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Training Log Archive: Ralph

In the 7 days ending Sep 29:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Warm up /down6 3:30:03 12.18 19.6
  Run6 2:14:12 15.53(8:39) 24.99(5:22) 158
  O - Sprint Race5 45:25 8.32(5:28) 13.39(3:24)87c
  O - Race1 41:30 5.16(8:03) 8.3(5:00)22c
  O - Training1 37:00 2.49(14:53) 4.0(9:15)10c
  O - Sprint Training2 32:11 4.23(7:37) 6.8(4:44)32c
  Total11 8:20:21 47.89 77.08 158151c

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Sunday Sep 29 #

8 AM

Run 15:11 [2] *** 2.4 km (6:20 / km)
ahr:118 max:134 shoes: SauKN

Boys got me out for a morning jog
2 PM

O - Sprint Race 14:30 [5] *** 4.14 km (3:30 / km)
22c shoes: SauFl

World Cup Sprint
13th and close to the top 10 with the outside shot of a top 6, although that is maybe clutching at straws. My thoughts are that there is always some luck needed in sprint orienteering to pick the right routechoice where there are 5 second differences. I think I got lucky quite a lot today, and maybe my luck ran out when I ran down the wrong street in my fatigued state near the end of the course. Dissappointing to have made such a stupid mistake but I haven’t really put myself into a situation of making these super fatigued decisions this year so I guess it was bound to happen at some point this weekend, and wouldn’t trade a top 10/7th place today for the 3rd yesterday.

Warm up /down 41:00 [2] 5.1 km (8:02 / km)

Saturday Sep 28 #

10 AM

Warm up /down 50:00 [2] 5.2 km (9:37 / km)

O - Sprint Race 10:23 [5] *** 3.0 km (3:28 / km)
21c shoes: Nvii XXC 1


I started in the same minute as Olav so I knew the pace off the start would be decent. I lost a bit of time on the first control, it wasn’t exactly where I thought it would be and neither did it look like how I thought it would. Knowing that the margins to qualify would be small, and having the feedback of yesterday’s race I became instantly more stressed. I then stressed even more over the routechoice to the second control, missing the blocked road. From there on I was really going for it as much as I could. Collided with 2 buildings, a bush, and a Russian, with the Russian being easily the most dangerous. Ran in to the finish and crossed the line to hear “new best time”. Woops.
11 AM

O - Sprint Race 7:55 [5] *** 2.2 km (3:36 / km)
15c shoes: Nvii XXC 1

Quarter Final

Was very much expecting loops to be the forking type on this race, but as in Finland I assumed just 2 options rather than the multiple pivot controls so consequently followed Matthias through an extra control, oh dear more stress. Did some reasonable orienteering of my own from then on, and was able to just latch onto the back of him for second go round the loop. Out of the loop with Matthias and Tobia with a big gap behind me, so with 3 to qualify we were able to “jog it in”.

Warm up /down 35:00 [2]

3 PM

O - Sprint Race 6:21 [5] *** 1.8 km (3:32 / km)
14c shoes: SauFl

Semi Final

I got a 50/50 decision right at the end of the course and was able to run in to a clear victory. I had been either in 3rd or 4th the whole race, on the decision before I had gone with Tobia instead of Matthias and Kris because I thought then there might have been a difference, there was none. I had then decided that the left choice was going to be better for me, so when everyone else went right I knew this was the moment to really go as fast as possible. Ran in to the finish not really knowing what was happening, turned around to see Kris just beat Matthias to the line, “absolute scenes”. I thought we had a good chance of getting one of us through to the final but to get both of us through was incredible.

Warm up /down 20:00 [2] 2.4 km (8:20 / km)

Post semi

Warm up /down 22:10 [2] 2.8 km (7:55 / km)

Pre Semi
5 PM

O - Sprint Race 6:16 [5] *** 2.25 km (2:47 / km)
15c shoes: SauFl

Knockout Sprint Final

I think I was expecting a straight unforked course for this, so was surprised and a little nervous to be presented with runners choice again. Had real difficultly, in comparison to the SF, in deciding what was best, half forgot what forking I had actually decided on doing so was relieved to pick the map up and see it was what I wanted, and then doubly relieved to see the other boys had picked it and I could just sit in the group.
Was feeling good at the end and managed to outrun Yannick and Gustav for 3rd place. It doesn’t feel like I did anything cool or special to deserve the result, but maybe the SF move is what I should remember most.

Run 14:19 [2] 2.1 km (6:49 / km)

With Kris post race. Spent the entire afternoon with him

Friday Sep 27 #

3 PM

O - Race 41:30 [5] *** 8.3 km (5:00 / km)
22c shoes: Nvii F1(3)

World Cup Middle

The short and simple summary is that I ran a decent race. I lost some time doing the furthest left routechoice on the first long leg, and I made a few hesitations in a couple of places. I did a lot well.

Warm up /down 35:20 [2] 3.4 km (10:24 / km)
shoes: Nvii F1(3)

Walk-jog to the start

Run 10:00 [2] 2.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: SauKN

Thursday Sep 26 #

10 AM

Run 16:50 [2] 2.2 km (7:39 / km)
ahr:131 max:146 shoes: NVii F2 (1)

O - Training 37:00 [2] *** 4.0 km (9:15 / km)
ahr:133 max:154 10c shoes: NVii F2 (1)

Model map
2 PM

O - Sprint Training 15:02 [2] *** 3.0 km (5:01 / km)
10c shoes: SauFl

Jogged round a sprint training

Tuesday Sep 24 #

5 PM

O - Sprint Training 17:09 intensity: (3:00 @2) + (7:32 @4) + (6:37 @5) *** 3.8 km (4:31 / km)
22c shoes: AG2B

Run 28:30 [2] 5.7 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: AG2B

Warm up /down 6:33 [2] 0.7 km (9:21 / km)
shoes: AG2B

Monday Sep 23 #

6 PM

Run 49:22 intensity: (44:21 @2) + (5:01 @5) 10.59 km (4:40 / km) +158m 4:20 / km
ahr:133 max:142 shoes: SauKN

Sognsvann with a little bit of speed. Shorts again, lots of people out including some fast ones.
5 hill sprints

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