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Training Log Archive: tomwcarr

In the 7 days ending Nov 24, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:01:00
  Bike2 2:59:45 32.46 52.24 240
  XC Sking2 2:23:00
  Row1 1:20:00
  Total6 9:43:45 32.46 52.24 240

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Friday Nov 24, 2017 #

7 AM

Bike 2:06:45 [3] 52.24 km (2:26 / km) +240m 2:22 / km

Thursday Nov 23, 2017 #

Row 1:20:00 [3]

Perfect morning. Wisps of steam coming off the dead calm water. Ben wanted to do AT pieces and I definitely did not. So, I started one minute before him, rowed at a steady 20spm, and he'd chase me for 4 x 3k. Worked out well.

XC Sking 1:06:00 [3]
shoes: Pursuit

Ate a banana then hit the trail. 2 Fisher Rd Hill loops, then up to the long boardwalk and back. Solid rski but getting a little tired by the end.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 #

XC Sking 1:17:00 [3]
shoes: Pursuit

Windy and a little chilly but shorts still ok.

Monday Nov 20, 2017 #

Bike 53:00 [3]

As opposed to DOMS, I have iOMS, immediate onset muscle soreness. Went for an easy spin to get the blood flowing.

Had a cavity taken care of. Very unhappy about that.

Sunday Nov 19, 2017 #

Orienteering 2:16:00 [3]

Foot report: I had to favor my right foot for jumps and moving through rocks but otherwise it didn’t slow me down.

Lung report: The moderate pace meant reduced breathing issues. My limiting factor was untrained legs (for running). report: Very sore. Even a half hour a week would be helpful as prep for O.

Sleep report: Lacking. I was still up at midnight panicking and planning for how to extricate myself from WRR management chores. If it was just an employment situation, I could just quit. But many of the folks involved are friends and so I don’t want to just abandon them. It’s going to take a little time.

Weather report: It was mid 30s at the start and probably high 40s when I finished. Sunny. Low 50s hanging out after socializing. Have to say this was the most pleasant PTrot conditions I’ve experienced.

Prerace planning report: Just take it easy and see what happens.

Race report: Well, even with Spikes usual jackrabbit launch from the start the pace was moderate and maintainable. A few of us came into C1 at the same time. I proceed to try to be “cute” with my route choice to C2 (attack from the left) and promptly lost a bunch of places. However, folks were slow to make it to the road and so only JP was up ahead on the climb. I cut in early through the green, which wasn’t bad, to connect to the field. Punched C3 first. Hastings climbed faster then me to the field and we punched C4 1-2 with Eagleton close behind. I went down and around the field before hitting the road; I think it would have been faster to go straight to the road. I punch C5 first with Jeff from SLOC and another right behind. Up to the fields and then over to the trail, down to C6, me then Jeff then Eagleton. We muffed C7. I was surprised to see a small pack, led by jP, leaving C7 as I came it. It didn’t seem like it but in hindsight there was lots of hesitating and correcting. C8 through C11 was a lot of jostling in a pack picking up places. Finally at C11 I exited just behind JP. We were a little slow on the final approach to C12 so that the leg to C13 there was a pack. Out the the road it was JP, then Jeff, then me, Kelly Eagleton, Spike and Ian close behind, then others. However, we seemed to gap most on the way to C14. On the way to C15, Jp, Jeff, Kelly and I separated. Jp took the trail by the pond, while the rest of us to the trail just to the north that looked more direct. That did not work out well as we got fouled up in nasty briers. I had to pull a thorn out of my lip! The end result is we were chasing JP out of C15. I fell back as I ate a Gu on the way to C16. At C17 and then at the road on the way to C18 the order was jP, Jeff, Kelly then me. They went straight or left through slash. I took a chance by going a bit right, climbing a bit, then contouring over. It worked out well such that I punch first with Jeff then JP then Kelly just behind. I bungled the climb leading to the open area before C19; if I had focused on contours instead of trails I think I could have gain time. As it was, Jeff got ahead of JP and I. I didn’t see Kelly anymore. JP and I took slightly different routes along the creek to C20 but punch about the same time with jeff taking my route and just behind. I thought about contouring to C21 but jP was climbing and I was so confident that I wanted to loose contact. However, Jp climbed better than I and so I was chasing him across the field anyway with Jeff just behind. Jp seemed to hesitate leaving C21 and I wasn’t sure if he was going to C22 at first. However, I had selected this as my skipped and had planned to follow the creeks to C23. As it turned out, jP did too much zigzagging and it was me and Jeff alone punch C23. Same at C24, ie, down, up, ride, over the ridge to the root stocks, me then Jeff. I got down to the open area first but Jeff had better legs than I and so put in a little distance on me. However, he hesitated a bit in the circle and we were back together again at the control. But that was that. Jeff ran way from me after that.

Typo report: I don’t feel like editing. Deal with it.

Fun report: Much fun!

Saturday Nov 18, 2017 #

Orienteering 45:00 [3]

OKansas woodland sprint Heartland Center. 2.9k in just under 24min. Physically well below 100% but I don't feel like listing the issues. Fun course with plenty of route choices for such a short distance. No errors to speak of.

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