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Training Log Archive: maprunner

In the 7 days ending Jan 18:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  orienteer3 3:09:14 7.92(23:54) 12.74(14:51) 427609.9
  run/walk3 1:05:00 2.38 3.82 44137.5
  Nordic track1 30:0060.0
  weights1 30:0060.0
  aerobics1 20:0020.0
  Total6 5:34:14 10.29 16.57 471887.4

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Saturday Jan 18 #

11 AM

orienteer 1:02:55 intensity: (2:43 @2) + (14:39 @3) + (41:36 @4) + (3:57 @5) 4.1 km (15:21 / km) +158m 12:52 / km
ahr:145 max:162

Georgia day 2, Hard Labor Park, Camp Rutledge, Brown X

I couldn't move as well as yesterday due to the downed trees and viney things (especially for the first few controls) and it took a while for me to wake up and get my mind into the map. I knew I wasn't sure of my route approaching 2, but I didn't think I had wandered as much as my track shows. I remember I finally told myself to just head down the hill and stop trying to figure out the ditches, the trail behind the control would stop me.

I had a lot of fun going to 7. Finally, there was open woods, down hill and good visibility to my attackpoint. I actually said "Weee!" as I ran down this section.

I thought the stream between 7 and 8 would be harder to cross (is the color incorrect?), so I headed out of the way to cross on the trail. But when I saw that the stream was crossable, I corrected and went straight across.

I go tired and sloppy going to 11. When I climbed too high (in the wrong direction) and saw the road, my brain thought I was near 12 but nothing made sense. I decide to run back down hill to the trail bend and start again. This time I was going in the correct direction, but got pulled aside (stupidly) when I saw someone leaving another control to my left.

I enjoyed the challenge of today's race, and some of the nice woods. The temps were perfect.

Nice dinner in downtown Covington at Mystic Grill with Dick, Nancy and Reta.

20202-01-18_Georgia day 2_route

run/walk warm up/down 15:00 [1]

Friday Jan 17 #

1 PM

orienteer race 35:18 intensity: (3:32 @2) + (9:27 @3) + (9:49 @4) + (12:30 @5) 3.1 km (11:23 / km) +110m 9:41 / km
ahr:147 max:172

Georgia Day 1, Bert Adams Scout Camp, middle

This went better than I expected, but not as well as I wanted. As I warmed up, I realized that I was not in orienteering shape, I hadn't been in a competition in a long time and my map reading and mental habits were rusty. My goal for the day was to "read the map".

I felt OK physically and was able to move well through the nice woods. Things seemed a bit off on the first few markers and I doubted myself a few times, but kept moving. Until 3 where I was right on track, saw my marker but also saw another one that seemed to make more sense and I stupidly went there first.

As I was going from 4 to 5, I took a glance at the next leg. I knew that straight was probably the best choice but somehow in my brain the gully looked bigger and longer and I decided ahead of time I had to run southeast around the gully and then up to the marker. When I got close to 5 I was surprised to see MeanGene (who had started before me). I told myself not to get thrown off or think about him, just punch and run SE. So I did, never looking at the map again to see that the gully was not an issue and I was making a stupid error.

I was lucky it was a short leg so I didn't lose much time, but I'm disappointed in how my brain functioned (or really, didn't) on 3 and 6.

I'm probably the only person who rested at the Go control before the run in :) I had fun sprinting, I haven't sprinted in months. Hope my finish chute time holds up well among the USMAOC cadets.

Bummer of the day was that MeanGene pulled a hamstring, wasn't able to finish the course, and will not be running day 2 and 3. This was his first time at the GAOC event and he was looking forward to the competition in the nice woods.

2020-01-17_Georgia day 1 middle_route

Nice dinner at a Thai place (Bangkok Cafe) with Cristina and Gene. And I almost forgot, we started the day with a visit to the camera museum, which was interesting and just the right amount of touristing.

run/walk warm up/down 15:00 [1]

Wednesday Jan 15 #

aerobics 20:00 [1]

weights 30:00 [2]

We took it easy on my legs tonight since I have a race this weekend.

Tonight's set:
20X walking lunge, body weight
15X glute bridge
15X squat, body weight
15X TRX row
25X band press
12X kneeling pulldown

Tuesday Jan 14 #

Nordic track 30:00 [2]

Monday Jan 13 #

5 PM

run/walk 35:00 intensity: (4:24 @2) + (23:41 @3) + (6:55 @4) 3.82 km (9:09 / km) +44m 8:40 / km
ahr:132 max:149

An easy run to check out the new tunnel under 19th and Iowa. We often stopped to look at progress this summer/fall, trying to guess how it would be laid out. Now it's finished so I could finally see it all. My GPS tracking worked going east/west. but got all wonky when I went north/south.

Sunday Jan 12 #

10 AM

orienteer 1:31:01 intensity: (6:11 @1) + (26:14 @2) + (55:51 @3) + (2:45 @4) 5.54 km (16:25 / km) +160m 14:21 / km
ahr:124 max:156

Mike and I went to Rockcrusher. I ran a course that I set for NY 2015 (god, how can it be 5 years already??!)

There was fresh snow and a layer of ice on the trees so I took it slow. I also chose routes through the fields, on purpose, to get some terrain practice. It will also make me really love the woods in Georgia on Friday!

I must admit I wasn't mentally into this training and my mind wandered a lot. (edited): I was distracted by looking at tracks in the snow. Mostly deer, of course. But also squirrel, bobcat and coyote.

The shoreline is really eroded so I had to take some different routes on the way to 6. Then I noticed it was time to get back to the car to meet Mike, I didn't mind skipping 6 and 7.


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