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Training Log Archive: AliC

In the 7 days ending Aug 11:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 2:30:39 14.36(10:29) 23.11(6:31) 42
  Orienteering2 1:49:49 5.73(19:10) 9.22(11:54) 155
  Rowing2 1:09:29 5.41(12:51) 8.71(7:59) 3
  Drills1 6:00 0.43(13:57) 0.69(8:40) 4
  Total6 5:35:57 25.93(12:57) 41.73(8:03) 205

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Sunday Aug 11 #


Trained, but watch is in hotel room where S is currently napping, so just some notes now.

I got to the Gillingsrod training map and realized I forgot my o-shoes, so went in running shoes which at least forced me to go slowly.

It's delightful, but not easy terrain. Visibility is much better than COCs, which is a relief. Underfoot is soft and sometimes up-to-knee blueberries, but more often just midshin. So it takes effort to get through, but isn't impossible or anything.

Cliffs are big. There are definitely meter-high cliffs that weren't on this map, will have to pay more attention to that on model map. But in general, ones that I wouldn't want to go up or down were marked on the map. At least at low speed it wasn't hard to make sense of them.

Dot knolls a-plenty! The border between formline-hill and dot knoll seems to favor dot knoll by a bunch, at least by this mapper. Another thing that could be different by WOC-mapper, so to pay attention to on the middle.

Marshes weren't that nice to run through. More tussock-y than I remember Scandi marshes, I guess they can be different in different places. And it's been wet, so they are wet and suction-y, probably worse in running shoes. Based on today, I wouldn't favor routes going through lots of marshes. Although yes, yellow open marshes are great attack points and zones of perfect visibility.

Eva J. set an excellent long training course on Gillingsrod. I still don't know what one should do to be fastest from the start to 1 or from 2 -> 3.


Car seat recovered!! Phew!
1 PM

Orienteering 12:31 [1] 0.73 mi (17:09 / mi) +27m 15:22 / mi

Line-o-ish, checking stuff out, to where I started the course.

Orienteering 50:52 [1] 2.34 mi (21:44 / mi) +78m 19:42 / mi

1-2-4-3 of training course. Very slow, taking it in.

Orienteering 7:18 [1] 0.29 mi (25:09 / mi)

Line-o-ish back to a trail.

Running 20:23 [1] 1.75 mi (11:39 / mi) +17m 11:18 / mi

Running back on the trail. Some pace-count calibration. Seems to be ~80 per cm through the terrain, ~50 per cm on a flat trail.

Saturday Aug 10 #


Made it to Sarpsborg, but without our carseat... and no sign of it turning up yet from baggage tracing. Have already contacted Cristina, but if anyone has any leads on someone who might be able to loan a carseat for up to a week here in Norway (relatively near Oslo), let me know. Also looking into seeing if a more local Sixt rental place would rent us a car seat (who we got the car from, but all the way 1.5h away in Sandefjord...).

The trip went smoothly, other than the super-tight connection in Paris CDG which probably explains the missing car seat.

Friday Aug 9 #

1 PM

Running 29:50 [1] 3.52 mi (8:29 / mi)

Easy peasy last Kahshe run. Went out Wigwam.

Thursday Aug 8 #

2 PM

Rowing 42:16 [1] 3.76 mi (11:14 / mi) +2m 11:13 / mi

Last row here at Kahshe, has been great to row!

Wednesday Aug 7 #


Registered for SART! One week until WOC Long!
10 AM

Running 48:31 [2] 2.51 mi (19:20 / mi) +1m 19:18 / mi

Woods running again. Can feel ankles did work yesterday. So at least it's a good thing to get this terrain running in!

Tuesday Aug 6 #

2 PM

Orienteering 39:08 [2] 2.37 mi (16:31 / mi) +50m 15:30 / mi

So our cottage is water-access only. Meaning there's no road to it. But, we aren't on an island. Once when we were growing up my Dad took my brother and I on an adventure to hike backcountry to Rockhaven. So I repeated that today, armed with a map I sketched up with the help of Google Maps.

Parts of it were really nice, some parts were thicker and there were some big cliffs/marshes in the way occasionally. The worst bit was the deerflies. It seemed like every time I swatted at my back I killed one, but that many got me. The best bit was seeing Little Sunny Lake, which was really beautiful (almost undeveloped, only 1 cottage on it).

Running 8:02 [2] 0.91 mi (8:49 / mi) +1m 8:48 / mi

Running waiting for pickup via boat from Rockhaven.

Monday Aug 5 #

6 AM

Rowing 13:00 [1] 0.8 mi (16:15 / mi) +1m 16:12 / mi

Canoeing over to Rockhaven with Mom. Mist rolling off the water. Beautiful. Don't think another boat was out.

Running 38:07 intensity: (14:07 @1) + (24:00 @3) 5.02 mi (7:36 / mi) +23m 7:29 / mi

Last pre-WOC tempo run. 2 x 12 min. Knee/back felt fine. Strange left forefoot pain that started ~ a week ago hurt though. Not sure what it is. Doesn't seem to get worse with running, but also hasn't been getting better, so starting to note in log. It's on the foot with a problematic big toe joint, so worried issues with that joint are affecting other bits of foot mechanics.

Did two 30s speeds after the tempos, just trying to access a higher gear.

Drills 6:00 [2] 0.43 mi (13:57 / mi) +4m 13:34 / mi

Hippity-hop! Some drills in a last effort to get a little more spring in my legs!

Running 5:46 [1] 0.65 mi (8:52 / mi)

Rowing 14:13 [1] 0.85 mi (16:43 / mi)

Canoeing back to the cottage with Mom. Dropped off the dog frisbee we found in the middle of the lake at someone's dock who we at least know has dogs and was somewhat close to where we found the frisbee!

We found a 2nd frisbee on a later canoe around Mitten Bay with Sylvia (not logged). Long weekend for Canadians means the lake is seeing heavy traffic; apparently people can't keep track of their frisbees?

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