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Training Log Archive: Craney

In the 7 days ending Mar 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running7 5:05:00 39.08(7:48) 62.9(4:51) 920
  Orienteering2 2:18:29 17.03(8:08) 27.4(5:03) 710
  Total7 7:23:29 56.11(7:54) 90.3(4:55) 1630

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Sunday Mar 31 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (NOL Long) 1:36:29 [5] 19.2 km (5:02 / km) +500m 4:27 / km

At Hill End, came 3rd, +4:00 (well 3:59.9 really) to Matt Doyle. This was a good race, which I very much enjoyed - nice terrain, nice cool weather, nice course, legs feeling relatively ok, a good comeback after a bit of a shocker early on, and a result at least as good as I was hoping/expecting.

Hit #1 fine so charged off full of confidence to #2 only to get myself into a 90 degree spin which led to me crossing the wrong massive valley and getting very confused. Funny thing was Grace had already told me about half the girls on 1st leg the previous day doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same spot. So that was 1:40mins binned on what turned out to be a relatively straightforward course techincally. Oops.

Got into a good groove after that though, and found my legs feeling really good on the road run to #5. Took a decent route on the long leg to #8 but crossed the big ravine at a really bad spot (this was apparent later when Matt showed me a good place to cross on the way to #21), which dropped another ~30secs. Pretty good through the short legs and the steep section out the back of the village, but on the long leg to #18 back through the arena noticed I was getting a bit tired. So I opted for the easier running road route, which I think was ok.

Dithered a bit coming out of #19 then got a bit spooked by a loud noise from behind which led to me tripping and snapping my compass in two. Cursing my immense misfortune, I looked behind to see what the source of the noise was... Matt Doyle my 4 minute man catching me. Grrr. Anyway, not too long left now and on dropping into #20 we picked up Marty. Cue a bit of a burn-up to the aforementioned #21 where Matt led us across the big ravine at a nice spot. The control pick to the finish was fun and Matt kindly gave me a couple of chances to lead the train - i.e. we were quite scrappy (it turned out that Andrew pipped me for 2nd through this bit). Still, got the last control first and I will claim I punched the finish ahead of Matt even though I have no proof. Happy with 3rd, and also happy to be outclassed by two young Cockies.

Interesting routegadget:

Running warm up/down 17:00 [2] 2.8 km (6:04 / km) +80m 5:19 / km

Short warm-up as in a bit of a rush to get to the start. Decent warm-down jog doing some split geeking.

Saturday Mar 30 #

3 PM

Orienteering race (Aus Relay Champs) 42:00 [5] 8.2 km (5:07 / km) +210m 4:32 / km

At Hill End, ran last leg for the winning Cockies team. Not feeling particularly fresh at the start thanks largely to a night at the Cowra Hotel (never again) which we thought would break up the drive. Ha. Matt and Marty ran to plan and set me off with a handy lead, so I set off fairly relaxed. About 1min later realised I had no idea which powerline I was stood still under, so lost about 1min working that out. Not a particularly great start. Got going ok after that though and had a reasonable run. Legs never really got going but I felt reasonably strong on the hills. Lost another ~1min in some mining just before the spectator control, but had a decent final loop. So not a great run really with the two sizeable errors, but enjoyed it very much and there were some good sections. Enjoyed running in with Matt and Marty for the win. Before I'd even downloaded, Andrew appeared to take 2nd for the 2nd team, which was awesome. To be honest, another km or so and he might have got onto my tail.

Running warm up/down 17:00 [2] 3.0 km (5:40 / km)

Friday Mar 29 #

6 AM

Running 38:00 [3] 7.1 km (5:21 / km) +110m 4:58 / km

Early jog around Torrens just before the rain started.

Thursday Mar 28 #

7 PM

Running 15:00 [5] 4.0 km (3:45 / km) +70m 3:27 / km

5x3mins on the roads/bike paths around Woden in the dusk/dark. Felt alright and good to stretch the legs out a bit. Someone has recently spray painted some “IPWR” route markings along the bike path at the end of our road - perhaps I should follow it and see where it goes.

Running 30:00 [2] 6.3 km (4:46 / km) +50m 4:35 / km

Wednesday Mar 27 #

7 AM

Running 1:26:00 [3] 18.5 km (4:39 / km) +200m 4:25 / km

Southside train (Sam, Brad, Jacob and Alan) for the first time in a while. So cold I even wore my thermal for the whole run. Lovely day though. Felt good but got a bit sore in the tops of my hammies.

Tuesday Mar 26 #

8 AM

Running 1:03:00 [3] 13.1 km (4:49 / km) +230m 4:25 / km

Run to work the relatively short way. It was quite cool and I felt ok.

Monday Mar 25 #

12 PM

Running 39:00 [3] 8.1 km (4:49 / km) +180m 4:20 / km

Lunch run on my old skool Monday loop around LBM and ANBG. Felt a bit stiff and sore but moving along ok too.

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