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Training Log Archive: Spike

In the 7 days ending Apr 7:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  orienteering1 5:04:371218.5
  running3 1:15:00150.0
  cycling1 1:00:0060.0
  MTB cycling1 25:0025.0
  Total5 7:44:371453.5

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Sunday Apr 7 #

cycling 1:00:00 [1]

An easy ride on the bike path out to Clinton with Mary. It feels hot out.

My legs felt ok, but a nice easy ride was plenty.


Saturday Apr 6 #

orienteering race 5:04:37 [4]

Adventure race at Perry - Off Road Rage 6 Hour Course.

We started at 7 a.m. at Longview. I had a little trouble finding the registration (no signs that I saw) and probably could have made good use of being there 15 minutes earlier. On the other hand, getting up much earlier (I got up at 4:55 a.m.) would have been a chore.

We started with orienteering at Longview. I took about 70 minutes to find all 5 points. The water is high - much higher than mapped. I lost a little time with a route that I had to adjust because the planned route was through some deep water. I lost some time on a control when I misunderstood that it was placed on the edge of Perry Lake instead of on an old farm pond.

Longview has some nice forest. We might want to map it again.

Next up was MTB to get to Slough Creek with 3 controls along the way. It took me about 90 minutes (including the transition from foot to bike). I had some trouble finding the controls. In one case, I just didn't see the marker despite biking right by it 3 times. The marker was a bit of PVC pipe with some reflective tape on it. Some part of my brain just doesn't recognize those the same as regular orienteering markers. I also had trouble spotting a marker that was on a "trail near the road." The part about being "near the road" had me looking close - within about 20 meters. But the marker was more like 50 meters in. I'd also expected it to be on the blue blazed trail, but it was on an old tractor path at the edge of a field. I need to remind myself at adventure races that things are vaguer than I'm used to.

The biking was ok, but I could tell I hadn't done much riding recently and my legs were not feeling good.

Next up was orienteering at Slough Creek - 5 controls. I spent about 75-80 minutes. Running was not so easy. I was getting tired and my lack of biking probably made my legs feel even more tired than they should have been. The navigation was fine but I think the navigation as more interesting at Longview.

At Slough Creek I began really noticing the temp. It wasn't hot, but it was the warmest day since October. There was some sun. When I finished, I noticed that I was coated in salt. I should have done a better job of drinking and eating during the earlier parts of the course.

Finally, I biked back to the start/finish at Longview. There were no controls to pick up. The light tail wind was very nice. But my legs felt shot. It took me about 55 minutes to get to the finish.

The road ride back to the finish wasn't much fun. It was the same road as the trip to Slough Creek, but traffic was noticeably heavier and faster.

The roadside ditch was full of trash. People are pigs. I spotted a coke can in the ditch and immediately started thinking about how an ice cold coke would taste good. That's a pretty good sign I wasn't managing my foot and drink very well.

I got off my bike on the last climb when I accidentally shifted and thought my chain had fallen off. I guess I bumped the shifter inadvertently. When I got back on the bike, I took a few hard stomps on the pedals and then felt like my right leg was about to cramp. I stopped and got off the bike and pushed the bike about 50 meters until a flatter spot where I could get going without (a) cramping and (b) falling over. I was tired.

I won the 6 hour course. But, a two man team actually beat me to the finish by a bit. They got DQd because they lost their control card. I guess they went to all the controls, but I suppose you never know.

I ate a bit and drank some water (and a can of ice cold Coke!). I got out of the sun. It took about 20 minutes before I really felt ok.

I talked to Tiara a bit at the finish. I really appreciate that she puts on these events. She's also organizing the Sunflower Games at Perry. I talked to her about OK providing an O' map of the bike trails. I think that'd make the event more fun (and fair) for participants.

After the finish Sandy S gave me a tour of her Winnebago Travato. It was pretty nice.


Thursday Apr 4 #

running 25:00 [2]

A short jog. I stopped by the print shop and picked up the maps I made for this weekend's adventure race.


Wednesday Apr 3 #

6 PM

MTB cycling 25:00 [1]

MTB on pavement on West Campus. I cleaned my bike yesterday and adjusted the derailer and one of the brakes. I think I didn't cause any problems.

running 20:00 [2]

And since I was on West Campus, I stopped and jogged around a bit, including 3 x half Ulrik's Hill.


Monday Apr 1 #

running 30:00 [2]

I shuffled around on West Campus. My legs felt ok, but my legs felt tired this morning. Yesterday's biking was just different enough to make my legs a bit stiff when I hiked up the stairs to get a cup of coffee at the office.

Warmish (mid 50s F). Things are looking more green that a couple of days ago.


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