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Training Log Archive: acjospe

In the 7 days ending Apr 25, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:22:22 13.27(15:15) 21.35(9:29) 30048c
  Running4 2:42:00 15.9(10:11) 25.59(6:20)
  Cycling2 1:57:00 29.0(14.9/h) 46.67(23.9/h)
  Yoga/Stretching/PT3 35:00
  Core Strength1 18:00
  Total6 8:54:22 58.17 93.61 30048c
  [1-5]6 8:19:22

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Saturday Apr 25, 2009 #

Running warm up/down 58:00 [1] 5.5 mi (10:33 / mi)

warming up and cooling down for fifteen minutes for each course. I think this was actually a good idea despite my legs thinking otherwise, particularly about the cooldowns.

Orienteering race (Pine Hill semi-final) 42:08 [2] 3.7 mi (11:23 / mi)
ahr:167 10c

Not my cleanest run ever. I got confused by the start flag and thought that I couldn't turn around to run around the hill, so I ran over it, which was stupid, then proceeded to blindly bash through the trail network maze going to 1, and blow a couple minutes wandering in circles in the wrong spot before I said (out loud) "focus, bitch". That worked, and I successfully relocated to 1. 2 was a little hesitant after messing up 1, then 3 was so-so, I wasn't really having much luck paying attention to where I was running so made some sloppy mistakes. 4 was clean-ish but slow because I was walking up the hill, and I came out at the cliff just west of the rocks I wanted to be at. Then I went to the trail north of the circle and started off in the wrong direction, but luckily was paying enough attention to notice that the buildings were on my left and that was weird. So I turned around and took the road to 5, had a good attackpoint but then overshot the flag by going too high up the hill and checking out a different control (doh), saw the rock wall and realized my mistake.

6-8 was clean, my brain was waking up and I was starting to pay attention. Then I went sort of straight to 9, I had to gain and lose a fair bit of elevation but spiked the control, in a slow manner. 10-F was fine.

My left lower calf was really hurting during this, feels like the achilles again. R knee also hurt, in its achy sort of way, no idea whats wrong with it but I can ignore it when I run so thats what I'll keep doing.

Map with quickroute.

Yoga/Stretching/PT 20:00 [0]

Orienteering race (Pine Hill B-final) 47:00 [4] 5.0 km (9:24 / km)
max:196 10c

This one went much better. Thanks, Boris, for mentioning that I needed to look up... I thought it was a clean run but now that I look at it I made a bunch of bobbles. To 1, I missed a left turn on trails, running for maybe 5-10s in the wrong direction before figuring it out, I had thought I was already on a trail I wasn't on, then I left the trail next to the green too early and wandered slowly towards the control, should have just run over the hill and attacked from the stone wall. 2-3 was clean, but 4 I went too high, and standing on the bare rock on top of the hill I saw the control and realized what I'd done. 5 was clean, and I was particularly proud of my route to 6, I passed Lori and the girl from Army and saw Siobhan on that leg. 7 was slow in the green, 8 was a little better, 9 was clean.

Then the heat started to catch up to me. 10 was good until I bobbled in the control circle, then my route to 11 was retarded - I ran along the lake instead of the trail, and running along the lake was actually mostly walking because I was that tired and hot. 12 was hesitant, I'm finding that I really despise short legs like that because I'm never sure if I've gone far enough. Going to 13 I was starting to get the shivers from being dehydrated, good route choice but by the time I left the trail I had fallen twice just because I couldn't pick my feet up, I don't know if I was hallucinating when I saw the naked guy sitting in the woods or if he was actually there, but he seemed harmless. My finish split was 4s slower in the afternoon... stupid heat. It felt good to push that hard, though. I don't normally do that in orienteering, especially the kind on foot.

Map with quickroute.

Friday Apr 24, 2009 #


I think I twisted my knee on the long course at West Point, not horribly but possibly a couple of times, because it was quite sore getting out of the car after driving home. It got more sore through the week, especially after the track workout w., and hurt to extend it straight. Going on two days of not-running it is feeling better already so hopefully orienteering this weekend won't set it back. Real training starts soon, after all...

Thursday Apr 23, 2009 #

Cycling 1:37:00 [1] 24.0 mi (14.8 mph)

To work, but the nice way. Nothing compares to a 15mph tailwind... weee!

Wednesday Apr 22, 2009 #

Cycling 20:00 [1] 5.0 mi (15.0 mph)

to/from watertown.

Running warm up/down 15:00 [1] 1.7 mi (8:49 / mi)

10min warmup, 5min cooldown.

Running intervals (track) 35:00 [3] 3.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

2x1600 L3, 2x1000 L4. I meant to do another 1000 but my calves were tightening up and I was feeling guilty about doing too much speedwork this early in the season. So fun though!
6:41 (AHR 180, a little too fast, HR was 2 beats too high at the end)
6:55 (AHR 179, a little too slow, at the low end of L3)
4:01 (AHR 185)
4:02 (AHR 185). much easier to find the right L4 speed than L3.

Yoga/Stretching/PT 5:00 [0]

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009 #

Core Strength 18:00 [2]

superset + 3x(20 lunges w. medball, 10 pushups hands on bouncy ball, 15 supermans w. medball, 15 pike-ups on bouncy ball)

Monday Apr 20, 2009 #

Running warm up/down 30:00 [1] 3.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

warmup was running the beginner course with Erin and Joe, I think we have a convert in Joe. Cooldown was just around the trails.

Orienteering race (park-o) 24:00 [3] 2.5 km (9:36 / km)

Fun little park-o in Pine Banks. Ran hard enough to make mistakes. Body felt great compared to last weekend... maybe I can consider myself in shape again.

Sunday Apr 19, 2009 #

Running warm up/down 24:00 [1] 2.2 mi (10:54 / mi)

Orienteering race (West Point long) 1:29:14 [3] 7.9 km (11:18 / km) +300m 9:30 / km

This one went better, I wanted to be speedier than yesterday so "be speedy" was in my head. Slight mistake to 3, I thought it was in the big reentrant not the small one. Slightly bigger mistake to 7, tried to contour through the boulder field and went too high up the hill, but caught myself before I was off the map. Zigged and zagged a bunch going to 9, should have run the road. Then I saw a girl and a guy who were both on red and I started racing them and things got way more interesting. I was running faster and navigating a lot less, just trying to drop them, and although I didn't get lost I think they just appreciated the ride.

I went too high onto the cliffs to 13 and they got there first, then to 14 the guy got there first and we sort of stood there for a second looking for the right rock. 15 was shaky, I couldn't find the right rock and neither could anyone else. I put some time on the girl careening down the hill to 16, and then dropped her finally running up the trail to 17. Then I tried to go fast to 18, but my shoes felt too loose and so running on the side-hill was annoying. I also put a lot of thorns into my legs running to 18, but I beat the girl to the line by a couple minutes and she only ended up beating me by 4 minutes. Quickroute.

Yoga/Stretching/PT 10:00 [0]

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