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Training Log Archive: Spike

In the 7 days ending Jun 15:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  running4 2:45:00320.0
  clothes horse2 1:00:0060.0
  cycling1 35:0035.0
  orienteering1 20:19 2.17(9:22) 3.49(5:49) 916c78.1
  Total6 4:40:19 2.17 3.49 916c493.1

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Saturday Jun 15 #

8 AM

orienteering 20:19 intensity: (15 @1) + (40 @2) + (1:06 @3) + (18:18 @4) 3.49 km (5:49 / km) +9m 5:45 / km
ahr:163 max:173 16c

OK event at the Arboretum. MeanGene set the course. It was nice, not mean at all.

Summer conditions, but clouds so it didn't feel so terrible. Lots of storms in the area, but north of town.

I tried to start at an appropriate pace with the idea that it would keep me from running too fast (and getting overheated). I think it worked. I worked hard but didn't overheat or slow tremendously.

The arboretum is fun and as the trees get bigger and the park gets more developed it has become more fun.

My brain was working ok. I was surprised that others were losing time. Maybe the course is too easy and people get lazy. I don't know.

Bill S. ran. I hadn't seen him since he finished the marathon in April. Scott N. came and brought a couple of friends. Mike S. did more of the course than usual. He does the explorer but usually skips some controls that are physically impossible for him to get too. The arboretum is a good course for him. Marv N. helped at check in. But I didn't really have a chance to chat with him. I ran early then worked download.

We had a good turnout. I'm not sure of the total number. Mary told me, but I've forgotten.


running 10:00 [1]

Some easy shuffling around as a sort of warm up. I visited to trees in memory of my Dad and of Mary's parents.

Thursday Jun 13 #

6 AM

running 40:00 [2]

I had some allergy problems last night - woke up coughing and with a bit of breathing trouble. I sat up for a while and eventually got back to sleep. I still woke up before the alarm. I guess that's good.

I went out and shuffled around. Muggy out. Dripping sweat by the end.


Wednesday Jun 12 #

6 AM

running 40:00 [2]

The usual morning jog. Even at 6 a.m. the sun felt hot.

I saw the new fountain in the new pond on west campus. I guess it is nice. The sound of falling water is always nice.

I saw a guy in the Monarch Watch garden playing some sort of flute-like instrument. That's odd for just after 6 a.m. But it sounded nice, too.

As soon as I stopped I was dripping in sweat. Forecast is for hot temps tomorrow.

5 PM

clothes horse 30:00 [1]

Stationary bike + watching headcam video:

The snow on the ground makes it easier to see contours. That's nice.

The runner is from OK Denseln and the terrain is Kolmården. I used to love that terrain. It is tricky and a little bit rough. These days it'd be too rough for me, but back in the day it was the kind of terrain where I did relatively well. It is terrain I've trained in a lot (and done some mapping in). Again, the mapping style is different than it was back in the day. But the forest looks the same,

I ran 10-mila on a team made up of three clubs and OK Denseln was one of those. At the time it was a small club without a lot of good runners. So three small clubs put together a mixed-club team. OK Denseln was well known in the district...because they had a big club bus that was always breaking down.

Watching headcam videos really helps pass the time on the stationary bike.


Tuesday Jun 11 #


Felt super sleepy when it was time to get up to go for a jog. So I went back to sleep and skipped the jog.

Mary and I went with Fritz and Gene to Fira Shiman's funeral. On the way home we stopped at Concept 23 - a shushi restuarant that also has Cajun food - for a late lunch. The gumbo was good.

Monday Jun 10 #

5 PM

clothes horse 30:00 [1]

Stationary bike = no poison ivy, no ticks, no mountain lions.

I watched a headcam video from a recent race in Sweden. My understanding of Swedish maps is fixed in about 1991. The mapping style has changed quite a bit since then.


Sunday Jun 9 #

8 AM

cycling 35:00 [1]

Commuter bike to/from campus.

Just as I was getting ready to bike home I heard the distinct whirring sound of a Toyota hybrid running on the battery only. I looked up and it was a Toyota hybrid. And it was Mary. So I hopped on my bike and chased. I was pretty sure I knew where she was headed. I found her parked next to Spooner Hall and said hello before biking home.

running 1:15:00 [2]

I ran my June hilly course and then ran some more hills to add some time to the session. I felt good. I guess that's because the temp was low 60s and cloudy until the last 15-20 minutes.

My legs felt pleasantly tired when I got home. Planning to watch the European Champs track and field and relax the rest of the day.


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