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Training Log Archive: igoup

In the 7 days ending Nov 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Sking4 7:42:37 43.3 69.69 778
  Bike3 3:53:17 8.68 13.96 98
  Row1 59:00
  Core2 35:00
  Peak Zone1 24:00
  Total9 13:33:54 51.98 83.65 876

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Friday Nov 26 #

XC Sking 2:55:00 [3] 35.15 km (4:59 / km) +460m 4:40 / km
shoes: Pursuit Elite

I needed a break from WRL so I went down to the Cedar Hill State Park nordic center. Coldest morning this season at 34 but there was no wind; good skiing weather. I did not feel particularly energetic from the get go so I resigned myself to just putting in the time and not overworking. I wasn't moving too fast but I got in a good chunk more climb than last week. Rolled on the Pursuits, which are also slower. I didn't have the energy for core or squatty things after.

Afterward, I collected Lisa and we went to Angry Dog where I had the Angry Dog Double Dog Chili Dog, with fries.

Thursday Nov 25 #

Bike 2:10:00 [3]

TG morning ride with Scott Norris. Started from smu, down the Katy trail, downtown, back and forth across all of the bridges, stumbled into the turkey trot, followed that back into downtown, out to fair park, Santa Fe, etc back to smu. Very chilly but sunny. Very easy pace.

Wednesday Nov 24 #

XC Sking 1:03:00 [3]
shoes: Pursuit Elite

Technique and balance drills. Still feeling Monday.

Peak Zone 24:00 [3]

Half of yesterday's PZ workout. Calisthenics and core type stuff. Warm up so i did it on the patio of the Filter Building looking out over the lake.

Tuesday Nov 23 #

XC Sking 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Pursuit Elite

Easy. Darker then I expected due I guess to not knowing actually when it was going to get dark. I like being out in the evening but I don't really like rskiing in the dark.

Monday Nov 22 #

Bike 45:00 [3]
shoes: Ibis

WUs and CDs
7 PM

Bike 26:40 [3] 6.51 km (14.6 kph) +55m
ahr:158 max:164 shoes: Ibis

Creek Cross C race

This being the last night of night racing, and because it is TG week, between the short track and C race was a pie race. They'd race a lap, eat some pie, race a lap, eat some pie. Officials were checking that everyone finished their pie before starting to ride again; riders had to show a clean mouth. That was all pretty fun to watch though not something my tummy could handle.

Clear and eventually chilly night. By the time I left it was 51F, which feels quite cold in the dark on a bike. I could have used a long sleeve shirt.

We were back over in the half-bowl which meant a lot of steep little climbs, lots of tight oft camber turns, and uphill hurdles. With 33 starters there was a good bit of traffic. I got out fast and toward the front and so didn't have to worry about too many traffic jams. Some guys were running a couple of hills, which bottled me up at times. Here's how I rank myself:
* On the long back stretch = average. I knew I had to try to crank but I was usually pretty gassed.
* Short steep uphills = average, neither gaining nor losing to those around.
* Turns = above average. I think I do a decent job of finding good lines and maintaining as much speed as possible.
* Off the bike = beast mode. Any time I have to get off and run or do hurdles I'm usually powering by people. The uphill hurdles really hit people hard and I was passing people just on that short bit.

Thing I learned: Downhill turns requiring keep weight back on on the rear wheel. When I didn't do that my rear wheel would get skittish and I'd have to slow. Once I figure that out I maintained better control and speed.

Bike 31:37 [3] 7.45 km (14.1 kph) +43m
ahr:152 max:163 shoes: Ibis

Creek Cross B race
18 / 24

10min break then lined up in back for the B race. Easier start because if nothing else traffic meant I had no where to go. Once things opened up my effort level rose to not quite like the B race but still working. Just zooming around having "fun" and getting in more practice. Got lapped by a couple of guys but that was fine. Hooked up with Adriana again for the last 4 laps and then we sprinted together for the finish; with the short sprint and turns I couldn't get around her. Fist bump after.

When I got home I was very very tired and it took a long time to feel warm. I wore my house-hat to bed.

And that's it for night racing. The big grand finale event is in two weekends, Pan-American CX Champs, which is fun but also perplexing. There are a few registrants from CO and Seattle, etc, but I wonder if there will actually be anyone from Argentina.

Sunday Nov 21 #

Row 59:00 [3]

Cloudy and calm, except for dumb SMU and their megaphones. Good row just the same.

Core 25:00 [3]

MPA&B, core, shoulders


Trail building with TX Racing Syndicate at Cecil Park where they hold the CX races. More work than I expected.

Saturday Nov 20 #

Core 10:00 [3]

Squatty things and some core after.
7 AM

XC Sking 2:44:37 [3] 34.54 km (4:46 / km) +318m 4:33 / km

Very nice morning. A little farther, a little longer, and a little more up. About the same amount of fatigue, maybe just a little less, so that's good. Tired and hungry. Went to an all I can eat Persian buffet for lunch and I did just that.

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