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Training Log Archive: igoup

In the 7 days ending Apr 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike3 6:05:54 62.96 101.33 747
  Row2 1:55:59 5.53 8.9
  Peak Zone2 1:36:00
  Yoga1 1:00:00
  Core2 27:00
  Run1 25:00
  Lift1 12:00
  Total7 11:41:53 68.49 110.23 747

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Thursday Apr 8 #

Row 1:02:00 [3]

Race WU
4 x 1min at 26-28spm

South wind so it was a grind. It's getting warm too. My arms and chest were sore from Peak yesterday. I held the rates well but can't say what my speed was like.

Core 10:00 [3]

I wanted to do more but then I didn't want to. Rowing made my ITBs/knees sore.

Wednesday Apr 7 #

Peak Zone 46:00 [3]

Shoulders, arms and back
1) Incline pushups / decline pushups
2) Lawn mower rows / overhead presses
3) Curls / tricep press using rower
4) Jump pullups / Tricep pull downs with band
5) Bent over row / bench presses
6) French press things / bench presses
7) Fast curls at different angles.

Yoga 1:00:00 [3]

Tuesday Apr 6 #

Lift (MPA&B) 12:00 [3]

Run 25:00 [3]

Slow but did it.

Tightened one bolt after another riding in between to chase down the clicky-click. I think it was the internal seat post bolt. I won't celebrate until I get out for a longer ride.

Monday Apr 5 #

Peak Zone 50:00 [3]

Lisa's been going to Peak Fitness for a couple of years now. While I can enjoy lifting and circuit workouts, I don't like being inside, paying $, or the extra drive. However, enough is enough with the injuries and imbalances. I can't live or enjoy my other sports doing cardio alone. Also, I wasn't finding the motivation to both properly plan and do my own workouts. So, Peak it is.

* WU: erg
4 supersets:
* Swimmers + overhear presses
* Dumbbell flies + lunges
* Busa 1/2ball: double jumps + squats
* something else I already forgot
* Finish with more swimmers and rear lunges, arms overhead.

Bike 57:00 [3]
shoes: Bianchi

A clicky clicky click! Dang it! I hate clicky clicks. Since I had dropped the stem I was left with a couple of cm's of steerer tube above, aka, a chimney. I had that cut last week. That's the only thing that has changed so I got the torque wrench out and tightened all the stem bolts. Hope that takes care of it.

My legs didn't feel too bad. There are good odds I'll be sore in the morning due to all the lunges and squats.

Sunday Apr 4 #

Core (CrossSym + PhysioBall) 17:00 [3]

Bike 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Bianchi

Super easy tourist ride with Lisa, Pat and Karen. P&K came over to experience our neighborhoods easter parade and we then had dinner in the backyard. Very nice afternoon.
7 AM

Row 53:59 [3] 8.9 km (6:04 / km)

South wind taking it easy. Tired from yesterday.

Saturday Apr 3 #

8 AM

Bike 4:08:54 [3] 101.33 km (24.4 kph) +747m
ahr:146 max:173 shoes: Ibis

Red Riot River by Spinnistry
Started underneath a wind turbine in the area north of Meunster. Stiff south wind had that thing going "WOSH! WOSH! WOSH!" High 50s at the start but the wind made it feel chillier.

The first 4 miles were on the 4R Winery/Ranch on double track roads. This was supposed to be a neutral start. Maybe it was neutral for the guys up front. It felt like very very aggressive neutral to me. It was fun though. Rocking, turns, downhills. Then it was supposed to be semi-neutral until we hit the first paved stretch around mile 8. It was a fast-neutral to me. It was fun though. Ups and down and turns. Of course I had intended to take it easy at the start but the fun meant I got going too fast.

We had some more climbing before finally making it back to Windmill Hill, which tops 22% for a bit. Many people have to walk. I got up still moving but this is where my HR maxed at 173.

Back up on the high plains we got to enjoy the wind. Spent a long time with a group of 6ish guys taking turns leading. There were some sections of newly graveled roads, which were very bumpy and took a tool on my butt. Pretty grasslands though.

The east side of the course had us heading north and downhill for a good stretch. These were fun roads. Climbing back out to the south was less fun. I was getting pooped. At 70k I decided to keep things mellow and hoped that I'd have some energy for the last 10k. The latter did not happen. And my butt was killing me again. I've given that seat 2 long aggressive rides and it is not measuring up; time for seat number 3.

The last 8k was just pedaling along, nursing my butt, trying not to cramp, and looking forward to the finish.

It had warmed up so hanging out was comfortable. RidersBBQ from Sanger had a food truck, which was much appreciated. Then we rode over to the 4R Winery to grab a bottle. Then we went to Kroots in Gainseville for a burger. They have good burgers!

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