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Training Log Archive: Spike

In the 7 days ending Oct 10:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  MTB cycling2 2:30:00150.0
  running4 2:30:00300.0
  cycling1 30:0030.0
  Total6 5:30:00480.0

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Saturday Oct 10 #

running 50:00 [2]

Running to/from the Robinson Gym map. Unpleasantly warm weather.

I did about an hour of fieldchecking. I used the new tablet and the case. The case has a little hand strap on the back. That makes it easier to carry.

I used the filled area tool for scribbling. I wasn't sure if it would be useful. It was.

My big miss was that when I upgraded to the latest OOM, I removed the air photo template files. I forgot to reload them. It would have been easier to fieldcheck with those files.

When I was done mapping, I spotted a couple of credit cards on the ground. I dropped them off at the KU Public Safety Office on the run home.


Friday Oct 9 #

10 AM

MTB cycling 2:00:00 [1]

I took a day of vacation. I have some stuff to get done. But I also have some fun stuff to do - like go ride my MTB. I rode on roads/levee/single track and did the river trail. I got out the door early enough that the temps were comfortable. By the end it was starting to feel a bit warm.

For some reason my legs felt great for the first hour and then tired the second.


Thursday Oct 8 #

running 20:00 [2]

Just a short jog. We had a Zoom dinner with Summer and Silas.

I ate beans for dinner. Yesterday I had beans, too.


Tuesday Oct 6 #

cycling 30:00 [1]

Easy to/from the dentist. Charlie wasn't in the office. It was interesting to see the Covid-19 protocols.

running 35:00 [2]

Easy run.

I don't always know what day it is. But I wrote the date on a work paper and realized it was my Dad's birthday. So when I jogged tonight I went by the Pioneer Cemetery and stopped by his marker.

I ate beans at lunch.

And in other news, the HR Department called me and said that my name was used to file a fraudulent unemployment claim. That's been a big topic among my state auditor friends. I wasn't surprised. The state seems to have put in some controls to address these frauds. I'm not sure when they were put in place. I'm sure it wasn't before all of the Covid-19 unemployment fraud started. Good to see that they did something. Better late than never.


Monday Oct 5 #


I got a new Andriod tablet last week for casual mapping. It is a low end Samsung 8 inch tablet.

A new version of OOM came out today. I loaded it and took the tablet on my lunch hour walk. The latest OOM version has a couple of nice features. They've added some new tools for drawing on the scribble template. They've also added a "tourist mode." Tourist mode means the image on the screen tracks as you move. So you can walk along and the screen will update to keep the center of the map where you are. Neat.

I used the tablet for some sprint mapping yesterday (before the new version of OOM came out). It feels better than what I was using before (an older Kindle Fire tablet). I was surprised at how useful the GPS was. It isn't spot-on accurate, but I found it useful to have a spot +/- 10 meters or so.

For me, the biggest weakness with mapping on a tablet is that bright light makes it hard to see the screen. I don't think that will be solved soon. But it is a weaknesses I can deal with.

I ordered a case that has a little hand strap on the back. I think that will make carrying around easier

MTB cycling 30:00 [1]

Short and easy bike ride on the bike paths with Mary. We turned around by the movie theaters that are closing in a couple of days. I wonder if they'll ever reopen.

In other news, Mary's grad school advisor won the Nobel Prize today.

And in other news, we had garbanzo beans with dinner.


Sunday Oct 4 #

running 45:00 [2]

To/from the Robinson Gym map. When I was at the map I spent about an hour field checking. That was fun. I haven't done any field checking in a while.

Nice weather for mapping.


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