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Training Log Archive: Goobs

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering12 8:10:52 29.02 46.7 44043 /58c74%
  running7 5:05:00 6.84 11.0
  bike riding1 1:00:00
  stretching2 20:00
  Total17 14:35:52 35.85 57.7 44043 /58c74%
  [1-5]17 13:45:52

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Saturday Jun 30, 2007 #

(rest day)

resting after long week, just slept around all day

Friday Jun 29, 2007 #

orienteering race (camp champs) 36:55 [4] *** 4.9 km (7:32 / km)

pretty slow run, felt like crap from the day before and couldnt get any sleep but yeh, over shot the 1st control...going to 2 i saw laurina and fell over and ripped the soal of my shoe so the rest of the course was like running in thongs...had really good navigation but was really cautious going to 7 and 8 came second overall...second place was 10mins behind

Thursday Jun 28, 2007 #

orienteering (peg race) 45:00 [3] *** 5.0 km (9:00 / km)

dnt no the real time and stuff but yeh i got 4 pegs and dropped 1 lol the mitchell found it l8er on...i shoulda got 6 i recon but just missed out on 2 cuz sum new zealand guy jumped ova a rock and just grabbed the control away from every1 haha... i felt really sik aswell, my nose had snot cumming out it everywere and my eyes was sore and watery and i couldnt breat too good and i just wanted the race to finish like 5minutes into the race

Wednesday Jun 27, 2007 #

orienteering race (cascades) 52:08 [5] *** 2.9 km (17:59 / km)

lol my first run on cascades ever, really good run, spiked 1 easy..goin to 2 i went down the hill then bak up instead of contouring around lol that was a big mistake but yeh got em all really good up 2 6.... i had a plan to go north and hit the track and cum back in but my compass put me the other way so i just started walking bak and wasted 20min, shoulda taken me at least 8-10mins but took me 27 lol...i had alook at my splits and i won all the splits from the saturday event except for that leg so im pretty happy with my run..

oh and i cut just under my eye goin 2 7 cuz a tree attacked me :P

Tuesday Jun 26, 2007 #

orienteering (contour only) 37:45 [3] *** 3.7 km (10:12 / km)

pretty gewd, spiked 1 then going 2 number to caught every1 who started be4 me then spiked all up 2 6 and caught melanie and harry who was stuk and we got that pretty gewd then got the rest realy gewd and hesitated on 10 just a lil

Monday Jun 25, 2007 #

orienteering (visualisation) 43:46 [4] *** 4.7 km (9:19 / km)

started feeling sik on the bus trip to camp but then we did visualisation course. wasnt too bad...cort up 2 kurt going to 5 and then got 3 jumping cactus going to 7. then kurt got 1 so gary helped him get it out and i went off to the rest..only messed up the last 3 because i over ran them but yeh. most of the emus cut going from 5 to 15 and i was the only 1 to do the hole course in the emus lol.

Friday Jun 22, 2007 #

running 1:10:00 [3]

was pretty gewd run, about 45mins and the back of my shins felt tight...i think because of hill street hills but i ran that out and felt good after that

Thursday Jun 21, 2007 #

running 18:00 [4] 5.5 km (3:16 / km)

pretty nice run, the same course as the other day...went hard most the way but wen i finished the back of my shins felt really tight :S

Wednesday Jun 20, 2007 #


much too cold for any1 2 be doing anything, i wanted 2 do sumthing cuz ive ben really slack but 1st thing tomorrow cuz iam on holidays now yay!!!

Monday Jun 18, 2007 #

running 20:00 [4] 5.5 km (3:38 / km)

not to hard run the 1st 5-10minutes just trying to get loose but then i felt good and pushed it till the end....i was roiginally going to do a 45min slow run but i felt pretty good now this golangela fever is gone

Sunday Jun 17, 2007 #

orienteering race 1:34:00 [4] 6.5 km (14:28 / km) +210m 12:27 / km
(sick) shoes: adidas techstar

still kinda sik.....i h8ed that place so much arrghhh....i fully messed up number 2 so bad i spent like 20-30mins on it so then i fully lost intrest in it and wanted 2 dnf so badly but i didnt lol but alot of people did

Saturday Jun 16, 2007 #


im feeling good...good enough to go 2 the event tomoz....just found out that rachel is gunna be in the australian JWOC team now.....!!!!GO AUSSIES!!!

Friday Jun 15, 2007 #


still sik but feeling heeps betta

Thursday Jun 14, 2007 #


golangela fever :(

Wednesday Jun 13, 2007 #


golangela fever :(

Tuesday Jun 12, 2007 #

orienteering 15:00 [3] 3.5 km (4:17 / km)

alright run....raced agaist alex :P

bike riding (random ride) 1:00:00 [3]

a random bike ride with alex

Monday Jun 11, 2007 #

orienteering race (Day 3 of SEQ 3 day) 29:16 [4] 4.0 km (7:19 / km)

heeps better run than the other days...won the course by 3mins mistake except wasted a lil time with a electrical fence that i touched twice :S

Sunday Jun 10, 2007 #

orienteering (day 2 of SEQ 3 day) 50:04 [3] 4.0 km (12:31 / km) +230m 9:43 / km

worse than yesterday... made a huge mistake going to #2 went up wrong gully....did pretty good on the really long leg going to 4-5 but was slow...hopfully ill do betta than today and yesterday

Saturday Jun 9, 2007 #

orienteering race (day 1 of SEQ 3 day) 42:39 [4] 4.0 km (10:40 / km)

shit run.....nuthin else to say lol

Thursday Jun 7, 2007 #

running warm up/down 15:00 [2]

orienteering 14:19 [3] 3.5 km (4:05 / km)

really wet but it was all mostly open grass so it wasnt to bad.

running warm up/down 25:00 [3]

Tuesday Jun 5, 2007 #

running 30:00 [3]

me and alex went running out the back in the bush and stuff,,,nuthin exciting really happned

orienteering (MAP CORRECTIONS) 30:00 [0]

Monday Jun 4, 2007 #

running 45:00 [3]

went for a 45minute run...went easy for half way then the last 20mins i wnt a lil harder

stretching warm up/down 10:00 [0]

running race (12 minut run) 12:00 [2]

did the 12minute run at school....i won lol nuthin special and i managed 2 get in 7 and a half laps in :S but yeh

Friday Jun 1, 2007 #

running 1:10:00 [4]

i did a 20min warm up run to alexes then me and him went running for 30mins and then i did 20min warm down

stretching warm up/down 10:00 [0]

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