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Training Log Archive: tomwcarr

In the 7 days ending Mar 29:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:26:00
  Row2 2:07:00
  Bike2 2:06:00
  Core1 28:00
  PT4 4
  Total7 8:07:04

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Friday Mar 29 #

PT (Kinetic chain) 1 [3]

At the shop.

Thursday Mar 28 #

Bike 58:00 [3]

PT (Kinetic chain) 1 [3]

Was going to do Core Perf when I got home but I did not feel very energetic.

Wednesday Mar 27 #

Row 1:05:00 [3]

5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 30s + 30s with about equal rest at
24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 34

Very nice morning and getting more sleep helps. Did well holding the rate, speed was lacking, effort felt like I haven't rowed much.

Bike 1:08:00 [3]

Kept it easy. Asshole biker count was on the high side.

Tuesday Mar 26 #

Row 1:02:00 [3]

The call came for a 4x row this morning and so I dragged myself out of bed way too early. However, Ben didn't show due to alarm malfunctions. So Luis and Mark took an 2x and I went solo. Nice morning, nice moon and stars, nice sunrise, and some nice quick-10s at the front end back end. However, now I'm way too sleepy and have a headache, neither of which is nice.

PT (Kinetic chain) 1 [3]

In the garage when I got home from rowing. Clock balance + deadbugs + cross-sym + buttballsquish.

Core 28:00 [3]


Monday Mar 25 #

PT (Kinetic chain) 1 [3]

Austin almost made me cry when massaging my calves and glutes. After that he put me in a leg massage air sock pump things. My legs did seem to feel a bit fresher afterward and as long as I keep telling myself that and believe it, then that's good enough for me. All hail the mighty placebo!

Sunday Mar 24 #

Orienteering 1:27:00 [3]

Flying Pig Day 3. Carter Caves. Red, 7.7k w/ 400-something climb = 1:36ish

Woohoo! I could run. Being able to move through the woods made today much more fun. Towards the end I felt a little achiness but it wasn't enough to be a concern other than to not leap and land on that leg. I can say that I ran about as fast as my running fitness would allow.

Nav was also good. I was please that I was pretty much spot on the point features on slopes. Those are often my nemesis. The cliffs and boulders on C11-C13 reminded me of SR2 (though very much bigger); that experience motivated me to slow down, really understand the map, and formulate good plans. Definitely paid off as I didn't loseany time on these.

Space Monkey and I were close from C8 through C14. We most often took slightly different routes and then reconverged. My presense helped him a bit at C12 and seeing him exit C16 expedited my finding that little boulder as I knew I didn't need to look to the right. Otherwise, it seemed we were mostly doing our own thing.

The only time I got a little off track was to C14 when I got mixed up on the trails. When I hit the big gully/rentrant and had boulders in front of me I knew something was off. Figured out quickly I had to climb. Went right up to the bag reconverging with Space Monkey who came from the direction that I had planned to come from.

AP credits me a loss of a minute and a half on the way to C7. That's solely due to stopping and retying both shoes. Since it was cold I put them on in the car but I never get a good tie cramped up in the car; should have known better to redo them.

Saturday Mar 23 #

Orienteering 1:59:00 [3]

Flying Pig day 2 at Carter Caves. 7.9ish kms with 600ish ms = 1:59ish. It was interesting navigating in, among, up and down and all around the cliffs in the first part of the course. I could have done without the loop to 17 and 18, and especially the climb to 19. However, Will flew around the course in 70min so that perhaps settles that.

Walked in the beginning. From C8 on I would jog the flats and some of the downs. Gingerly though -- I didn't want to stress my calf. I got a little twinge going down the hill from C16 and had to back off. Otherwise, just kept plugging along.

Thought I would be chilly walking and wore a long sleeve shirt. That was unnecessary because I was working plenty hard enough getting up the hills to stay warm.

I bobbled C2, C4 and C18 -- wasn't reading depressions and pits super accurately. In each case i was standing almost on top of it and just didn't look over the edge. My big mistake was a parallel error on C5 where I ended up a C1 -- that cost a couple of minutes. Otherwise, my nav was pretty good, so that's nice.

Now I just feel a bit overly tired. The cliffs were fun and interesting but I was just out longer than I would prefer.

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