a route choice to 8. But also I knew I couldn't run fast on the trail, and that sometimes going straight through the woods is a better option for me. Or maybe I just couldn't handle the psychology of turning around and going back up the steep stairs. So, I contoured to 8. Talking with others after the race, I thought this had probably been a bad choice. But the splits say I had the second fastest split on the course for this leg, so I guess it was a good decision!

I was exhausted going to 9. I hesitated a lot, and wasn't reading the map well, but I finally made it up the hill.

I was a bit cautious and safe heading to 11, and I was also confused by all the contour lines in the circle, but didn't really figure it out until after the race (best guess is that some contour lines were moved around while they were formatting the north lines, according to Mike M). It didn't cause any problems for me, but I know some other folks were impacted on other courses.

Getting to 12 was another "just climb the hill", so that was no fun. Or so I thought. I t was dream compared to leaving 12. The hillside was wet and slippery. And crazy steep. I was with two other people at this time and we all kept stopping for a rest every few steps. No fun at all.

I did well navigating to 13, once I got up the hill. I was worried about the short leg to 15 because I often mess them up, but you could see the flag from 14.

I couldn't understand all the stuff going on in the circle at the Go control, so I just hoped I would figure it out when I got there. I had enough left in the tank to try to get a fast finish-chute split, so I took off sprinting. I had to ask people on the bridge to stand aside for me. I was moving well, but messed up the punch (twice!) and probably lost 2 seconds there. So bummed about that.

I was pleased with my navigation today, and mental focus. I talked to myself (out loud) and that seems to work for me. I tried to keep quiet when I was around other people. I was clean to the first control, and I had a good day 1, both of which have been problems in the past. I was happy.

I was really happy to see that I had a 40 minute lead in F50 (much less pressure for tomorrow!) and super happy to see that I was 7th on the course.

Nice weather and location to hang around socializing after the event. Drove to our hotel in Morehead, and had a lovely dinner with Tom and Lisa.

Thursday Mar 21, 2019 #

run/walk 25:00 [2]

A short shuffle around Holcom on a beautiful evening.
I'm ready for the Champs. I feel good and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

Wednesday Mar 20, 2019 #

weights 30:00 [1]

Easy set tonight since the Champs are this weekend

15X elevated squats (body weight)
10X TRX row
24X lunges (body weight)
10X incline push up
30 sec plank

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