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Training Log Archive: revy

In the 7 days ending Mar 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Backcountry skiing5 23:30:00 52.2(27:01) 84.0(16:47) 7815
  Skate ski1 1:20:00 9.94(8:03) 16.0(5:00) 390
  Bike1 1:05:00 6.99(6.5/h) 11.25(10.4/h) 25
  Total7 25:55:00 69.13(22:30) 111.25(13:59) 8230

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Saturday Mar 13 #

Skate ski 1:20:00 [2] 16.0 km (5:00 / km) +390m 4:27 / km

Skate ski with Courtney and Atsuko. Lots of stops to chat with friends we met along the way. Conditions were pretty good - typical spring refrozen snow but cold night and not too many melt freeze cycles yet so not icy.

Friday Mar 12 #

9 AM

Backcountry skiing 4:00:00 [2] 14.0 km (17:09 / km) +1300m 11:42 / km

Back to Bart being the guide - the group was keen to check out a new spot with a later start so headed to the ski hill. Skied Hot Sauce 3/4 down then cut left through the trees - if you stay fairly level you pop out on the cat track right around the high point which brings you to the bottom of Montana Bowl pretty quickly. Given the variable snow on solar aspects and one less transition it seemed like a good option today (we were ahead of the groups that toured the standard way). Went up Roscoe's to gain the ridge - although short the upper slope is steep - OK today but going around is safer. From Kokanee we dropped down the east side and found plenty of untracked snow. We did a short 100m climb to access the next bowl but I think next time I would contour aiming for 20m below the knob. It should be doable for skiers with a little bit of side stepping (might not be doable for the boarders). The slope on the other side is much better than the route I took last time I went this way - nice open glades and if you stay right at the bottom can add a few hundred vertical of low angle open trees. There is a potential skier's right line but need to navigate a cliff band. Climbed back to Kokanee peak (steeper slopes than you think so again not a good high hazard option - going to Greely is safer) and skied Show Off (?) which though tracked still had pockets of soft snow. I need to come back on my own and check out the catcher's mitt exit to see if it is worthwhile for saving the last little skin out. Groomers skied nicely on the way out - spring conditions.

Thursday Mar 11 #

7 AM

Backcountry skiing (100eight) 5:30:00 [2] 19.0 km (17:22 / km) +1790m 11:48 / km

Last day of skiing with Joey - back to Loop Brook as shortest approach to north facing skiing (and no solar aspects to ski). Went up from the moraine side which is a little longer but scenic and safer. There are a few glades lower down that need attention in higher hazard. This route also allowed us to check out the glacier run - there is one obvious trough that drops off the glacier and no slots to deal with. We managed to climb fairly high working past a couple horizontal crevasses - I'm not sure the last 50m were worth it due to slope angle. The ski down had great snow - moderate heli ski style powder skiing until the last roll which was a little steeper. I had a great few turns down a rib... could push across the flats and ski all the way to the bottom of the moraine if you wanted. We skinned up and went to Green's glacier via a short steep slope that gets you through the rock band. Another great heli ski style run with a steep roll at the bottom (though not as steep as it looked from below). We worked the skier's right on the way out and found untracked snow below the cliffs right to the flat area. We then tried the skier's left exit which skips the elephant's trunk - if hazard is low it may be worth doing as you get some extra turns. The drop to the creek is advanced though which made the process slower than the usual exit.

Wednesday Mar 10 #

10 AM

Bike 1:05:00 [1] 11.25 km (10.4 kph) +25m

Greenbelt ride with Milo to Bear Island and back. A few bare spots showing up. Doesn't look like we'll have a chance for nordic skiing on the flats this year.

Tuesday Mar 9 #

7 AM

Backcountry skiing (100eight) 5:00:00 [2] 18.0 km (16:40 / km) +1725m 11:16 / km

There were a couple objectives we had suggested to Joey and today lined up perfectly to ski one of them - Mt Green via Loop Brook skiing the path all the way to the highway. No clouds in the sky, little wind, good snow and reasonable temperatures...

These few days have been a Loop Brook immersion which have given me a better appreciation of the skiing available here. The Elephant's trunk was much slicker today so finally gave in and walked up (rather than skinning). With better visibility today was able to scope the lines off the Bonney Moraines much better. Heading into the main gully seems much safer from above the last moraine though there are a few skier's right lines that don't seem to be used as much. Our track took us further up the valley than two days ago. There was one group of two punching the trail in ahead of us and we had to pause a few times to avoid stacking up behind them. The headwall pitch towards Green col is not too bad to start but certainly steepens towards the end. You are exposed to the cornice on the left and sun exposed slopes above the cliff on the right. Joey said he usually prefers to stay on the right - fight the smallest guy;) The last section to the col was a bootpack - three or four steps where the snow is shallow loose shale underneath. We were roped and belayed for this but would have been OK without. The ropes made things a bit slow (another group of trainee guides leapfrogged us here). The section above the thin rocks often can hide a windslab but no worries today. The rest of the ridge is simple travel - could likely have skinned most of it but due to the variable snow we bootpacked a bit. From the summit the two options are side slip down the east ridge and pick your way through a short rock band. Sometimes this requires a rappel but able to ski through some rocks today. Feels like an airy position as you start down the ridge - big cornice on the left and rolling over into cliffs on the right. It is also possible to downclimb the NE ridge and drop in lower once the cornice ends. Once into the bowl the terrain is moderate for the first half then gets steeper with various gullies. The easier run is skier's left but the two previous groups had gone that way so Joey took us right. Great snow on the upper pitches... very cool backlit powder effect too. With each turn the powder would get sprayed in the air and the sun behind would create a shadow as we skied. Lower down the snow became variable but still skiable. Looks like a cut hard right into the adjacent glades might be a better finish for turns if snow is good to the valley bottom. 1700m of vertical from the summit to the valley bottom. At this point you need to pay for great run by walking back along the valley to the parking lot. The first half is fine but the section above the tracks was crap due to the icy conditions. Worth it though... :)

Monday Mar 8 #

8 AM

Backcountry skiing (100eight) 5:00:00 [2] 18.0 km (16:40 / km) +1750m 11:13 / km

Improving weather pattern today - mix of sun and cloud with FL about parking lot level. Jordan joined us today while Atsuko had to work. Objective today was the classic Lily/Dome connection. A couple groups ahead of us breaking trail but overall still low traffic. Rather cold downflow winds on the climb made my face really cold. The snow on the Lily looked nice so decided to do a lap there before continuing on to the Dome col. More tracks on the Dome side but still lots of space. We went over the top roll than cut hard left dropping below Rampart on a short very steep slope to set up a nice moraine pitch heading towards the Mushroom People. Snow was really good until there but as aspect turned slightly got some temperature effect and then of course the crust below the new snow. Ski out on the Asulkan was flatter than I remembered so lots of double poling. Good day.

Sunday Mar 7 #

9 AM

Backcountry skiing (Wayback) 4:00:00 [2] 15.0 km (16:00 / km) +1250m 11:18 / km

Another cancelled ski trip - this time to SME. A few people were coming from too far away and some people still felt like this trip was not following current rules. Tricky as a critical mass of the participants were vaccinated but too early to really play that card. Anyway a handful of people still went on a boutique small group trip - while the rest of the locals decided to keep one of the guides (Joey V) busy with local objectives. Today's trip included Courtney, Russ, Vikki and Atsuko. Objective was Green's Glacier but the weather never cooperated and we did a couple laps on the Bonney side (looker's right of the usual moraine runs). As I had never been up this way it was still a satisfying objective. Conditions lower down were a bit sticky but snow above 1500m was great. Back needed a few stretch breaks but held up. Felt a little mechanical skiing down as I was trying to avoid bending too much.

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