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Training Log Archive: MikeS

In the 31 days ending Aug 31, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running26 23:16:50 180.8(7:44) 290.97(4:48)
  Orienteering6 6:33:48 37.1(10:37) 59.71(6:36) 1100
  Total27 29:50:38 217.9(8:13) 350.68(5:06) 1100

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Monday Aug 31, 2009 #

Running 50:00 [2] 6.5 mi (7:42 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Damflask and Agden. Not feeling great, tired and a bit hungover. Time and distance a guess because watch ran out of battery.

Sunday Aug 30, 2009 #

(rest day)

Travelling up to the North East for my cousin's wedding. Great do. Even better that my Uncle lives next door to the hotel where the reception was held, so a very short walk at the end of the evening!

Saturday Aug 29, 2009 #

Running 1:42:10 [3] 12.6 mi (8:07 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Run from home with Rich. Down to Hunters Bar, up the parks, around the road at the top, through the lumpy bit, back along the top of Rivelin. Feeling a bit tired today, Rich was running well and pushing me along.

Friday Aug 28, 2009 #

Running 33:10 [2] 5.0 mi (6:38 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)


Thursday Aug 27, 2009 #

Running intervals (Track) 30:00 [5] 4.1 mi (7:19 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel-DS Racer VII

6 * 800m, same as last week, but with a lap jog recovery between because I was running with the group. Except between reps 5 & 6 where I only had 75 seconds. Slightly quicker due to the longer recovery: 2.35, 2.36, 2.35, 2.35, 2.35, 2.34.

Running warm up/down 48:00 [2] 6.3 mi (7:37 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

Work to track, warm up laps, and run home with Rich.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009 #

(rest day)

Had to go to the opticians. But I now have new glasses and can see properly again.

Tuesday Aug 25, 2009 #

Running 33:51 [2] 5.0 mi (6:46 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)


Running 48:05 [2] 6.9 mi (6:58 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

Longer run HFW. Meadowhall, Fir Vale, Rutland Road (didn't enjoy the climb), back via Hillsbro Hotel.

Monday Aug 24, 2009 #

Running 49:17 [2] 6.6 mi (7:28 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

Nice cruisy run after work. It got dark much earlier than I was anticipating, so it almost felt like back to winter training in the street lights at the end. Broomhill, Hangingwater, parks, Hunters Bar, Eccy Road, Hanover Way, University. Legs a bit stiff from the weekend, but nice to be out and ticking over quite nicely.

Sunday Aug 23, 2009 #

Running 1:37:37 [3] 12.0 mi (8:08 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Saw Rick O'Toole loitering at the bottom of Springvale as I drove home from emmas so stopped for a chat and found out there was a group run going on. So raced home, changed quickly and caught them up on South Road. Ended up running with Neil, Petey, Tom E, Alex Smith and Dave Archer.

Bottom of Rivelin to the dams, then the Northrop shortcut, helping with the gardening on the new path. Me, Dave and Alex then cut back to Wyming Brook and along the top, while Neil, Pete and Tom carried on to Headstone.

Saturday Aug 22, 2009 #

Running 1:31:46 [2] 10.4 mi (8:49 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Run with Rich on a cracking morning in the Peaks. An old favourite route. Parked at Heatherdene, up Win Hill, along the ridge, down through the woods and up to Lockerbrook Farm, Fairholmes, back along the track side of the reservoir. Nice relaxed pace, enjoying the sunshine.

Friday Aug 21, 2009 #

Running 33:43 [2] 5.0 mi (6:45 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

IW. Legs feeling tired this morning.

Thursday Aug 20, 2009 #

Running intervals 25:00 [5] 3.0 mi (8:20 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel-DS Racer VII

Arrived at track just after 6 to find it completely deserted. Ended up doing the intervals on my own. Did a mini Yasso session, I will look to build the number over the coming months. 6 * 800m with 75 seconds recovery. Ran them in 2.36 / 36 / 36 / 36 / 35 / 34.

Running 45:00 [2] 6.1 mi (7:23 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

To track from work, a couple of extra laps warm up, and then the run home.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2009 #

Running 45:23 [2] 6.5 mi (6:59 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

From Emma's. Not feeling great tonight, legs tired and stomach a bit dodgy.

Tuesday Aug 18, 2009 #

Running 33:48 [2] 5.0 mi (6:46 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)


Running 33:18 [2] 5.0 mi (6:40 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

HFW. Not much change to the giant four legged spider.

Monday Aug 17, 2009 #

Running 53:42 [2] 7.7 mi (6:58 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

From Emma's Mums house in Norton into work. I thought it was about 5 miles, it was actually slightly further!

Running 33:37 [2] 5.0 mi (6:43 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

HFW. Pretty steady. The massive stage structure for the U2 concert at Don Valley on Thursday is taking shape.

Sunday Aug 16, 2009 #

Running 1:17:56 [3] 9.0 mi (8:40 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

From Redmires. Stanage Pole, down to Hathersage, back up and across Burbage, Stanage trig, Edge, Pole. Bumped into Jenny and Piret just as I'd finished and they passed on the WOC middle qualifier results.

Saturday Aug 15, 2009 #

Running 1:18:46 [3] 10.2 mi (7:43 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Went to Longshaw with my parents and went for a run while they had a walk. White Edge, Wellington's Monument, Frogatt Edge. Warm day, but windy.

Friday Aug 14, 2009 #

Running 40:41 [2] 5.2 mi (7:49 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Evening run around the short Rivelin loop. Very enjoyable, legs tired on the hills.

Thursday Aug 13, 2009 #

Running intervals 35:00 [5] 4.0 mi (8:45 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel-DS Racer VII

At Don Valley Bowl because the track was being used for something else. 600m, 1 minute recovery, 200m, 400m jog recovery. 5 sets.

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2] 2.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel-DS Racer VII

Warm up and strides, warm down.

Wednesday Aug 12, 2009 #

Running 42:23 [2] 6.0 mi (7:04 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

From Emma's. Out to the canal, but then went in the other direction towards Chesterfield. Ended up at the station, and then came back along the road.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2009 #

Running 38:29 [2] 5.4 mi (7:08 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

From Emma's. Finally managed to find the canal and headed along it to New Whittington before coming back along the roads. Ankle still a bit sore when turning sharply, but OK in a straight line on even ground.

Monday Aug 10, 2009 #


Still a bit sore, but not as painful to walk on.

Sunday Aug 9, 2009 #

(injured) (rest day)

Can't really put any weight onto my left foot.

Saturday Aug 8, 2009 #

Orienteering race 1:09:23 [4] 6.8 mi (10:12 / mi)
(injured) shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Scottish 6 days Day 6. Poor ending to the week. Made a three minute plus mistake at number 3 when I though I'd overshot and turned back, but in fact hadn't gone far enough. Punched the control just behind Mark Bown (my three minute man) and then chased after him.

I then did something strange to the inside of my ankle jumping down a crag on the way to 5, and seemed to jar it quite badly. The uneven ground meant that every time I put my weight on my left foot I got a shooting pain up the inside of the ankle.

Managed to just about keep Mark in sight, and caught him back up when he made a miss on 16. We then lost a couple of minutes on 17 (the crossing point seemed too far up the wall), and I lost him again going downhill to 21 as the downs were really painful, got back with him at 25, but then lost a minute on the last km of the course which was all downhill.

Lost a couple of positions on the day and finished 16th overall. Overall, disappointed with my races (apart from day 4), but my navigation was rusty and my terrain strength poor - neither of which came as a particular surprise to me.

But I enjoyed the social side of it, it was nice not to be at work, and the weather was good.

Friday Aug 7, 2009 #

Orienteering race 51:23 [4] 6.0 mi (8:34 / mi) +130m 8:01 / mi
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Scottish 6 days Day 5. Very disappointed with my run today. After pulling back some places and some time yesterday, I went and blew it all again.

It was my very early start day, so I had to go cleanly, as I knew I was going to lose time anyway as the area got faster later on. Started off well, nice and smooth and accurate, but then lost time at 7 when I didn't have a proper attack point. Made another big mistake at 16 losing a good couple of minutes, then missed 17, and was slow through the last few.

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Warming up and down.

Thursday Aug 6, 2009 #

Orienteering race 57:08 [4] 6.8 mi (8:24 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Scottish 6 days Day 4. Chasing start.

Began the race in 15th place, 20 secs down on Mark Bown, 50 secs down on Rob, and just over 2 mins down on Andy P. I then had a gap of two minutes behind me to Jonny F.

My tactic out the start was to sprint after Mark, and let him lead me into the first control. Unfortunately, he missed it, which meant I also missed it, but I only lost 15 seconds. We then missed number 3, I lost a minute and Mark got ahead, but I managed to catch him up again at 5. Lost another 30 seconds at the start of the long leg to 8 when I ran up the wrong track, and after taking a different route choice, got to 9 just ahead of Mark.

I then struggled to keep up with him through the next few controls, but catching our first glimpse of Andy P ahead of us on the way to number 11 spurred me on. We caught Andy at 15, and I took the lead for the next few legs. Mark made a small miss at 19 and we pulled ahead slightly, and unluckily for him we hit the next couple cleanly, he made another mistake and we lost him.

Andy and I then got a surprise when we were suddenly ahead of Ben Stevens at 24, and knowing that Andy would outsprint me on the run-in I made my move on the way to 28 and tried to pull out a gap before the end, which I just about managed. We got another surprise when Chris Smithard finished behind us, having made a big mistake near the end.

Pulled up four places, and moved up to 11th. Today made me remember why I enjoy orienteering - the combination of the area, the course, the weather, and the head-to-head racing all made it great fun.

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2] 2.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Jog to the start with Rob and Andy P.

Wednesday Aug 5, 2009 #

Running 42:42 [2] 5.1 mi (8:22 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel Sensor (8.5)

Morning run from our accommodation, up the hill into the Day 2 area. Did a big loop, taking in Kinnoull Tower, and going back through the start. Someone has forgotten to collect the start kite in!

Tuesday Aug 4, 2009 #

Orienteering race 1:43:34 [4] 8.4 mi (12:20 / mi) +570m 10:11 / mi
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Scottish 6 days Day 3. The obligatory wet day for the week, and the complete opposite to the last time I was here in May 2008. And this was the first classic race I have completed since the last time I was here!

Went off with the aim of running cleanly and in control for the whole race, and managed that pretty successfully. Only a couple of mistakes that cost over a minute, a few wobbles in the control circle and a dodgy route choice, but overall it was OK. Running pretty comfortably and finished the race still feeling strong, so maybe should have tried to push harder on the easy navigation sections. Stamina OK, but still no speed or confidence through the terrain. Spent an awful lot of time falling over again today.

Running warm up/down 15:00 [2] 1.5 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Bit of running to the start, and back to the car after finishing.

Monday Aug 3, 2009 #

Orienteering race 35:08 [4] 3.9 mi (9:01 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Scottish 6 days Day 2. Middle race in a small area of woodland just outside Perth. It was so close to where we are staying that we just walked up to the assembly area!

Again, I started off poorly, missing the first control by nearly a minute, getting slightly too low on number 2, and not reading the map properly on three and losing another 30 seconds. I also fell over while looking for three and cut my wrist. It wasn't a big fall, but when I looked at my hand it was covered in blood, and blood was running across my palm and dripping off my finger. I wiped it off on my trousers and kept going, but for the next five minutes or so there seemed to be a lot of blood! As always though, when cleaned up it's hardly even a scratch!

Got focussed after number three, and ran the middle section quite well, but still a few hesitations. Speaky caught me 4 minutes at number 13 (out of 15), and I was with him for about 50 metres before he ran away from me down a brashing covered slope while I was being a pansy.

Think I'll end up about 5 minutes down, which I'm happy with. It felt smoother than yesterday, and without the mistakes I could have been much closer, which wasn't the case on Day 1.

Running warm up/down 17:07 [2] 1.8 mi (9:31 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Run from the assembly area back to where we are staying.

Sunday Aug 2, 2009 #

Orienteering race 1:17:12 [4] 5.2 mi (14:51 / mi) +400m 11:59 / mi
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Scottish 6 days Day 1. WRE on Dalrulzion. Only the course distance today as I wasn't allowed to wear my Garmin.

The aim today was to get back into orienteering and running in terrain. So I said to myself at the start that it was really important to get the first control right. I didn't. Over compensated for the slope and ended up too high, relocated pretty quickly but still lost a couple of minutes. Then better through the rest of the first loop in the woods. Quite a lot of hesitations and wobbles, as I just haven't got the confidence in my navigation.

Ran the moorland section well, but then drifted left on the long leg back in the forest. Got caught by Matt Halliday and ran with him for a few controls, before missing number 19 and losing him. Ran with Hector for a few controls after that, caught Matt back up but then lost Hector when we missed on 24. Clean through the last section.

Lost maybe 5 minutes in total, but didn't dump any major amounts of time on any controls. And most importantly, I enjoyed myself. I'm just hoping my terrain running improves as the week goes on - I've got lots of bumps and bruises from continually falling over today!

Running 20:00 [2] 1.5 mi (13:20 / mi)
shoes: VJ Integrator (8.5)

Jog to the start with Andy P.

Saturday Aug 1, 2009 #

Running 51:19 [2] 7.4 mi (6:56 / mi)
shoes: Asics Gel 1130 (2)

Run from our 6 days accommodation near Kinfauns castle over the hill to Perth, to go to the O2 shop. Took a while to locate the shop, as it was hidden in a little shopping centre off the main High Street. Then back again. Just got back before the rain shower.

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