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Training Log Archive: kadley

In the 7 days ending Apr 29:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Strength4 3:15:00585.0
  X-C Skiing1 2:12:01 15.05 24.22 462396.0
  O-course Training1 1:57:00 3.54(33:03) 5.7(20:32) 252234.0
  O - competition2 1:55:24 6.03(19:08) 9.7(11:54) 448519.3
  Trail Running2 1:36:05 3.85(24:57) 6.2(15:30) 333273.2
  Road Running2 1:26:38 5.58(15:32) 8.98(9:39) 100216.3
  Stretching1 10:00
  Stairway to Heaven 1 50.4
  Total11 12:32:13 34.05 54.8 15952224.1
  [1-5]11 12:22:12

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Sunday Apr 29 #

9 AM

Road Running warm up/down 34:38 [2] 1.65 mi (21:00 / mi) +21m 20:11 / mi
ahr:112 max:150

O - competition (Boulder Dash Brown 2) 58:10 [4] 5.17 km (11:16 / km) +248m 9:05 / km
ahr:142 max:188

Started badly by watching David head up the trail from the start flag and doing the same. That was the wrong trail and I was up 100 m before realizing it. too far to go back, I contoured around the hill and missed the detail above the target reentrant. Actually started down it, had no confidence, went down the one before it and came up from the trail. By then Charlie, starting 3 min behind in the chase, was on me. We both took off to 2. When I crested the hill out of 2 I sprinted to break contact with Charlie and then spotted David, who had started 6 min before me. I was slightly ahead of the other two through 6. Then the rain cut loose and I couldn't keep my glasses clear (got to start wearing my contacts again). Couldn't read the detail to 7 with the rain and Charlie on my heels, and got too high. Knew I had missed it and dropped down to the control, but they were gone. Quick to 8 and then lots of climb to 9. But again I couldn't read the detail and went up the wrong spur. Got to the top, figured out I was at the wrong cliffs and on the wrong spur, looked over and saw my control 150 m off at the same elevation. Fast run over and then the trail to the road to 10, looking for it at the end of the marsh until I realized it was on the little cliff just above.

Turns out Charlie got screwed up on 8 and was behind me and David totally screwed up and came in 20 min later; I was 3rd for M65 moving up one spot. Fun, challenging courses by Phil and lots of tough competition amongst the geezers.
1 PM

O-course Training 1:57:00 [2] 3.54 mi (33:03 / mi) +252m 27:04 / mi
ahr:83 max:134

Two trips out picking up controls.

Saturday Apr 28 #

10 AM

Trail Running warm up/down 15:05 [2] 0.7 mi (21:32 / mi) +25m 19:23 / mi
ahr:105 max:135

12 PM

O - competition race (Troll Cup Brown X) 57:14 [4] 4.54 km (12:37 / km) +200m 10:20 / km
ahr:150 max:193

Ran hard, messed up #5, otherwise okay. Started Left on #1 and had to shift over to the proper hilltop for 40 sec. Then fine, gutting up the hillside to #4 and then across to #5. Got within 20m of that one and then sharply cut L to look around the hilltop for it. Finally shot a bearing to the pond after it and after some further wandering, got to the right spot. The rest were easy and chased Glen in. Nice hard run-in to finish.

Heart rate seems quite quick, but everything felt fine and I was working hard at getting some speed. Certainly above the theoretical max for someone of my advanced age.
4 PM


Got the snow plow mounting plates welded up and attached to the Bombi. Next sort out the wiring. Then maybe test it on the snow pile out in front of the house.

Friday Apr 27 #

11 AM

Road Running 52:00 intensity: (15:00 @2) + (33:00 @3) + (4:00 @4) 3.93 mi (13:14 / mi) +79m 12:27 / mi
ahr:122 max:197

Rail trail with Ruthie. Extra trip at far end up into Muckross Park. Couple pickups on the way back. Legs started loosening up nicely.

Thursday Apr 26 #

6 AM

Strength (Exercise class) 50:00 [3]

Warm up body wgt core, then 6 machines hvy wgts 10 reps x 2 sets.
Ab roll 10 x 25# added wgt, 10 pull ups.
9 AM

Strength (Exercise class) 50:00 [3]

Arms with 2 to 12# hand wgts; core
11 AM

Trail Running hills (Kingdom Valley) 1:21:00 [3] 3.15 mi (25:43 / mi) +308m 19:44 / mi
ahr:95 max:139

Stairway to Heaven hills 5 [4]

Can I run up as fast as skiing? Looks like it will happen.
4.51, 4.34, 4.31, 4.09, 3.58

Tuesday Apr 24 #

9 AM

Strength 45:00 [3]

Monday Apr 23 #

8 AM

X-C Skiing (Prospect ) 2:12:00 [3] 24.22 km (5:27 / km)

Early trip down to catch the morning conditions. Pistenbully groomed overnight, even up the left side to the summit. Loops on lower trails and then up to the top. Done by the time the surface started to soften under the hot spring sun.

Just like Truckee skiing (if they had any ... ).

X-C Skiing 1 [0] +462m

gps track
6 PM

Stretching 10:00 [0]

Strength (Exercise class) 50:00 [3]

Machines and wgts. Ski erg, rower. Body wgt core.
10 pullups

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