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Training Log Archive: wilsmith

In the 7 days ending Sep 2, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 3:35:20 11.56 18.6 200
  Mountain biking2 1:57:00
  Orienteering1 1:35:34 7.31(13:04) 11.77(8:07) 30526 /30c86%
  Total6 7:07:54 18.87 30.37 50526 /30c86%
averages - sleep:6.3 weight:69.8kg

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Saturday Sep 2, 2006 #

Mountain biking 48:00 [1]

Easy MTB ride - partly to check out the distance for the test loop, partly to help justify having such an expensive piece of metal sitting in the garage....

The test loop is 6.9 km, although I have to double-check the calibration for the computer (I had to temporarily switch wheels and now have a slightly large tire on my bike).

Sadly, as I was just heading home, I managed to flat out. Snake-bite, despite riding a pretty decent pressure (I thought). No spare tube, patch kit, or CO2 inflator - silly me. Luckily I had a cell phone in my back pocket and Katta was able to come rescue me....

Running 56:00 [3] 11.7 km (4:47 / km) +60m 4:40 / km

Easy run back into town after visiting some friends' cottage on the Fredrickhouse. Well, not that easy - but a good steady pace. Again some stomach problems after about 8km - this time leading to an unscheduled pit stop. But able to finish just fine after that.

Friday Sep 1, 2006 #

Running 46:00 [2] +55m
slept:7.0 weight:69.8kg

Easy run, mainly on trails. Had intended to do at least one 1000m interval on the track midway through, but was just feeling waaaay too bagged to make it anything like quality, so opted instead to recover a bit more.

Weight broke through 70 kg today - though from the way I felt running it's probably mainly due to dehydration....

Thursday Aug 31, 2006 #

Running race 26:20 [5] 6.9 km (3:49 / km) +85m 3:36 / km

Cochrane Test Loop.

Finally decided on a course. Added a little distance but now there's a little less road running, which I think is more reasonable. It's basically all on rough double-tracked ATV trails, not super technical running but uneven enough to simulate what might be "typical" for orienteering in the forest and trails. Not a whole lot of climb as you can see - more than a road race, but much less than an orienteering race. The 7 km distance is only a very rough approximation - I'll get the bike out and measure it eventually. I hope.

The bonus is that the vast majority will be well-packed even in winter as it includes some of the main snowmobile trails around town.

Today felt OK, I got the pacing about even but had a little stomach trouble towards the end and that cost a little bit of time. It's been an easy week of light training, but I didn't hydrate today (too busy at work and running errands - I clean forgot).


road crossing #1 = 5:01
gravel pit (hill bottom) = 10:00
power station = 14:58
road crossing #2 = 21:02
finish = 26:20

Running warm up/down 24:00 [2]

For the above.

Wednesday Aug 30, 2006 #

Mountain biking 1:09:00 [2]

Hard to call this training, since it was so damn fun!

Out on the S-Works Epics with Jon - located some really tasty double-tracked 4-wheeler trails on the edge of town. Looks like those guys have tons of fun on those rigs - and all the better for us since they simultaneously create beautifully bermed trails perfect for high-speed runs.

Will definitely try to get some running and riding done out there again before moose hunting season starts (nothing like a high-powered rifle bullet to ruin your day).

I think this is my first real MTB ride in ages. A bit rusty but still some skills there. Definitely enough to tear around an X-C course anyway. Probably get killed on Whistler though.

Monday Aug 28, 2006 #

Running 38:00 [1]

Easy run with Jon (qbranch) and Lindsay on some trails near home. Feeling pretty tired and sore.

Filled the hot tub again today, after a summer sans jacuzzi. Heaven....

Sunday Aug 27, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:35:34 [4] *** 11.77 km (8:07 / km) +305m 7:11 / km
spiked:26/30c slept:6.0

COC Classic.

Again, an improvement compared to the low water mark of the middle distance.

To be sure, it was not without its problems again. Once more, the start was delayed, this time by an hour. How can we manage to screw up the scheduling twice in a row? Did we not learn anything from yesterday? Could it be possible that controls on the advanced courses were still being set on race day?

There were map issues as well, though nothing nearly as bad as the middle. Something definitely incorrect at our #9 control (several top navigators, including both Ted de St Croix and Katta, reported missing time there) - missed a minute maybe? The "yellow" areas en route to numbers 12, 15, 17, 18, and 20 were all very, very rough in spots, and quite inconsistent it seemed. Other people have noted elsewhere that it might have been a disadvantage to start early due to this. Well, I started about 70% into the field and I didn't encounter any elephant track either, so I don't think there was as much of an advantage for the last starters as suspected.

Two significant control mis-descriptions - notably the first control was on the northern end of a fence, not a cliff. And the 12th control was in a re-entrant, not on a spur (interestingly, same issue as #12 in the middle...).

Before the race, Mike S and I discussed whether we would carry water with us. We decided we wouldn't trust the organizers to have water out in adequate quantities at appropriate intervals, and carried our own with us. It was a good move, as it turns out - of the 3 water stops, only the second had water when I came through. The first was a dubious-looking "fountain" on the edge of a marsh/pond - several runners elected not to drink here. And the third was out of water when I passed. This probably affected some of the guys who hit the wall in this race.

Anyway, I carried on and had a usual "steady" race. Miss at #9, another at #11, and lost some time sorting out the extra unmapped cliffs at #19. No huge blow-outs though.

Annoyingly, the control descriptions covered up what I would have considered to be an optimal route to the last control and I had some problems on this leg too. Katta's map showed the area and it contained an open area and a nice trail - I'd have gone that way if I had known. The is no reason to cover an optimal route choice with control descriptions - they could have been placed differently onto the map (in two columns) so that we could see the optimal routes!

Will be interesting to see the splits to see where I dropped out of 2nd place - I was about 35 seconds behind Brent, for the bronze. Surprised at how the other guys died, but I guess the lack of water was important. And nice to know that my fitness is up there with the rest of them, even on the longer races - couldn't say that last year!

Running warm up/down 25:00 [1]

For the above...

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