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Training Log Archive: revy

In the 7 days ending Feb 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Backcountry skiing4 14:30:00 27.96(31:07) 45.0(19:20) 5075
  Classic ski1 1:15:00 7.77(9:39) 12.5(6:00) 225
  Skate ski1 1:10:00 9.32(7:31) 15.0(4:40) 350
  Run1 1:05:30 6.52(10:02) 10.5(6:14) 20
  Total7 18:00:30 51.57(20:57) 83.0(13:01) 5670

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Saturday Feb 13 #

11 AM

Skate ski 1:10:00 [2] 15.0 km (4:40 / km) +350m 4:11 / km

Skate ski with Courtney and Atsuko. Conditions were nice though still cold and slow. Temperature was fine if skiing uphill, chilly on long descents.

Friday Feb 12 #

10 AM

Backcountry skiing (100eight) 4:00:00 [3] 13.0 km (18:28 / km) +1425m 11:56 / km

Back to 20k with Courtney, Russ, Vikki and Atsuko. Checked out another high point further up the valley. Uptrack through the old block was OK though nicer in the mature forest. Direct route up to the summit was OK though steep. More traffic in the last couple days than I expected which meant that my planned first run was tracked. We started left and then decided to cut right which did not work well as we were in the old tracks right away. Should have kept skiing fall line left. Neither line is super open at the top which makes lining them up tougher.

The skier's right line hugging the cliff edge then swinging left would also work (lower trees that drop into the edge of the old block are fairly open). Then we climbed back to the same high point as with Sean. We skied the upper part of the left line but a couple other people had dropped into it since Monday so we cut right to the next one. The forest between the lines looks skiable as well. Skied the next line until it pinched off into a gully (and there were 5 old tracks). Traversed again (and again the trees were OK) into the next gully. This one was narrow and fun for me but perhaps less so for the last people in the group. Weather was nice and sunny. Skiing was not as good as the previous days here - didn't connect the runs as well.

Thursday Feb 11 #

11 AM

Run 1:05:30 [3] 10.5 km (6:14 / km) +20m 6:11 / km
shoes: Icebug Green

Greenbelt with Milo. The windchill was rather unpleasant at times.

Wednesday Feb 10 #

11 AM

Classic ski 1:15:00 [2] 12.5 km (6:00 / km) +225m 5:30 / km

Better conditions than I expected despite the cold temperatures. Used the waxable skis for the first time this year.

Tuesday Feb 9 #

10 AM

Backcountry skiing (Wayback) 2:30:00 [2] 7.0 km (21:26 / km) +875m 13:11 / km

Cold temperatures scared everyone off except Jordan. Went back to 20km to check out one of the other paths. Colder today by a few degrees but no clouds so warmer during the climb. We were on steep south and snow was getting only very slightly moist. Climbed up the furthest left gully for half the elevation then into the trees on the climber's left. The alders and the gully made the lower section harder than I thought it would be while the middle section was nice forest. We gained the ridge for the last bit but this sucked due to the narrowness of the ridge, bluffs that affected travel, and wind affected snow. Due to the rocks and cliffs it is impossible to ski directly into the line we were aiming for anyway so we traversed into it dropping about 100m along the way. I think next time it would make sense to head right around 1850m and keep climbing across the slope. The first path looked fairly tight with trees but could be skied by a couple good skiers (quite a gully half way down). We skied the second path and it was much better (though still fairly treed and only space for 4-5 people). Snow was good until we got near the bottom on lower angle stuff where it got slow. Jordan was tired so called it a day. The flat ski out was painful due to the cold and slow snow. We didn't need to go as far but it seemed to take longer. I think the snowmobile traffic yesterday had helped the sliding speed.

Monday Feb 8 #

10 AM

Backcountry skiing (Wayback) 3:30:00 [3] 12.0 km (17:30 / km) +1400m 11:03 / km

A week of very cold weather coming up with alpine highs in the low minus 20's in the forecast. Yikes - tough skiing conditions. When it gets this cold the best option is to ski in the sun so headed to some south aspects... it was cold but not unpleasant (for the most part). Sun actually didn't come out that much as some convective clouds built through the day. Fairly calm and never colder than -19. Coldest I got was skiing down - self created windchill;)

Sean joined me for his first ski of the year. Parked at 20k on the Gorge FSR and headed a couple km up the road, turned left at the cabin and then started up through the forest. I thought it looked like we might have a little bit of fight but the forest was very pleasant travel. The traverse right took us onto the lower angle shoulder which was nice travel. Saw some snowmobiles - curious how they got up there? The goal today was the furthest skiers left chute off the ridge. We started a little too far lefl (temps were not conducive to checking Gaia frequently) before cutting back right. The line is quite nice (space for 5-6) with good pitch but no serious avalanche concerns and is a good length. We went back up but Sean was not keen for the full climb given this was his first day out so we cut across into the run early. Second ski seemed longer depiste being shorter - weird. Scrapping some skin glue off my bases helped. Cold snow was definetely not fast... might wax my skis for tomorrow. A few of the other paths/gullies look worth skiing while a couple have way too many xmas trees.

Sunday Feb 7 #

8 AM

Backcountry skiing (100eight) 4:30:00 [3] 13.0 km (20:46 / km) +1375m 13:35 / km

Begbie Shoulder with Courtney, Russ, Vikki, Tom and Atsuko. Lots of logging this winter due to high lumber demand so lots of roads being kept open. Figured we'd take advantage of one of these roads on a Sunday when there is not likely to be traffic. Avoiding the Pass on a weekend also seemed like a good idea. I was a bit worried about the approach through some newer blocks and it certainly required a little bush bashing (both up and down - the road option might be better but it is longer). I was also worried about the possibility of cliffs on the way up and we certainly found lots of rocks. There is an interesting fracture part way up the cut-block (should have stayed on the climber's left). The route we took certainly went up some steep sections and was good kick turn practice. Gaining the ridge was tricky due to a rock band right near the top. Climber's right would work better. First run down worked OK - a couple steeper bits, one rock fracture to sneak through, then some lumpy sections in the cutblock. The second run was much better in terms sustained and smooth pitch. Snow was great on both though. The bottom of the gully was OK to ski out. Going below the ski road looked unpleasant. Good skiing and fun exploration but probably a few too many challenges to make this a regular destination (plus the usual 4 km of road would be a turn off).

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