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Training Log Archive: tomwcarr

In the 7 days ending Feb 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Sking3 7:14:51 47.64 76.67 787
  Bike2 2:02:00
  Run1 1:00:00
  Total6 10:16:51 47.64 76.67 787

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Friday Feb 2 #

1 PM

XC Sking 1:00:24 [3] 11.93 km (5:04 / km) +222m 4:38 / km

Pat and I have traveled to MSP, more specifically, Stillwater, MN for a weekend of skiing. We are staying at Karen's parents place, which not only is conveniently located but also very chill because the parents are in Hawaii and we have it to ourselves. Thus, being friendly and polite is unnecessary, while our propensity to fart and swear can continue as usual.

First stop was a trip to Gear West on the other side of Mini-apples. The airlines lost my Craft ski pants on the way back from VT. I haven't had a trip yet where I didn't find a TSA inspection sticker in my ski bag. I also pack a bunch of cloths in my ski bag. I think the inspector left my pants and a pair of nice socks on some dungeon floor in Boston Logan. The end result was that I spent an hour checking out ski gear and had enough discipline to confine myself to only a new pair or Swix ski pants.

First we ate some lunch in Marine St. Croix and then just up the road is William O Bryan State park which does a very decent job of grooming. They have a nice little community building that serves as a ski lodge.

The snow was well groomed, cold and very squeaky, but not CO cold, dry, forward-motion-not-allowed snow. That is, it was very nice to ski on. We generally took it easy and I did my best to work on no poles, stride drills on climb, and good technique in general.

Oh yea, 5F with no or only diffuse sun is cold. That was the coldest I've been this winter. The new pants aren't as thick as my old ones and my butt got cold too! I might need to consider some thicker undies on cold days.

XC Sking 51:51 [3] 10.08 km (5:09 / km) +198m 4:41 / km

After a 30 min break to warm up a bit we did a somewhat shorter loop. Our pace was a little slower but that did not seem to be the case to me. Seemed like we were zipping along. That could be that my technique was a little smoother.

Some HS kids were out by this time and the ease with which they can generate speed was both impressive and annoying. It looked like no effort, whereas everything is an effort for me.

Good ski but happy to have it be a little short. We were both getting tired.

Wednesday Jan 31 #

Bike 1:02:00 [3]

I rode my dirty bike.

Tuesday Jan 30 #

Run 1:00:00 [3]

Nice evening at Norbuk with Karl. Great sunset. Legs are a little tired/sore.

Monday Jan 29 #

XC Sking 1:24:00 [3]
shoes: Pursuit

2.5 x (1k / 3min + 2k / 5min)
+ 3 Fisher Hill sprints

rep) pace, HR_max / (12/18 data, no wind) / (11/28 data, wind)
1 = 1k) a/ 3;19, 166 / ( 2:58, 167) / ( w/ 2:52, 165)
2 = 2k) a/ 3;22, 165 / ( 3:09, 169) / ( w/ 3:06, 167)
3 = 1k) w/ 2;50, 170 / ( 3:06, 171) / ( a/ 3:21, 167)
4 = 2k) w/ 3:04, 170 / ( 3:21, 170) / ( a/ 3:24, 169)
5 = 1k) -- 3;04, 167 / ( 3:06, 169) / ( w/ 3:04, 167)

1) and 2) definitely slowed by wind. Less tail on 3) but still there. 4) even less. 5) essentially calm but slow due to concrete and the little rise at the Boatramp Lot.

Given that this was my first hard intensity effort in a month, I'm pretty happy. To some degree I am technique limited; I'm just not as stable and balanced at high speed.

The dog on Fischer Rd hill is either really really happy to see me or really really not amused by me.

Sunday Jan 28 #

Bike 1:00:00 [3]

Easy spin. Way over dressed. But a day after a 4 hour ski is a good day to err on the side of over vs under.

Saturday Jan 27 #

7 AM

XC Sking 3:58:36 [3] 54.66 km (4:22 / km) +367m 4:13 / km
ahr:139 max:160 shoes: V2 Aero XL

Got going around 7 when there was still a bit of drizzling. However, the sky indicated clearing so I got going in just shorts and a shirt. Roads were wet through so legs, rskis and boots were very dirty at the end.

Ate two pieces of toast + avocado + tomato + lemon juice before hand. Two bottles and 6 Gus along the way. Probably should have drank more and had more non Gu food.

In the beginning I went back and forth on TP hill a few times working on hill technique. Then on a bunch of the other hills I practice "herringbone skate." I'm going to need the latter and so want to be as smooth as possible.

For whatever reason, my HR was high and Garmin was shouting at me the whole way. However, it was hard to go slower. The hills in the 3rd hour were causing spikes (fatigue I guess) and that certainly pulled the average up.

Half way I swung by the car, refueled, and put on a dry shirt and socks. Ran into Sue Ellen and even though spending 20 min chatting in the middle of a workout is not ideal, I thought it would be not very nice to rush off; she definitely needed to chat and vent. Getting going again wasn't comfortable though.

Felt pretty smooth through about 3:10 then a little hungrier than is ideal. At about 3:40 my legs had about enough. But overall, a decent outing. There is no way to avoid being tired after 4 hours.

Garmin says 405m of climbing but for some reason that gets deflated in the AP download.

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