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Training Log Archive: igoup

In the 7 days ending Nov 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Sking2 2:58:17 15.71 25.28 180
  Row2 1:58:00
  Bike1 1:28:35 17.34(11.7/h) 27.9(18.9/h) 159
  Orienteering1 1:20:00
  Total6 7:44:52 33.05 53.19 339

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Friday Nov 20 #

Row 58:00 [3]

Wednesday Nov 18 #

6 AM

XC Sking 2:00:17 [3] 25.28 km (4:45 / km) +180m 4:36 / km

Beautiful sunrise. Went over to the NE side and went up and down hills. Worked the bathhouse hill a bit but not at "Hill Intervals" effort. Nevertheless, I was pretty pooped by the end. Nice morning.

Tuesday Nov 17 #

XC Sking 58:00 [3]
shoes: Pursuit Elite

Technique drills and thrills. Skiing like a boss.

Sunday Nov 15 #

Row 1:00:00 [3]

No regattas this fall so I decided to not have a small one at WRR

First the non-event notice, then the report.


Not-yet-Thanksgiving not-a-regatta non-event: Sunday, Nov 15, 0830

Anyone from WRR is welcome as well as 1x scullers from the DFW area. (Non WRR scullers please let me know if you will be coming over).

The plan is to start at the docks, down to the spillway, turn to the north, pass close to Arboretum Point, pass close to Winfree Point. Head to the bathhouse, then turn slightly and finish near Corinthian. That's about 4k. If the wind isn't agreeable, we'll figure out something else.

Spread the word.

(WRR scullers should make a small sacrifice to the WR Lady of the Lake asking for calm winds. She likes KitKats. Put them in the shoes of the white Filippi 1x on the second rack and I will make sure she gets them.)

The Not-yet-Thanksgiving not-a-regatta non-event

COVID19 statement:
Wear a mask on shore and on the docks. Maintain proper social distancing. Use deodorant.

Sunday Morning, Nov 15, 8:30am
8:30 means on the water, ready to pull hard. In other words, launch well before that for drills, warmup, and whatever else you think you need to do. 8:30 is when we start not-racing.

What do you need:
A boat that has oars, 2 oars, 8 oars, whatever. A Speedcoach (or other timing device that can measure distance). Crewmates as desired.

What there won't be:
No buoys, no start line, no finish line, no officials, no launches, nothing that might be mistaken for regatta extras.

How it will work:
On the water gathering place to be decided. Depending on the wind we will decide on a rowing pattern of between 3k-5k. We will use a typical sequential one at a time start, in an order determined by convenience when we see who is there. Each boat will take 5 strokes to get up to speed, pause to start their Speedcoach, and then starts not-racing. Everyone does their best to row the pattern in whatever non-exact way is required by the boat that is being rowed.

At the specified distance between 3k and 5k whoever is in charge of the Speedcoach looks at time and, this is most important, remembers the time. We then row back to shore and compare times. Whoever was fastest didn't win because this is not a race.

There isn't any since this isn't an event. Just show up and row.

Feel free to make yourself a medal or trophy to take home and brag about. However, if asked others are obligated to out you as a big faker.

Refreshments or snacks:
Whatever you bring to refresh yourself with and snack on is what there will be. Also, if desired, bring your own chair.

Send to However, having questions suggests that you might think this is more complicated and more race-like than it is. Just be ready to row at 8:30m.

At 8am, White Rock Lake appeared to be behaving itself. By the time we were grouped up to start not-racing, there was much misbehaving. With a north wind,, the course was 2000m north up the buoy line, turn hard to the West Lauther Shore, southeast to the boat ramp dock, turn south and row until the Speedcoach said 400m, which was just about even with WRR's docks.

The singles went first with Luis, Gabe, Pat from FWRC, Adam, and Tom, followed by the quad with Scott, Alex, Crystal and Matt. The first 750m were pretty bumpy and so gripping the oars was anything but relaxed. However, the trip south hiding from the wind behind Mount Vernon was quite nice and it felt good to put in confident strokes. Of course by the time the last meters were covered, it was back to white caps and surfing.

In the end, someone was fastest but no one can remember who that was. Everyone's boats stayed right-side up, but showers were not needed because gallons of water were dumped out of boats onto heads. Everyone should feel happy about a good effort and hopefully went home with a good story.

Kudos to all who rowed. Cheers!
3 PM

Bike 1:28:35 [3] 27.9 km (18.9 kph) +159m

Cyclecross! Dallas Bike Works laid out a 0.6k course in an area of about 3 tennis courts. Lots of twists and turns and small but steep hills. I couldn't make one and would have to get off and run up. 3 of the 6 loops I timed myself finishing in about 2:58. Apparently this year's top time is around 2:20. They must have been on some little short wheelbase bike to make all the turns that fast. In any case, it was fun.

Lots of people still out as the sunset. Understandable as it was a very nice day.

The Frontline ER at Garland&Gaston had a line of people and a line of cars, which I assume is for C19 testing.

Saturday Nov 14 #

Orienteering 1:20:00 [3]

NTOA event at All Saints with appropriate C19 mods. I kept it easy because I haven't been running, my hams are sore from yoga, my calves are tight from rskiing, and I have a busy day tomorrow. Really enjoyed being out. I love all my other sports but there is no substitute for being out in the woods. O is good for the soul.

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