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Training Log Archive: igoup

In the 7 days ending Jun 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike6 9:14:30 127.59 205.33 518
  Row2 1:53:00
  Lift1 30:00
  Run1 30:00
  Core1 15:00
  Total9 12:22:30 127.59 205.33 518

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Friday Jun 7 #

Core 15:00 [3]

In Webster. Mom was napping. I watched some French Open.

Dad appears to be on a final decline.

Thursday Jun 6 #

2 PM

Bike 1:41:53 [3] 44.42 km (26.2 kph) +180m
ahr:115 max:134

Mid afternoon post whatever some work and pre heading to the airport. Getting hot out. Tired.

Wednesday Jun 5 #

Row 40:00 [3]

More storms so I slept in a bit. The lake was calm and quiet when I went out.

Run 30:00 [3]

Everything is wet and muddy. Saw a big hawk.

Tuesday Jun 4 #

Bike 1:07:00 [3]

WU and CD
5 PM

Bike 29:09 [3] 18.58 km (38.2 kph) +37m
ahr:157 max:167

Turbo Velo C

Rained again this morning, then got hot. Heat index of 40C. Ouch.

Already on lap 2 I felt gassed. The pack would slow just enough heading into the wind that I could get back on and get a little break. It wasn't easy though. Once they started the 5 lap countdown I kept thinking, "Hang with it one more lap." We'd complete the lap and I'd have to do it again. As we started the last lap and headed into the wind and the pace increased, I couldn't manage it any more. Finished about a minute down on a 2 man break, then about 30s down on the group. I registered for the B race but that wasn't going to happen. CD with Lex and Jason.

Have to be happy with the effort. After, Greg, Jason N., Lex and I hung out and cheered on AJ and Jason B. It was good to hang out with friends.

Monday Jun 3 #

Lift 30:00 [3]

7 AM

Bike 1:11:04 [3] 28.6 km (24.1 kph) +87m

Mostly easy high rpm spinning plus a half dozen surges. Still wet out; bike is dirty again. Cleaning it is futile these days.

Sunday Jun 2 #

Row 1:13:00 [3]

2x with Pat at WR in the fog dodging logs. Chatted away the time.

Bike 1:02:00 [3]

The storm was supposed to miss us to the north. It did not. I got to clean a bike again.

There were many out walking, running, fishing, and riding. Some just rolled with it and kept doing what they were doing. Others were hiding waiting for it to pass. Some sailboats were out. Sailing is a good activity for being at one with weather; I love getting caught out it storms while in a boat.

I wore my dad's old cycling jersey.

Saturday Jun 1 #

6 AM

Bike 3:43:24 [3] 113.73 km (30.5 kph) +214m
ahr:131 max:167

A little extra over to the west side of the lake before coming back for the 0700 start of the Southie. Had a group of 30+. I didn't have a plan to be in the back but that's where I was, with the result that I had a great draft all the way out. I generally stayed there until we were getting close I20. Then I was mostly in the front half. The group is supposed to ride "neutral" along Lawther because the road is so messed up with potentially dangerous cracks; we sort of did that. At 80 we started picking things up. Physically, I have been feeling on the average to tired side. Given that, I was happy to feel kind of ok. I wasn't sure if I was actually riding ok/well or we were just going easy. Turns out it was the former. The pace up Elk hill was solid but I didn't feel like I was at max; turns out I set a PR. I did need to hide a ride wheels a bit at the top. We kept a good pace on East Fork as well. Then I set a PR coming back on I30. I was following wheels the whole time and so certainly benefited from others work. Still good for me though.

Decided to do a lap of the lake to try to get 120k. After dropping down from Lake Highlands Dr. I could feel my rear tire going soft. Stopped to help the sealant plug the hole and then squirt in some CO2. Did that twice before before conceding I had to try an actual plug. Tried that, squirted in some CO2, and got going again but it didn't hold. Ok, I guess I have to put in a tube. I had a very lightweight TPU tube that required a valve extender. I bungled that and broke the stem. Nothing left to do but to call Lisa. Others came buy and I probably could have begged a tube but Lisa was on the way.

Ended up 7km short of my goal but ride-wise, it was a good one. Tire+tube wise I've decided I have had enough of road tube-less and will switch back to tubes.

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