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Training Log Archive: revy

In the 7 days ending Aug 10:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike4 12:25:00 125.67(10.1/h) 202.25(16.3/h) 4035
  Run2 3:37:25 13.36(16:16) 21.5(10:07) 970
  Paddle3 3:35:00 16.78(4.7/h) 27.0(7.5/h) 1
  Total9 19:37:25 155.81(7:33) 250.75(4:42) 5006

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Saturday Aug 10 #

Bike 1:30:00 [1] 13.5 km (9.0 kph) +300m

Riding at MacPherson with Courtney.

Friday Aug 9 #

1 PM

Paddle 1:30:00 intensity: (1:00:00 @1) + (20:00 @2) + (10:00 @3) 10.5 km (7.0 kph)

Lake Revelstoke with Courtney. It was windy at 5 mile so continued to Wadey where it was much calmer (as usual). Paddled up Laforme the north on the east shore. Some nice free campsites along the shore here. Crossed over to the other side where we took a break for some swimming. Might as well take advantage of the few days when the water in the lake is warm enough to swim comfortably...

Swapped boats with Courtney for the paddle back. Not a huge difference in speed but there certainly is one.

Thursday Aug 8 #

9 AM

Bike 3:40:00 [3] 102.0 km (27.8 kph) +1225m

Day trip to Salmon Arm for a road ride with Jordan. With the dog to take care of road rides have become rather rare. Jordan just got a road bike this year and had only done a few 2 hour rides so he was keen for a longer loop. It turns out that he is a natural at road biking too... I think he would drop me easily on the climbs. A scorcher of a day but tolerable on the bikes except for the last hour or so on the climbs. We held a steady pace with little drafting. I felt like my energy started lagging at 75km. Jordan suggested we add a few km to make the ride 100km (it was going to be 93km) as he had never ridden this far. I hadn't fuelled expecting an extra 15 minutes so took it easy on the extra loop. Nice to be back on the road bike - did a few roads I have never been on before. Traffic was minimal for the most part though was missing my radar (haven't replaced the lost Garmin yet and it needs a head unit to work).

Nice lunch with Brook and then visit with Rich and Ally afterwards.

Wednesday Aug 7 #

6 AM

Paddle 45:00 intensity: (25:00 @1) + (20:00 @4) 5.0 km (6.7 kph) +1m

A few laps on the Columbia in the eddy. Current was calmer this morning. 4 higher tempo section (4-5min each). Hard to maintain this pace beyond 5 minutes which I guess is the point:)
11 AM

Run 2:37:25 [3] 12.5 km (12:36 / km) +950m 9:08 / km
shoes: Brooks Cascadia Black

Solo trip to MaCrae with the dog. For some reason in my mind thought this would be a quick jaunt up to the summit. Not sure where the almost 1000m of vertical came from...

Ran most of the first 3 km then speed hiking. Milo didn't like the first summit option via the ridge so took a looser option that was easier for him. Great views from the top and still clear skies. Back down via the glacier and the north ridge. Was feeling a bit tired climbing out from the lake - probably not enough food.

Tuesday Aug 6 #

2 PM

Bike 2:00:00 [1] 20.0 km (10.0 kph) +460m

5620 trail at the resort. Felt pretty tired on the climb - certainly it is a bit harder and longer than I anticipated (though given my big ride yesterday the legs were probably more tired than usual). Being afternoon on a hot day probably didn't help.

Great views from the top. The trail down is fun but not amazing. It seemed a bit monotonous - lots of similar berms, lots of time spent on the brakes, the jumps are too big for intermediate riders, and not much else for challenge. It was not a Half Nelson... and it was 15 km long which made it feel a bit tedious. Best sections were towards the bottom where it got narrower.

Monday Aug 5 #

7 AM

Bike 5:15:00 intensity: (1:45:00 @1) + (3:30:00 @3) 66.75 km (12.7 kph) +2050m
shoes: RM Element

Solo ride to the end of Frisby and back (also known as the Full Terriyaki). Started at home and went up the FSR. 1:35 to the parking lot with a 5 minute stop for water. Another 1:10 to the high point. Felt pretty good for the most part and a good time which was nice given I really haven't done many long sustained rides this year. About 3.5 hours to the end with another stop to treat water. First time riding the extension and it is a nice addition. It has a XC feel to it with some rolling sections and mellower climbs. The ride back was much faster than I expected. Felt like one of the better descents I've had in a while on this trail. Had some traffic to deal with but not too bad. Not sure what made it so fun. Was underbiked for the descent from the parking but worked out OK (took the XC bike figuring it was the better bike for 90% of the ride). The connector was still really fun - just picked lines a bit better. Ultimate Frisby was a little more cautious but didn't feel sketchy. The thing I wanted the most was more braking power. Didn't feel like the bike was too steep though a little more travel would help at times. Walked a handful of sections. Very warm in the valley when I got back so glad I left early. Legs are tired now...

Sunday Aug 4 #

9 AM

Run 1:00:00 [1] 9.0 km (6:40 / km) +20m 6:36 / km
shoes: Brooks Ghost

Drove to the airport and ran back home with Courtney and Milo. Easy pace - left knee felt a little sore to start but was fine after ten minutes.
11 AM

Paddle 1:20:00 [2] 11.5 km (8.6 kph)

Paddle downstream with Courtney to retrieve the car. Much more current than I expected for a Sunday. Most be lots of AC use.

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