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Training Log Archive: Kdsack

In the 7 days ending Aug 18, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walk2 3:45:00 5.5(40:54) 8.85(25:25)
  Water Skiing4 2:35:00
  Fishing2 45:00
  Boating1 30:00
  Run1 25:00 1.5(16:40) 2.41(10:21)
  Total6 8:00:00 7.0 11.27
  [1-5]5 7:15:00

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Saturday Aug 18, 2007 #

Fishing 20:00 [0]

I was a slow morning, it took me a while to get up. But I was fine. So, when Innana came over to visit my mom chated with her so I decided to go and watch Chicken Run to pass the time. So, after that my mom and I went down with brother, to go fishing with my family. It stated out that Joseph had all the big catches. He caught three fairly big fish. Then I started to catch some about the same size. Joseph also caught a few mini ones. Overall , I don't know how many fish we caught, It must of been quite a few. This was fun, It was a good thing to wrap up the day with.

Friday Aug 17, 2007 #


Today, we did go water skiing, but I decided I wasn't in the mood to do it. So I just watched my brother do it, which was fine. I guess my wednesday exercise would cover it!

Thursday Aug 16, 2007 #

Boating 30:00 [2]

We were planning a paddle-boat trip since yesyerday and I thought it would be nice to go with my family and enjoy it. Once we left, I don't know what got into me, It's just I was being very IMPOLITE and RUDE. I make the ride VERY unenjoyable for people. It makes me sad even wriring about it. Now looking back at it , I REALLY do regret it. My parents were very upset about it. And, I've learned instead of whiing and making it unenjoyable for others, and apoligizing over and over again later and hopign that will fis everything. I just would try to stick it up and just not making it unenjoyable or, I just work on not doing it again. Even though I was very upset during this, I will learn from it and I will do better tomorrow.

Walk (road) 30:00 [2] 2.0 mi (15:00 / mi)

In the evening mom wanted to go on a walk, and I decided to go with her. It was just the two of us. It was very peacful, we want on E. Monomonac the road right by the lake the very pretty, the sun was just coming down. When we came the inter section with another road. Mom I decided to go down it because she knew some pretty close friends of grandpa's that we might want to visit. So, we ewnt down that road until we ran into the Adamson's house, so we decided to come in and visit them since grandpa knew them so well. They were VERY nice people. Next we went down to the sandy beach near the Dryer's yard.(Also very good friends of grandpa)
We sat a little and then we started to head back, on the way we say a BIG yellow fuzzy cattipiller crawling accross the road, IT WAS SO COOL! WE picked it up and saved from the cars and set it on a mushroom. This was a very peacful walk for us and we enjoyed it.

Wednesday Aug 15, 2007 #

Walk (corn) 3:15:00 [2] 3.5 mi (55:43 / mi)

This wasn't any old walk, this was wondering through an 8-acre of corn! In other words, this was a MAZE! We got up bright and early and popped in the car and drove to "Davis's Mega Maze". Each years for the past 5 years Davis and his workers team together and turns their corn feild into a MASSIVE corn MAZE! every year their is a theme to the corn maze and this yea's theme was "LOST VEGAS" the maze had two dice mowed in to the middle. SO we got to this corn maze and as we learned from other years, completing this maze, that it is almost impossible to do unless you have a map. Now they don't sell out any old map, they sell postcards that have the picture of the WHOLE maze, and its perfect to use as a map. So we buy a few postcards. As it turns out half of our family DON'T want to use the postcards and half of them DO. So we have half of our party wandering aimlessly and half standing and staring at the map the whole time! So as you can see this was very difficult for us tro complete. But, we stuck to it and we never gave up, and we reached our goal to find and complete the level seven challenge!! (the level seven challenge id to find every quiz question, charm, map section and locate all the briges throughout the WHOLE MAZE!! In the end we were succesful and extremely proud. Although we did have some trouble in the maze. We agreed that next year's maze, we will split up in two, half of us with maps and half of us without, and we will see who wins!!

Water Skiing 30:00 [3]

After the corn maze we all took a break and rested a little bit. Once dad was done with his nap we had an idea to go water skiing. So we geared up loaded hte boat. Joseph was too hung up in his computering he refusd to go so I guess it is just me and my parents to go, WHAT FUN! So once we got out there, I watched my mom do her MASTER rooster tails to warm me up. After that, I got out there and first I started ou ton two skiies, and di a decent run and got exteremely comfortable going over the wake, so once I dropped, my dad suggested that I work on my one ski get up. So I tried it. It didn't seem to come out succesfully but my last two runs I think it clicked. something came to me and helped me so it, I thought I figured it out!! IU think I'm started to get it! Those runs I think I got up for a few seconds, and then wobbled out of it. I actuazlly think that this practicing actually might be paying off! We'll have to see tomorow!

Run (road) 25:00 [3] 1.5 mi (16:40 / mi)

Today I decided to go on a run witrh my mom and my brother. I'm always up for some good excercise! WE decided to run all the way to the dam and back to the house. This totaled to 2 MILES!! My brother and I starrted off by a really quick pace and I kept it up with him! It was so quick that my mom couldn't keep up with us! so we blaster to the dam and back until I caught up with my mom walking towards us. So I decided to stop and walk back with her. even though I didn't run two full miles, i was VERY impressed with myself for running such a quick pace and be able to stick to it. I AM VERY PROUD, and maybe next time, I can be even better!

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007 #

Water Skiing 30:00 [3]

Today was a special day today was the day I finally learned how to slalom ski! I'd tried to get up bright and early and get out on the boat quickly. Once we were out, we picked up gas and headed straight to the island. Dad changed his mind and let us go up on two skiies and drop one. It actually worked! The first two runs I worked on trying to balance wtih dragging one foot then sliding it in the foot slot. the third tme, I GOT IT! I balanced perfectly and slid my foot in the slot and actually stayed up for a LONG time! Dad wsa VERY inpressed. I also went over the wake a few times. IT WAS AWESOME! From this point, I might even be able to do rooster tails like mommy by the end of the week!!

Water Skiing 20:00 [2]

Today was an interesting day for water skiing. The lake was dead empty and all of my family went together. I went first. After our HUGE discovery yesterday we were all eager to get out there. Well I had one pretty long 2-ski run and then dad convinced me to try and get up on 1 ski, it took up a lot of time, but, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! ALthough it doesn't seem like I am improving, inside, I really am. That got a little frustrating, so I got back up to the 2-ski-drop. On that run, I think I got a little more comfortable with going over the wake. The only bad thing is that our moods weren't exactly happy. People got a little moody this run, maybe I think it is because this might be a little frustrating as I mentioned. But we promised tomorrow will be better. We can't wait till we get in the hang of starting on one ski, WE'LL BE FLYING!!!!!

Monday Aug 13, 2007 #

Water Skiing 30:00 [2]

This was an interesting day for me. We had a slow morning. We went out on a trip in the motor boat to go skiing. It was a COMPLETELY emply lake not a boat in sight. We've decided this was a perfect day to try SLALOM SKIING. I hopped out of the boat to try it out. My dad decided it was best that I would get pulled out of the water with one ski on, so I tried it. It was very hard to drag my foot in the water while trying to hold my balance to get up. It seemed that though how many times I tried it, I felt that it always ended up the same, in about equal amount of time, I fell. EVERY TIME. It got a little frustrating. So, my mom wanted to experiment something that that might improve my progess. Even though dad didn't like the idea, mom thought that maybe I should try getting up on two skiis ( that I already knew how to do ) and drop one ski in the water whole I'm up. So I tried it the first time, AND IT WORKED! It was amazing, It was really cool to get the feeling of being up on one ski , I LOVED IT! But dad got tired of going back to fetch the dropped ski so I only got to try it twice. My brother gave it a try and he got it too! And so did my mom! My dad tried it but he had some bad knee pain which gave him second thoughts. So after our BIG success we headed home to report our GREAT NEWS to Grandpa.
Tommorow is going to be a GREAT day!

Sunday Aug 12, 2007 #

Water Skiing 45:00 [3]

Visiting my grandpa in Massachusetts who lives on Lake Monomonac. I had a early start. Soon, we went out in our motor boat for a ski in with my whole family the main lake. I had a couple of simple runs with two skiis. My first one I just popped out right away I was surprised that I didn't forget how to ski, I hadn't been skiing here since July.
I had a couple of long runs speeding across the wake. It really tires out your arms since you've been up so long. Surprisingly this was a busy weekend, the lake was VERY crowdeed today LOTS of boats and kayaks were out on the water which made it hard to get up with all the extra wake pushing you around. So my mom and I decided not to try slalom skiing today.Maybe tomorrow, we'll see.

Fishing (water) 25:00 [0]

I had a early start, and surprisingly grandpa was up . So, after breakfast, we decided to go down on the dock to fish. Luckly, it was early, so the fish had some room in their bellies. We used stale hot dog buns which seemed to work fairly well. Everything was non-stop, I didn't even give grandpa a 15 seconds to spare. Either it was a fish, or a tangled line,
or something else. I caught about 5 STUPID fish that came right away. After that, the fish got a little smarter and it took a couple of minutes each to catch the next two. All and all I caught seven HUGE fish. I felt this was a succesful fishing day. I dumped them back. to maybe try another day to see if I could catch even MORE!

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