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Training Log Archive: Goobs

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering4 2:25:36 12.55(11:36) 20.2(7:12)
  running3 2:20:00 3.73 6.0
  bike riding1 1:30:00
  Walking1 40:00
  intervals1 40:00
  Total10 7:35:36 16.28 26.2

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Saturday Mar 24, 2012 #

7 AM

orienteering (TOOHEY FOREST) 37:00 [4] 4.8 km (7:42 / km)

was doing ints on a course set a while ago i found on the net at they forest. was going pretty smooth and bush running was strong and then BAM! twisted my ankle a bit..not like a crazy amount but enough for me to go home.. this was in the morning and its 1oclock at night right now and its still swollen and sore so tomorrow will be another rest day. the rest of the course looked nice too in the rocky section.

also saw geoff peak and his son olly out there today riding there bikes around. if anyone out there has that super old WOC documentary he is in there running for great britain aim pretty sure haha was strange seeing him there but i think he was pretty confused when he saw me pop out of the bush!


Friday Mar 23, 2012 #

5 AM

Walking 40:00 [2]

7 PM

running 35:00 [4]

ankle started to really hurt :(

Thursday Mar 22, 2012 #

5 AM

running (hills) 1:15:00 [3]

started out doing 2 hr trails run with chris riding. and we were going around lake manchester so was pretty physical on both me running and chris riding. got about 30minutes in going over all the hills and the BAM! chrises chain get stuck in between his hub and shit cuz he couldn't even roll back haha. so pretty much he walked back over the hills and i ran back the to him then back then to him and again. was pretty nice and pushed pretty hard over the hills. ankle was really sore for some strange reason. think it was last week long run.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012 #

5 AM

running (EASY) 30:00 [3] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)

nice and cruisy along fairfield corso. world cup wednesday for the cyclist so a lot of crazy riders out to run me over! hamstrings felt so sore so halfway just stopped and strched but still not that great of a run. hopefully tonight goes better.

Tuesday Mar 20, 2012 #

6 PM

bike riding (ROAD) 1:30:00 [5]

forget the distance but about 90min riding time, did loop out into the city to meet up with chris and then the river loop backwards. was aimed to stick around 30-32kph Average which we started out and then somehow the pace just picked up..started chasing down some people and keeping about 35-38 then slowed it back down to 33 all the way to tennis centre then back up to 36...couple commuters were trying to stick on us so we just shook em off..felt great with my cadence which helped so much more!

Monday Mar 19, 2012 #

7 PM

intervals 40:00 [5]

So this was my first proper interval session back since the crash so it was interesting to see how it would go. plan was to do 10x400 on a 2minute cycle and try and maintain that 80 second lap time over the whole session. started out fine and the first 5 were in the 80. then they started moving uo a little but i didn't go past 8 24 which is good i guess.. i just wanted that consistency :(

1 - 79
2 - 80
3 - 78
4 - 79
5 - 80
6 - 82
7 - 82
8 - 84
9 - 83
10 - 80

Sunday Mar 18, 2012 #

7 AM

orienteering race (RED 1) 1:14:21 [4] 9.8 km (7:35 / km)

so was a nice day in warwick but ahh did i feel terrible. warm up went shit and just wasn't feeling confident. the first part of the course was a nice and technical section in he rocks. this was the first time in so long I've been in rocks i was just getting into the rythem of things. so the first control i just took nice and cruisy easing into the control. but easily lost 1min to mikko just on that leg. the next few were nice and smooth until #5 were i came into the control too early. #6 was about 2km long and lost about 30seconds again there...i walked the first section of this just to find out the better route choice which i executed perfectly. the time lost was just the walking at the start. #7 was just stupid...lost about 3minutes looking for the dam thing because it was just a stand with no flag in the middle of and open area. mark caught me up there and then i just saw anna run straight into it! #8,9,10 were great in the open just getting a few jumping cactus in my foot. #11 i though i had it perfect...until i started running down the rocky hill and rolled my ankle. i just started to walk bait then and lost contact with my map..thinking the clearing was to later clearing that was my attack point. so this lead me into the hill way too early. lost about 2-3minutes just by relocation and the luck of hitting i from were i was. #13 i was way too low but only about 20 seconds lost there#14,15 were nice and fast except 15 i was just really cautious running down the same hill i rolled my ankle on earlier...the rest of the course was good nab but pretty average pace...i dunno i just lost motivation and confidence in the bush. it felt like every step i would take i was going to roll my ankle or trip or something. winner was mikko who was only 1min faster then me but i made so many little stupid mistakes that cost big in the end. should have been at least 10mins faster i think. lot of room to improve on that

Saturday Mar 17, 2012 #

2 PM

orienteering race (QLD SPRINT CHAMPS) 18:21 [5] 2.8 km (6:33 / km)

WORST FUCKING EVENT EVER! especially for a old championships....all of the S.I units were hanging in stupid spots...out of bounds was stupid...none of the controls were warmed maps so starts were delayed an was just a poor event i thought...lost a lot of time warming up the controls with 3 seconds lost at each control for 18 controls....easy a minute..messed up 9 with miss understanding the map...lost about 1min...and a few seconds every now and then with stupid route choice like to 8...or actually being in the circle and looking for the hidden control in little corridors...i no I'm complaining a lot but it was just a terrible event which didn't make my running any easier...because i didn't no when i was starting i only had a 5minute warmup. some legs were ok but eh..not happy at all
3 PM

orienteering (RE RUN) 15:54 [5] 2.8 km (5:41 / km)

SO! re run after the course and felt a lot smoother...i mean i did know were the controls were in the circle but i chose different route choices to a lot of the controls. defiantly am happier with my nav.. still not happy with the time i did that actually counted...fucking QLD

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