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Training Log Archive: Quirkey

In the 7 days ending Sep 28, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:29:26 8.45 13.6 23032 /40c80%
  Run5 2:30:10
  Flexibility4 50:00
  Strength / Core1 30:00
  Bike1 10:00
  Total6 7:29:36 8.45 13.6 23032 /40c80%
averages - sleep:6.3

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Sunday Sep 28, 2008 #

Event: SOL 5

Run warm up/down 10:00 [2]
shoes: Inov8 Mudroc 208

Orienteering race 1:20:09 [3] **** 6.8 km (11:47 / km) +230m 10:05 / km
ahr:151 max:167 spiked:15/20c slept:8.0 shoes: Inov8 Mudroc 208

SOL at Anagach
Another fantastic area for O.

Again, deliberately trying to keep the legs slowed to give the brain a chance. Overall improvement on the errors front compared to yesterday.
Wee wobbles in the circle on 2 and 3. In fact went for the 'navigation' option over the track option in a few cases where i would not have otherwise. i.e. treating race as training

Swung to the right off my bearing yet again (twice yesterday) on 12 but realised when i hit open / wet my feet.

Lost map contact and ran too far on 14 (tried to go round the marsh that others seem to have been able to just leg-it accross) but again relocated to 'full sure' attack second time around.

Kite and t-bar almost invisible cos' they were lying flat on the ground at 15 (which i put upright again) Considering 14, it was a good thing i was 1000% sure i was in the right spot.

Mental tiredness near the end had me in the circle for no 6 before registering '6' vs '18' that i was actually after. ALways new exactly where i was, just the numptyness factor kicking in.

Switched the legs on for the last leg, and suspect i might have got my first 'fastest' leg in ages (yeah yeah, easy leg, others tired etc i know)

Interestingly: closer time-wise to the winner today than yesterday by more than a minute.

Run warm up/down 8:00 [2]
shoes: Inov8 Mudroc 208

Flexibility 15:00 [1]

5 before O race and 10 after.

Saturday Sep 27, 2008 #

Run warm up/down 10:00 [2]
shoes: Inov8 Mudroc 208

Orienteering race 1:09:17 [3] **** 6.8 km (10:11 / km)
ahr:152 max:168 spiked:17/20c slept:7.0 shoes: Inov8 Mudroc 208

Since i have really orienteered properly in months i decided to treat the whole weekend more as training than racing, so deliberately ran slower in order to make the most of 'skills' practice.

Blue course at Lossie
I really love O'ing (and running generally) in areas like this.

After everything being pretty much bang on where i expected fort he first five controls, i must have relaxed so number 6 put me back in my place. Clean as a whistle to 7 & 8 but then off on my bearing to 9. Relatively error free again all the way to 19.

Could see 11 from miles away so thought it was one those deliberate obvious trick controls. May have realised sooner had i generalised the contours rather than picking out smaller detail as i went.

15 was accurate but i probably ran further than needed and chosen attack angle made the target v narrow. Also, not an error as such but straight was not so great accross the open to 16. Path would have saved time.

The first attempt at last control (20) was as if the 'sat-nav' had suddenly been switched off in my head. Oh what a mess. Eventually managed a re-location and then was surprised to make a very confident approach second time around.

OA: Major errors on 3 controls, and could have made wee technical improvements to 3 more.

Estimates on time loss:
6: 1.5 - 2mins
9: 1 - 1.5mins
11: 30 secs
16. 1min
20: 5 - 6 mins

The results have me in 4th of 18 despite the go-slow and errors.

Most enjoyable Orienteering in ages!

Run warm up/down 5:00 [2]
shoes: Inov8 Mudroc 208

Flexibility 10:00 [3]

5 either side of O

Friday Sep 26, 2008 #

Run warm up/down 10:00 [3]
shoes: Brooks Vapour

5 ew to/from gym

Strength / Core 30:00 [4]


Mostly basics but trying to hit the 50 reps mark on most exercises
Not reverse curl though .... they hurt lots (did 25 there)
Short time on plank and a few variants


BBQ at the house of someone from work in the afternoon, so climbing i originally had in mind was out the window, again.
Not a bad bbq though. Mood picked up when directors left.
Not been an easy week for them either.

Thursday Sep 25, 2008 #

Run long 1:17:10 [3]
ahr:138 max:167 slept:3.5 shoes: Asics Gel Trabuco

Really glad to get out of the doom and gloom of the office again this evening.

Interlopers Terrain Run from Castlelaw range.
With Andy, Les, Ken D, and Pat Bartlett
Passed various bits that i recognized but wouldn't have been able to place relative to each other before. Was good to have a chat and run at comfortable pace together again this week. Apart from getting 'mucked' when crossing very wet bog i quite enjoyed the terrain. Starting to get hungry by the end so beginning to feel slightly tired, so was glad it wasn't any longer.

Carpark full of wanna be soldier kids when we got back.

If we can keep these up over the winter it will do our fitness levels the world of good.

Flexibility 15:00 [1]

5 mins after run
10 more at home
Upper back maybe the worst bit, probably from too much sitting (working) in the last week.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008 #


Martin is feeling shite!
10 of the 25 people in my office just got the 'bump'
I say we all vote 'no' to the 'economic downturn'

Bike 10:00 [3]

Work to holyrood park, incl reci for 'pacing' exercise

Orienteering 1:00:00 [1] **
shoes: Brooks Vapour

Very gentle jog around hunters bog etc re-running a course from last years training plus pacing practice thrown in. Lost count a few times whilst talking or occasionally accompanying a certain someone who forgot their torch!
Felt good to get back doing this. Decent turn out of smiling faces too!

Tuesday Sep 23, 2008 #


No training.
Late getting out of work. Climbing partner unable to go.
Lots of 'stuff' to do .... could have done with the exercise to de-stress

Monday Sep 22, 2008 #

Run 30:00 [3]
slept:6.0 shoes: Asics Gel Trabuco

Didnt leave work till near 7, and having not eaten as much as usual during the day i was fading fast.
One cup of coffee and some jam laden toast later and i'm out the door..... in the dark ..eeeeek

Water of leith, and 2 laps of Inverleith Park.
Very aware of abdominal muscles working on every single stride. (aftermath of yesterdays class)

Flexibility 10:00 [1]

Side abs and Glutes were the focus tonight.

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